The Unofficial BOREDOMS Side Projects/Cameos Discography

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File collated by Dave Watson of the Severed Heads Liberation Front. NOTE: Send updates and corrections (there's always going to be more) to me at the address link in this paragraph. I am looking for as much detail as possible. If you have any information about band line-ups, song titles and lengths, print status and collector variations (Limited editions? Different artwork?), please e-mail me with it (be sure to remove the spam trap first) so I can include it. You will be credited below if (A) your info makes it in, and (B) if I remember to add your name among the insanity of updating; please forgive me if I forget. I've stopped the update alert E-mail service because I was doing the worst job in the world of maintaining the list of addresses. Just keep checking the index page for any changes in the update dates.

Amendments from ver. 3.0a: Removed: (Omega) Loves You. Just found out that Yamamoto Omega isn't Seiichi. Amendments from ver. 3: Added: Shonen Knife; Amended: Eye Yamatsuka/Yamantaka/Yamataka remixes.
Amendments from ver. 2.1: Thank You list and mail order/label addresses moved to here; HTML polished up a little more; divided into four parts now (it was a big update); Added: Asa-Chang & Junray; ATR; DJ Pica Pica Pica; Eastenburia; E-da; The Flaming Lips; Goma; Haco; Mason Jones; Karera Musication; Masked Super Sister; Million Mandara Band; Thurston Moore; Most; Nagisa Ni te; (Omega) Loves You; Psycho Baba; Purist; Miu Sakamoto; Sun PM 0:00; ya-to-i; Updated: 1; Akabushi; AOA; C.C.C.C.; Children Coup d'Etat; D.M.V.; Dowser; Free Kitten; The Geisha Girls; God Is My Co-Pilot; Ground Zero; Guillotine Kyoudai; Hanadensha; The Hanatarashi/Hanatarash; Naked City/John Zorn; Nimrod; Noise Ramones; Novo Tono; Puzzle Punks (Shinro Ohtake & Eye); Omoide Hatoba; OOIOO; Praxis; Rovo; S.O.B.-Kaidan; Sun Kich; UFO or Die; Universal Errors; Woods; XOX; Seiichi Yamamoto (including collaboration section); Eye Yamatsuka/Yamantaka/Yamataka (including collaboration section (with several moves) and remix section (Flare moved here)); Otomo Yoshihide; Z-Rock Hawaii.

Due to the number of side projects that Boredoms have participated in which have not released any recordings, I've made an anti-discography specifically for these, called Guitar Barrio.
You can also go to Pop Kiss (the unofficial Boredoms discography).

Sore Diamonds is divided into four parts for the benefit of those with crappy connection speed (including myself) and uses frames (sparingly):

Part One:
Featuring: 1; Akabushi; AOA; Asa-Chang & Junray; ATR; Audio Sports; Base of Fiction; Children Coup d'Etat; C.C.C.C.; Concrete Octopus; Dendoba; Destroy 2; DJ Pica Pica Pica; DMV; Dowser; The Dramatics; Eastenburia; E-da; Elvis Dust; Jad Fair & the Shapir-o-Rama; The Flaming Lips; Free Kitten; The Geisha Girls; God is My Co-Pilot; Goma; Gong Derby; Goonies; Grind Orchestra; Ground Zero.

Part Two:
Featuring: ; Guillotine Kyodai; Guitoo; Haco; Dekoboko Hajime/Yamantaka Eye; Hanadensha; The Hanatarashi/Hanatarash (including Tributes/Etc.); The Hattifatteners; Hijokaiden; Incapacitants; Mason Jones; Karera Musication; Live Under the Sky; Masked Super Sister; MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse; Million Mandara Band; Minga & Eye; Thurston Moore; Most; Musica Transonica; Mystic Fugu Orchestra; Nagisa Ni te.

Part Three:
Featuring: Naked City/John Zorn; Nankai Hawkwind; Nimrod; Noise Ramones; Novo Tono; Oh!Moro Video Series; (Omega) Loves You; Omoide Hatoba; OOIOO; Painkiller; Praxis; Psycho Baba; Purist; Puzzle Punks; Yoshimi P-We; Rashinban; RFD/Rise From the Dead; Roughage.

