POP KISS: The Unofficial Boredoms Discography

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Amendments since ver. 1.8: Super Roots series reissue dates by Vice added; planned release for Super Roots 9 added.

I could not have done this without the help of the following extremely cool people:
The staff of Shake Records in Ottawa (R.I.P.) for their kind help and patience;
Mason Jones of Charnel Music for plugging up some big holes and laying down a lot more brick;
Tsuyoshi Ota, whose encyclopedic knowledge of Eye-related matters has made these listings live, breathe and laugh a little more;
The most excellent Matt Exile for service above and beyond the call of duty;
Tomoko Rokugawa for a bit of translation help;
Forced Exposure for allowing me to use some of their cover scans for this and Sore Diamonds;
Gravy Paste's kang for the scans and info I didn't have before; check out his own Boredoms page, which isn't quite as detailed as the eENT, but looks better and has a nicer-looking layout);
Colin Pascal for info and scanning covers and articles (forthcoming) for me;
Steve Dumas for letting me use his gear to scan more covers myself;
The record stores King Kong, Giga and Time Bomb (plus a couple of HMV branches) in Osaka, Japan for not booting out the gaijin otaku taking down notes;
Mr. HCI for being so grooved by the page that he scanned tons of covers from his collection for me; you'll find most of them in Sore Diamonds;

For contributing info and updates (and in no particular order):
Pierre Coussalt; Nausika; Yugo Yodogawa; SUGAR in their vitamins?; Axel Grumbach of Human Wrechords; Jason Kushnir; Moses; Dean Reynolds ; Dave Reckner; Colin Pascal; Nouri Zander; Jonas Vognsen; Tim; EAR/Rational Music; Eric; Michael Hohendorf; Jon Abbey; David Ilic; Logan; "\"Pushed the \\\"Ultimate\\\"\""; Comfort in Japan (webpage at bottom); Peter Hoflich; Earl Kuck; Ken Dodd; Dario Tropia; Olivier; Jack Welsh; Doug Roarke; Kasey Clark; Charles M; Daniel Bryant; Mark Swartz; Doug; anybody I may have forgotten;

and, last but not least, Boredoms themselves for making all of this amazing music possible. BO!!

You will see the acronym ATAC in some of the paragraphs. This means, "According to a contributor" (usually Tsuyoshi Ota).

For info on Boredoms side project releases/cameo appearances, go to Sore Diamonds.
For info on unrecorded/unreleased Boredoms side projects, go to Guitar Barrio.

Who are/were BOREDOMS?
Early Cassettes
Home Video
Compilation Appearances
What are the rarest BOREDOMS recordings?
Mail-Order/Label Addresses

Who are/were BOREDOMS?

The first incarnation of Boredoms was formed in the spring of 1986 and featured Yamatsuka Eye of the infamous HANATARASH on vocals, Ikuo Taketani (ex-Hanatarash) on drums, Tabata Mara on guitar, and Hosoi (now in CHILDREN COUP D'ETAT) on bass. That summer, Taketani was kicked out and replaced by Eye's friend, Yoshikawa Toyohito. Eye met Yoshikawa at an Einsturzende Neubauten concert, where he let Eye sit on his shoulders. Hira replaced Hosoi. A few months later Tabata quit and joined Zeni Geva and was replaced by Yamamoto Seiichi. Yoshimi Yokota joined in 1988 on drums and Yoshikawa switched to percussion. Yoshikawa quit in 1989 and was replaced by Hasegawa Chu, who quit sometime after that and was replaced by ATR. God Mama was also added as a dancer. Yoshikawa rejoined in time for Pop Tatari as co-vocalist. God Mama left the band after that and is now living in Korea. Yoshikawa quit for the second time in 1994 and was not replaced. EDA is their new drummer. Pavement's Mark Ibold told EDA about Boredoms. They met in Indonesia when EDA was bumming around the world. When EDA visited Mark in New York Boredoms happened to be playing. He met Eye later at a techno party in Tokyo and the two became close friends. He was 36 years old at the time he joined, and completely bald. One of his previous gigs was playing with pop star Yosui Inoue. At one time they added a new studio member, 77 (pronounced "Nana"), manager Junko's then-three-month-old baby daughter, and released a Japan-gig-only split 12" single with her; (you'll find details near the bottom of the list). ATR was suffering from some debilitating disease (and looked to be in really terrible shape in photos taken around that time), and switched to percussion since he didn't have the energy to play drums the way he normally does. He thankfully recovered and rejoined the band, which brought them up to three drummers total. In the time since I last updated this, they have mutated once again so that their line-up is now Eye on electronics and vocals, Yoshimi on drums, percussion and vocals, and ATR and Youjiro on drums. This lineup goes further into the tribal stylings of the Vision Creation Newsun album. Technically, they are now named V∞rdoms, and have done some new recording under this name, but they have been touring the States and Europe with this line-up under the name Boredoms to prevent confusion. Who knows what they'll do next?