Part Four:
Featuring: Rovo; Ruins; Ruins-Hatoba; Alice Sailor; Miu Sakamoto; Shonen Knife; S.O.B.-Kaidan; Sound Hero; Standing Earth & Touching Air; Sun City Girls; Sun Kich; Sun PM 0:00; Tent; Three Day Stubble; Torture Garden; Tribal Circus; U.F.O. or Die; Universal Errors; The Vickly & the Ohdorockanize; Woods; XOX; Yamamoto Seiichi (including collaborations); Yamatsuka/Yamantaka/Yamataka Eye (including psuedonymous appearances, collaborations and remixes); ya-to-i; Yellowhouse; Otomo Yoshihide; Z-Rock Hawaii; What Is the Rarest BOREDOMS Side Project Recording?


-Alchemy Records:

-Amazon Japan: Here's their Boredoms search results.

-Artware Products, Donna Klemm, Taunusstr. 63-B, 6200 Weisbedan, Germany

-Comma Records:

-Cool Beans:

-Flavour of Sound:

-Forced Exposure:

-Japan Overseas, 6-1-21 Ueshio, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543 JAPAN
Tel: (06) 771-8573
Fax: (06) 771-8583

-J-Pop Help is an American company that deals in Japanese imports. Like any other place, though, be prepared to pay. Look for Boredoms (or whatever you want) at their search site.

-Asahito Nanjo/La Musica Records, 3-3-5-101 Shimo Shakuuji, Nerimaku, Tokyo 177, Japan
Fax: 81-3-3997-2611

-Lost Frog c/o Haruo Ishihara, 5-14-7-201, Sekimachikita, Nerimaka, Tokyo 177, Japan

-Megaphone, PO Box 2982, Baltimore, MD 21201 USA

-Midheaven/Revolver USA: Revolver USA, 2745 16th Street, San Francisco, CA, USA 94103

-Mom 'n' Dad Productions, 203 Seifu Building, 2-18-12 Takamutsu, Toshimaku, TOKYO 171 JAPAN

-Nipp Guitar, P.O. Box 64935, Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA

-Polystar: Releases Trattoria and Shock City tites. Check out their catalog and you can listen to streaming audio of some of the songs as well.


-Resonance c/o London's Musicians Collective Ltd. 60 Farrington Rd, London, EC1R 3BP England

-SSS, 5883 Darlington Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA

I'm always looking for more.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I could not have done this without the help of the following extremely cool people:

The staff of Shake Records (R.I.P.) in Ottawa for their kind help and patience;

Mason Jones of Charnel Music, for pitching in a significant amount of what is in this;

Tsuyoshi Ota, whose encyclopedic knowledge of Eye-related matters has made these listings live, breathe and laugh a little more;

Matt Exile of the late, great Exile Osaka zine and Kansai Time Out for service above and beyond the call of duty;

Keith Ng for valuable help with the frames;

The record stores King Kong, Giga and Time Bomb (plus a couple of HMV branches) in Osaka, Japan for not booting out the gaijin otaku taking down notes;

Colin Pascal for scanning covers and articles for me;

Forced Exposure for allowing me to use the cover scans on their web site (where I've also gotten some new/missing info from);

Steve Dumas and Matthew Suffidy for letting me use their gear to scan more covers myself;

Yoshiyuki Suzuki of the Improvised Music from Japan website, whose permission to use their more up-to-date Seiichi Yamamoto home page (created by Naoko Suzuki) has allowed me to fill several holes in my information here;

For contributions and updates (in no particular order):
Ben Sisario; Jon Abbey; Patrice L. Roussel; Jason Kushnir; Vkpinokio; Axel Grumbach of Human Wrechords; Moses; Mike Rizzi; Heffalump; Birdman Sound in Ottawa; Jonas Vognsen; Dave Reckner; SUGAR in their vitamins?; Nouri Zander; Dave Lindberg; Organised Sound in Ottawa; Mike Gunn; Simon Poole; "PHiD0"; "toddlike"; Tomoko Rokugawa (for a bit of translation help); Fredrik Jonsson; David Ilic; Peter Hoflich; Robin at Other Music; Michael Gillham; Alan St. Laurent; Alan Cummings; Alan/unisonic30; Eric Lumbleau; Peter Foti; Graham Halliday; Earl Kuck; Spencer/Trigonometry G; Jason McFee of the Boredoms Temple of Worship; Kasey Clark; Ted Watts; David Schmitz; Ichabod Crane; Ken Dodd; elfking05; Claude Zachary; anybody who I may have forgotten;
and, last but not least, Boredoms themselves (and the people who hired and worked with them on these projects) for making all of this cool music possible. Special thanks to Seiichi Yamamoto for pitching in some extra information via Matt Exile. BO!

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