Early Cassettes

All of these are released on Eye's own ? label.

Boretronix 1 (Mega Scum Groove Inc. (Japan)--#?--cassette--1988; ? (Japan)--?001--cassette--1988)

(Original release song list:)
SIDE A: 1. Hard Core Nunk (sic); 2. Boil Out UFO; 3. Meat Bag; 4. Chago-Hosh-Moop; 5. Human Bad; 6. Hipless Peer Group; 7. Now; 8. Club Gom
SIDE B: 1. Rising Vegas Gas-Moskeet; 2. Blah Men; 3. Mega Coke Mix; 4. Hatefull 88'; 5. Auck (sic) Off; 6. Euck (sic) You Earhole; 7. Web Wig; 8. Eyehole Turfers; 9. Hook Around; 10. Frying Buttcave

Eye re-released the cassette on ? after Mega Scum Groove sold out their pressing of 100 copies.
Boretronix 1 cover

So far I have no track listings for these cassettes:
Boretronix 2 (?002) 1989 [The original version was announced as the cover versions of Mau Mau Overload, a fictitious band; this was limited to 100 copies as well];
Boretronix 3 (?004) 1990 [Available in two versions--regular and Eye's Mix, which includes radio snippets dropped in among the music];
Boretronix 4

All of these cassettes consist of heavily edited and chopped-up rehearsal and live recordings, manipulated by Eye. There is apparently a 5 and 6 now. [Labels? Print status?] According to Muckraker #7, the Ecstatic Peace! label had a Best of Boretronix 7" single scheduled for release (E#34), but it's still not out.
A Boretronix 2 labelAnother Boretronix 2 label


Anal CD coverAnal 7-in coverAnal by Anal EP (Trans Records (Japan)--Trans-12--7"--1986; SSE Records (Japan)--SSE 8015CD--CD single--1993)

No lineup listing, but apparently consists of EYE and TABATA MARA only.

[SIDE 1:] Anal Eat [renamed "Anal Eater" on later versions] (3:17); God From Anal (3:09); [SIDE 2:] Born to Anal (2:53)

ATAC, the drum parts are all sampled from a drumming instruction cassette by jazz musician Ponta Murakami. This single (originally known as the "Anal Trilogy") was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in 30 minutes on a hot summer day, during which Eye was working part-time digging a well. Both versions have different covers, and both are now out of print. The songs are also on the Onanie Bomb Meets the Sexpistols CD.

Osorezan no Stooges Kyo coverOsorezan no Stooges Kyo [The Stooges Craze in Osorezan*] (Selfish (Japan)--BEL-12025--LP--1988)

[Japanese translations in square brackets and italics.]

LINE-UP: [MIZUKO [aborted fetus] ASSHOLE] (POPPY)--Talk, Assmouth, Bicyclesynth; [NOW] (POPPU)--Eggmafin Bass, Sax, Meat, Trumpet; [FURARI [appeared from nowhere but not too suddenly]] (POOLY)--SDI, Cello, Sugar, Synth, Wood; [RUBBER HOSE] (POOSUU)--Kick & Hit & Shot, Car, Violin; HUM (POOGIE)--Penis, Tennis & Punk; [SPUTNIK] (POOMIE)--Drunk & Eat & Sleep

SIDE ONE: Boredom, Vs, SDI [Having an Animal Spirit] (3:20); We Never Sleep [A Desperately Violent Vocation] (2:07); Bite My Bollocks [Half-Cast of Silliness and Wanking] (2:20); Young Assouls [Scary Life Has Little Spirit] (6:03); Call Me God (3:17)
SIDE TWO: No Core Punk [Keihan Hardcore Shockline] (1:08); Lick'n Cock Boatpeople [Blowjob Boat People] (5:08); Melt Down Boogie [Belly Hair] (4:46); Feedbackfuck [As Many Silly Sexual Positions as Possible] (6:31)

Limited to 1000 copies and out of print. This cover looks different from the one I saw in a shop in Osaka, so I wonder if all the covers were individually drawn. Here's an
English translation of some of the liner notes (opens in another browser window).

ATAC, Eye said in his interviews that after the basic tracks of Osorezan were recorded by all the members in a messy studio, and he added a lot of sounds later and changed almost all of the songs. It is said that other members told him, "This isn't the Boredoms!". If you carefully listen to the Public Bath releases and the first two Boretronix tapes (especially Boretronix 1), you can find the untreated versions of the Osorezan recordings.

* Osorezan is a mountain in Japan where it is believed that ghosts assemble.

Onanie Bomb US coverOnanie Bomb Meets the Sexpistols (100%/WEA Japan--WPC2-7502--CD--1994; Earthnoise (UK)--EN-001--CD--1994; Reprise (US)--9 45636-2--CD--1994; Very Friendly (UK)--VF005CD--CD--2004)

LINE-UP: Same as on Osorezan no Stooges Kyo.

1. Wipe Out Shock Shoppers [Huge Boredom] (0:21); 2. Boredom, Vs, SDI (3:20); 3. We Never Sleep (2:07); 4. Bite My Bollocks (2:20); 5. Young Assouls (6:03); 6. Call Me God (3:17); 7. No Core Punk (1:08); 8. Lick'n Cock Boatpeople (5:08); 9. Melt Down Boogie (4:46); 10. Feedbackfuck (6:31); 11. Anal Eater (3:15); 12. God From Anal (3:08); 13. Born to Anal (2:42)

Reprise (and presumably Earthnoise) version out of print. The Japanese and Very Friendly front covers have a deep blue background, while the Earthnoise one had a lime green background, and the US cover was slightly darker than the Earthnoise one. The version of "Born to Anal" on this CD edits out Eye spewing, "Chest out of you fuck on you wave, all right!" at the end. "Onanie" is Japanese slang for masturbation.

(Public Bath (US/Japan)--PB-3--7"--1990)
Out of print.
Michidai/Fuanteidei cover

Original SD album coverSoul Discharge 99' (Selfish (Japan)--BEL-12039--LP--1989; Shimmy-Disc (US)--SHIMMY-039--LP--1990)

LINE-UP: P-WE YY--Veeto, Voc; HILA Y--Buzz Fuzz Mix; EYE Y--Aaaahg; HUMAN RICH VOX Y--H-R-Vocks, Pec Machine, Synth; NO,1 Y [YAMA-MOTOR]--G-Machine, Wood Pecker; GOD MAMA--Pistol & Produce

SIDE 8: Bubblebop Shot (3:44); 52 Boredom (Club Mix) (0:36); Sun Gun Run (2:45); Z & U & T & A (4:03); TV Scorpion (1:29)
SIDE 96: Pow Wow Now (3:47); JB Dick + Tin Turner Pussy Badsmell (3:06); G-I-L 77' (3:40); Jup-Na-Keeeeeel (2:25); Catastromix 99' (2:51)

According to respectable sources, Boredoms have not seen any royalties from the sale of this version, so you might wish to check this out further before deciding to buy it. It might be out of print, so you'd probably have to get it used anyway. The Selfish version (the first pressing of which included a sticker) is out of print. The title is code for "Discharge-like soulful music at the end of the century," and was inspired by the titles of 70's disco records and Talking Heads '77.
Soul Discharge/Early Boredoms (Shimmy-Disc (US)--SHIMMY 035--CD--1990; Shimmy-Disc Europe (The Netherlands)--9131CD--CD--1991)

LINE-UP: Same as on Soul Discharge 99'.

1. Soul Discharge (entire album on one track)
(0:00-3:45) Bubblebop Shot (3:44)
(3:47-4:24) 52 Boredom (Club Mix) (0:36)
(4:24-7:10) Sun Gun Run (2:45)
(7:11-11:15) Z & U & T & A (4:03)
(11:16-12:46) TV Scorpion (1:29)
(12:47-16:34) Pow Wow Now (3:47)
(16:36-19:42) JB Dick + Tin Turner Pussy Badsmell (3:06)
(19:43-23:23) G-I-L 77' (3:40)
(23:24-25:49) Jup-Na-Keeeeeel (2:25)
(25:53-28:44) Catastromix 99' (2:51)

2. Early Boredoms (entire album on one track)
(0:00-3:18) Overdrive Asssoul (3:18) ["Boredom, Vs, SDI"]
(3:19-7:45) Okinawa in Hawaii on Saturn (4:35) ["Hawaiian Disco Bollocks"]
(7:46-10:07) Hairhole Burners (2:20) ["Bite My Bollocks"]
(10:07-13:32) Ultramagnetyic Surfin' Bird (3:25) [ ** ]
(13:33-20:04) Boredomer in Boretribe (6:31) ["Feedbackfuck"]
(20:05-21:30) Nose is My Gun (1:25) ["Ground Burn Out," edited.]
(21:30-24:15) God From Anal (2:45) [23 seconds edited from end of original.]
(24:15-25:58) Jah Called AC/DC (1:43) [ ** ]
(25:58-28:41) Planet 75' (2:43) ["M75"]
(28:42-33:14) Hey By Hey (4:32) ["Young Assouls" with countoff and over a minute of Eye's unaccompanied fraternity burping edited out.]
(33:14-33:55) We Are Punk/Monarchy and Testpoy (0:41) [ ** ]
(33:56-36:02) Don't Fall in the Audio Hole (2:07) [ ** ]
(36:02-38:07) We Never Sleep/Cosmic Full Sleep (2:05) ["We Never Sleep"]
(38:08-41:24) Call Me God (3:16)
[**--Original title? Edits/modifications?]

According to respectable sources, Boredoms have not seen any royalties from the sale of this version, so you might wish to check this out further before deciding to buy it. It might be out of print, so you'd probably have to get it used anyway.

SD99 CD ver. 2SD99 CD ver. 1Soul Discharge 99' (100%/WEA Japan--WPC2-7503--CD--1994; Earthnoise (UK)--EN 002--CD--1994; Reprise (US)--9 45636 2--CD--1994)

[Lineup listing?]

1. Your Name is Limitless (2:35) 2. Bubllebop (sic) Shot (3:44); 3. 52 Boredom (Club Mix) (0:36); 4. Sun Gun Run (2:45); 5. Z & U & T & A (4:03); 6. TV Scorpion (1:29); 7. Pow Wow Now (3:47); 8. J.B.Dick + Tin Turner Pussy (sic) (3:06); 9. G-I-L 77' (3:40); 10. Jup-Na-Keeeeeel (2:25); 11. Catastromix 99' (2:51); 12. Milky Way (1:32); 13. Songs Without Electric Guitars (0:51); 14. Hawaiian Disco Bollocks (4:35); 15. Hawaiian Disco Without Bollocks (0:03)

Reprise (and presumably Earthnoise) version out of print. The UK cover is pictured on the right, and the Japanese cover on the left [Which one was used for the U.S. cover?]. The discs are also printed differently; the Japanese version is printed black on red and the graphic is outlined in black and filled solid red, whilst the UK version is printed red on light blue, and the graphic is outlined in red and has no fill, thus appearing transparent. "Hawaiian Disco Bollocks" is influenced by the Smegma song "Hawaiian Chant."

Pop Tatari coverPop Tatari (WEA Japan--WMC3-24--CD--1992; WMC3-36 (Re-issue)--CD--1992; Very Friendly (UK)--VF006CD--CD--2004)


1. Noise Ramones (0:31); 2. Nice B-O-R-E Guy & Boyoyo Touch (0:55); 3. Molecicco (2:46); 4. I am Cola (4:04); 5. Telehorse Uma (4:36); 6. Boredom with God on Noise (Boretafari) (1:20); 7. Bo-Go-Bompoo [J. Harris] (7:20); 8. Heeba (3:20); 9. Cheeba (9:02); 10. Which Dooyoo Like? (2:07); 11. Poy (Mockin' Fuzz 1) (4:26); 12. Hoy (4:33); 13. Bore Now Bore (2:43); 14. Hey Bore Hey (1:40); 15. Cory & the Mandara Suicide Pyramid Action or Gas Satori (10:10); 16. TV Ramones (2:59); 17. Okinawa Rasta Beef (Mockin' Fuzz 2) (3:58); 18. Greatborefull Dead (0:41)

In print. ATAC, a limited edition was released with a see-through tray with art inside the tray card visible through it, and is now only available with the standard Japanese white tray without the extra art (my own copy is like this). "TV Ramones" is basically all silence except for a short burst of the first tone heard in "Noise Ramones" at the 2:00 mark.

Pop Tatari (WEA Japan--3CS-19--CD--1992)

Promo edition of the above. Songs are the same as above, but the CD is packaged in a slimline CD case. Limited to 500(?) copies. Obviously out of print.

Pop Tatari (Reprise (US)--9 45416-2--CD [Was there a cassette version?]--1993)

LINE-UP: Same as on WEA Japan version, except that all of the names and words are in English, whereas most of the original was in Japanese characters (all of the other credits are in English).

1. Noise Ramones (0:30); 2. Nice B.O.R.E. Guy & Boyoyo Touch (0:55); 3. Hey Bore Hey [Cut just a bit short] (1:40); 4. Bogo ["Bo-Go-Bompoo"] [J. Harris] (7:20); 5. Bore Now Bore (2:42); 6. Okinawa Rasta Beef (Mockin' Fuzz2) (3:58); 7. Which Dooyoo Like? (2:08); 8. Molecicco (2:47); 9. Telehorse Uma (4:36); 10. Hoy (4:32); 11. Bocabola ["I am Cola" with the first 10 seconds edited out] (3:54); 12. Heeba (3:21); 13. Poy (Mockin' Fuzz1) (4:26); 14. Bod ["Boredom with God on Noise (Boretafari)"] (1:19); 15. Cheeba (9:00); 16. Pop Tatari [Collage of "Greatborefull Dead" and intros from the other songs on the album] (1:58); 17. Cory & the Mandara Suicide Pyramid Action or Gas Satori (10:10)

Out of print. The cover has the words "BOREDOMS" and "POP TATARI" added to the upper right hand corner, and Eye's drawing is in red instead of pastel orange (this version is pictured above). The first pressings have a see-through tray and inner tray card art, while more recent copies reportedly have a standard grey tray and no inner art. The colours throughout the booklet are generally darker, the credits inside the booklet are in blurry text (the original was perfectly sharp), and a track listing is added to the CD label.

Wow2 coverWow2 (Avant (Japan)--AVAN 026--CD--1993)

No line-up listing.

1. DOMSBORE (3:51); 2. JET NET (4:20); 3. RAT SOUP (5:29); 4. POP CAN (2:12); 5. RYDEEN!! (6:18); 6. Heps (6:16); 7. VV RULE (1:12); 8. DOMDOMS (5:46); 9. 100 DOM (4:38); 10. MOGO? (3:31); 11. OK (3:20) ; 12. DO (0:52); 13. ON (4:27); 14. UP (1:56)

In print. Recorded live in the studio under John Zorn's supervision.

Super Roots coverSuper Roots EP (WEA Japan--WMC3-41--CD--1993; WPC2-7502 (Re-issue)--CD--1994)

No lineup listing, but on this release it's EYE, YAMAMOTO, YOSHIMI, ATR and YOSHIKAWA. HIRA was out camping when this was recorded.

1. POP KISS (0:54); 2. Budokan Tape Try (500 tapes high) (1:41); 3. Finger Action no'5 (0:42); 4. CHOCOLATE *UT (2:09); 5. Pitch at Bunch on Itch (0:44); 6. Machine 3 (1:04); 7. Monster Rex & S*und'a'R*undus (2:50); 8. NUTS ROOM (1:28); 9. EAR?WIG?WEB? (1:52); 10. 96 Teenage Bondage (2:05); 11. [untitled] (0:26); 12. Super Frake x9 (0:59); 13. [untitled] (1:31); 14. USED CD (0:53)

Out of print. Promo videos for "Budokan Tape Try" and "Finger Action no'5" were made, but only shown during the Music for Psychological Liberation TV special.

Super Roots EP (Reprise (US)--9 41559-2--CD--1994)

1. POP KISS (0:54); 2. Budokan Tape Try (500 tapes high) (1:41); 3. Finger Action no'5 (0:42);
4.4. (00:00-02:08) CHOCOLATE *UT (2:08)
(02:09-02:53) Pitch at Bunch on Itch (0:44)
(02:54-03:57) Machine 3 (1:03)
(03:58-06:47) Monster Rex & S*und'A'R*undus (2:49)
(06:48-08:16) NUTS ROOM (1:28)
(08:17-10:07) EAR?WIG?WEB? (1:50)
(10:08-12:14) 96 Teenage Bondage (2:06)
(12:15-13:14) Super Frake x9 (0:59)

Out of print. Reissue on Vice Recordings (US) planned for January 23, 2007. I don't know which version they'll be releasing, but I hope it's the original.

Chocolate Synthesizer (100%/WEA Japan--WPC2-7508--CD--1994; Reprise (US)--9 45814 2--CD--1995; Very Friendly (UK)--VF007CD--CD--2004)

Choc Synth cover
1. Acid Police (4:55); 2. Chocolate Synthesizer (0:51); 3. Synthesizer Guide Book on Fire (2:27); 4. Shock City (4:43); 5. Tomato Synthesizer (3:49); 6. Anarchy in the UKK (4:39); 7. Mama Brain (3:58); 8. Action Synthesizer Hero (4:13); 9. Uoredoms (5:58); 10. B for Boredoms (2:41); 11. Eeedoms (5:02); 12. Smoke 7 (2:43); 13. Turntable Boredoms (4:55); 14. I'm Not Synthesizer (YPY?) (3:06); 15. Nowdom Go Synthesizer Way (Why?) (6:05)

Reprise version out of print. The original Japanese back cover had the footprint design of the front on the back. Later Japanese pressings and US pressings substitute a solid lime green colour (thus making the song titles legible). The US cover design darkens the colours on the front, substitutes the track list for the Bosso, Wu-Tang/Crumbsuckers and Kung Fusion logos on the right foot on the two-panel fold out, covers up the Tom & Jenny picture disc on the left with "My First Bore", and folds out to the four-panel collage from the left instead of the center.

Super Roots 2 EP (100%/WEA Japan--3CS-2011--CD--1994)

No line-up listing.

1. Sexy Boredoms (0:41); 2. Go Come Uparks (1:04); 3. Magic Milk (1:29); 4. White Plastic See-Thru Finger (1:48); 5. Boxodus [noise ramones remix] (0:32)

Out of print. 3" CD in a paper sleeve with insert offered when you filled out and mailed in the survey card included with Chocolate Synthesizer. Promo, marked "NOT FOR SALE SAMPLE." Included with the imported version of Chocolate Synthesizer when you mail-ordered it from Forced Exposure.
Super Roots 2 cover

Super Roots 3 EP (100%/WEA Japan--WPC2-7513--CD--1994)

[Line-up listing?]

1. Hard Trance Away (Karaoke of the Cosmos) (33:33 [30:10 + 2:23 silence])

Out of print. Reissue on Vice Recordings (US) planned for January 23, 2007. ATAC, there is no Super Roots 4 due to copyright problems (or so they attribute to the record company), not because of the superstition many Japanese people have towards the number 4 (one of the ways it is said, "shi," also sounds like their word for "death").
Super Roots 3 cover

Super Roots 5 EP (WEA Japan--WPC2-7518--CD--1995

No line-up listing.

1. Go! (64:14)

Out of print. Reissue on Vice Recordings (US) planned for January 23, 2007.
Super Roots 5 cover

Super Roots 6 coverSuper Roots 6 EP (WEA Japan--WPC2-7519--CD--1996; Reprise (US)--9 46163-2--CD--1996

LINE-UP: No listing in the Japanese version, but the U.S. version lists the lineup as EYE YAMATAKA, YAMAMOTO, HIRA, YOSHIMI P-WE, ATARI. ATAC, it is essentially an Eye solo project.

1. 01 (1:42); 2. 0 (x12) (:57); 3. 6 (6:09); 4. 2 (5:19); 5. 3 (5:45); 6. 9 (6:04); 7. 4 (1:20); 8. 7 (5:39); 9. 8 (4:05); 10. 5 (5:01); 11. 10 (6:06); 12. 11 (3:50); 13. 12 (3:30); 14. 13 (3:07); 15. 14 (3:29); 16. 15 (3:17); 17. 1 (1:01)

Out of print. Reissue on Vice Recordings (US) planned for February 20, 2007. The booklet of the Japanese version refers to a forthcoming Super Roots 7.

2001 Boredoms (WEA Japan--#?--12" EP--1996)

No-line-up listing.

SIDE ONE: 1. Super Go !!!!! [Remix of "Go!" from Super Roots 5]
SIDE TWO: 1. Super Future; 2. Super Now; 3. Super Old

Limited to 500 copies, and out of print. The Japanese versions of Super Roots 5 and Super Roots 6 contained enclosures that entitled you to a copy of this if you sent both of them in. Comes in a plain white cut-out sleeve with a color sticker in the corner with the title. It's on WEA, but it doesn't actually say that anywhere.

Super Go! coverSuper Go! CE cover"Super Go!!!!!" (A.K.A./WEA Japan--CD EP--WPC6-8417 (numbered limited edition version); WPC6-8420 (general version)--1998)

LINE-UP: eYe--Vox & Mix; YAMAMOTOR--Guitar; HIRA--Bass; YOSHIMI P-WE--Vox & Drums; EDA--¿¿¿¿¿¿; ATR--Drums; GUEST: IZUMI KIYOSHI--Electronics

1. Super Go!!!!!-->shine in¤shine on (17:36) (Lyrics: eYe/Music: Boredoms); 2. Super Punk (4:03) (Music: Boredoms)

Both editions are out of print. The numbered limited edition (opens in new browser window) is packaged in a thick crimson-coloured transparent plastic protective folder, a molded tray for the disc, a symbol silkscreened on the front, and a small crimson sticker with the number on the back (I have #5961). A cardboard wraparound sheet with graphics on both sides (including the symbol and a couple of UFO photos) and info is wrapped around the outside and held in place by a couple of adhesive strips, but can be easily removed. The CD itself is a 5-inch disc, but the aluminum part is only about 3 inches, so you can see through about an inch of the outer edge. The general release version is in a slimline case with a solid coloured label (scarlet background, blue symbol background, green logo, orange logo outline). A promo video was made with a four-minutes-or-so edit of the song.

Super Go! 12-inch cover"Super Go!!!!!" (A.K.A./WEA Japan--WJQB-1003--12" single--1998)

LINE-UP: Same as the CD EP.

1. Super Go!!!!!→shine in¤shine on (17:36) (Lyrics: eYe/Music: Boredoms); 2. Super Ago????? (11:54) (Music: Boredoms)

Out of print. Pressed on transparent white vinyl, with an insert with credits and the first printed Boredoms lyric (mind you, the lyrics are just "Shine in/Shine on" and repeat). The back cover is several of eYe's attempt's to draw the symbol in marker, plus one drawing of a futuristic-looking DJ/musician. "Super Ago?????" is a remix of "Super Go!!!!!" which is available only on this 12", but trust me--you can do without this version.

Super ae coverSuper ae CE coverSuper æ (A.K.A./WEA Japan--CD--WPC6-8433 (numbered limited edition version); WPC6-8442 (general version)--1998; Birdman (US)--CD--BMR 019--1998)

LINE-UP: eYe--Vox, tape manipulation, synthesizer, tibetan ball (sic), EQ-phasing, electronics, song, tape loops, bongo, handcrap (sic); YAMAMOTOR--Guitar, vox, percussion; HIRA--Bass, percussion, vox; YOSHIMI P-WE--Drums, percussion, vox, synthesizer, casiotone, trumpet, handcrap (sic); EDA--Drums, percussion; ATR--Drums, percussion, vox, electric percussion; GUEST: IZUMI KIYOSHI--Electronics ("Super Going")

1. Super You (7:37) (Music: eYe); 2. Super Are (8:30) (Words/Music: eYe); 3. Super Going (12:24) (Words: eYe/Music: Boredoms) [Remix/tweaking of "Super Go!!!!!"]; 4. Super Coming (12:17) (Words: eYe/Music: Boredoms); 5. Super Are You (8:47) (Words: eYe/Music: Boredoms); 6. Super Shine (12:45) (Words: eYe/Music: Boredoms); 7. Super Good (6:06) (Words: eYe/Music: Boredoms);

Both Japanese versions out of print (according to CD Japan). The numbered limited edition is packaged in a thick plastic protective folder with a a thin film of neon-greenish-yellow-coloured transluscent liquid inside, a molded tray for the disc, a symbol silkscreened on the front (same as "Super Go!!!!!"), and the song list and a small yellow sticker with the number on the back (I have #10623). A cardboard wraparound sheet with graphics on both sides (including the symbol) is wrapped around the outside and held in place by a couple of adhesive strips, but can be easily removed. Inside, on top of the CD, is a round thin cardstock sheet with a hole in the middle (so it can be stuck over the disc in the case), a U.F.O. photo (same as "Super Go!!!!!") on one side and the credits for the album (including musicians/instruments for each song), printed in a concentric spiral. The booklet of the general release version has 16 pages of eYe artwork inside.

"Super 77"/"Super Sky" (AKA/Warner Japan (Japan)--AN WQJB-1005--12"--1998)

No line-up listing.

SIDE ONE: "Super 77" (17:23) [The baby 77 (Nana, their manager Junko's daughter) "talking." eYe asked Junko for a tape of 77, and she was surprised when he had it mastered as it was.]
SIDE TWO: "Super Sky" (17:07) [Instrumental remix of "Super Go(ing)," which is supposed to be a tribute to the E.L.O. song "Mr. Blue Sky," a song that influenced eYe when he was in sixth grade.]

At a show at Bayside Jenny in Osaka in July 1998 (sold out, over 1000 people), forms which enabled you to order a vinyl split single, limited to 500 copies (so you betcha it's out of print) and priced at ¥1400, were given out. Packaged in a generic white sleeve with label cutout and a sticker with the title in eYe's marker stylings. Like the "Super Go!!!!!" 12", you don't really need it. I did see a copy at Time Bomb in Osaka while I was there, so if you want it that badly...mind you, that was in 1999.

Super Roots 7 coverSuper Roots 7 (WEA Japan--WPC6-8520--CD EP--1998; WQJB-1017--12" single--1998)

LINE-UP: EY∃--Vox, synth, open reel tape, vacuume (sic) cleaner, bell, effects, sound effect, eelctronics (sic), insects, bird; HILAH--Bass, effects; YOSHIMI P-WE--Drums, vox, bird flying sound, Casiotone; YAMAMOTOR--Guitars; ATR--Drums, samples, percussion; E~DA--Drums, electric percussion; GUEST: KIYOSHI IZUMI--Sampler, synth

1. 7~ (EW∃ remix) (4:04); 2. 7→ (Boriginal) (20:56); 3. 7+ (EY∃ remix) (8:12) (All tracks--Music: Boredoms)

12" track list: SIDE ONE: 1. 7→ (Boriginal) (20:56)
SIDE TWO: 1. 7~ (EW∃ remix) (4:04); 2. 7+ (EY∃ remix) (8:12) (All tracks--Music: Boredoms)

Out of print. Reissue on Vice Recordings (US) planned for February 20, 2007. "Super thanks" are given to the Mekons in the liner notes, since their song "Where Were You?" was the inspiration for this. The 12" is pressed on green vinyl, and the extra-large cover allows you to see more of the detail in eYe's marker artwork on the cover.

SR8 pic-disc 12-inchSuper Roots 8 CD coverSuper Roots 8 (A.K.A./WEA Japan--WPC6-10011--CD EP--1999; WQJB-1018--picture disc 12"--1999)

LINE-UP: EY∃--Mix, vox, ring chime; YAMAMOTOR--Guitar, percussions; HILAH--Bass, percussions, vox; YOSHIMI P-WE--Drums, jambe (sic), keyboards, vox; ATR--Jambe; E-DA--Jambe

(SIDE CIRCLE:) 1. Jungle Taitei (3:43); 2. Jungle Taitei (DJ Let's TRY & D.I.Y. Drum Machine Mix--remixed by EY∃) (2:38); (SIDE LOGO:) 3. Jungle Taitei (Laughter Robot's Hemp Mix--remixed by YANN TOMITA) 7:49 (All tracks--Music: Isao Tomita; Lyrics: Tsuyoshi Ishigouoka)

Out of print. Reissue on Vice Recordings (US) planned for February 20, 2007. Three different versions of the theme to the legendary anime series based on the late Dr. Osamu Tezuka's manga of the same name, which translates as "Jungle Emporer" and has been shown in North America under the name Kimba the White Lion. The first version is originally featured on the Atom Kids compilation album. The CD is packaged in a cardboard sleeve like an LP, complete with mini-obi (the piece of paper down the left side) and insert. The 12" is a picture disc with an elaborate, colourful marker mandala on the first side and the band's name in boxy letters on the other (pictured above), both drawn by EY∃. It's packaged in a cardboard sleeve with a large cutout in front to show off the disc.

VCN CD EP coverVCN EP pic disc"Suncidal Cendencies" (WEA Japan--WQJB-1023--picture disc 12"--1999)
Vision Creation Newsun EP (WEA Japan--WPC6-10032--CD EP--1999)

LINE-UPS: BOREDOMS: EY∃--Mix, vox, syn, samples, turntable, electonics; YAMAMOTOR--Guitar; HILAH--Bass, effects; YOSHIMI--Drums, per, vox, casiotone; ATR--Drums, per, elepad; E-DA--Drums, per, elepad;
UOREDOMS: EY∃--8ch open reel, reel tape scratch, mixer, eq's, sampler; YOSHIMI--Drums, percussion; ATR--Drums, percussion; E-DA--Drums, percussion; YAMMOMOTOR--Percussion, bongo; HILAH--Percussion, djanbe (sic); IZUMI KIYOSHI--Synthesizer, sampler; MAEKAWA (Tag Rag)--PA; O.G. HAYASHI--Advice (no guitar, no bass)

12" track list: SIDE 1 (Sun AM): Suncidal Cendencies [Suncidal Tentency Mix];
SIDE 2 (Sun PM): Moonsidal Cendencies [Moochy Remix]

CD track list: 1. Suncidal Cendencies [edited version of the first song on the Vision Creation Newsun album] (8:47); 2. Moonsidal Cendencies [Moochy Remix] (10:09); 3. UOREDOMS--11 Aug '99 Live (Total eclipse + grand cross) (24:31)

12" single was packaged in a clear plastic sleeve, included stickers, and is now out of print. CD EP packaged with a printed plastic cover insert, and is in print.
VCN regular coverVCN box set coverVision Creation Newsun album (WEA Japan--WPC-10044~10045--2CD collector's box set--1999; WPC6-10049--single CD regular edition--2000; Birdman (US)--BMR 028--CD--2001)

LINE-UP: EY∃--Mix, vox, synth, samples, turn table (sic), open reel, vocorder (sic), computer, electronics, edits; YAMAMOTOR--Guitar, vox; HILAH--Bass, effects, vox; YOSHIMI--Drums, percussions, casiotones, vox; ATR--Drums, percussions, electric pad, vox; E-DA--Drums, percussions, electric pad, vox; GUEST: IZUMI KIYOSHI--Shynth (sic) & samples (CD 2, track 2)

The song titles are actually almost all symbols, except for the last track on the main disc, which is Japanese. Here is an approximate description of each symbol, and you can click here if you want to see a scanned panel from the box set with the track list (122k JPEG, opens in another browser window).
Box set CD 1/Regular CD: 1. (Circle) [different edit of "Moonsidal Cendencies"] (13:42); 2. (Star) (5:22); 3. (Heart) (6:51); 4. (Concentric spiral inside circle) (6:33); 5. ~ (6:19); 6. (Two concentric circles) (7:21); 7. (Arrow pointing up) (6:26); 8. (Omega) (6:46); 9. Zutto [Forever] (7:31)
Box set CD 2: 1. (Circle with dot in middle) (1:28) [According to the package, "The first tune of the bonus tracks CD is what we gained from the second number in the original album which data inside the computer was accidentaly (sic) started running on the first day of a new year in Mayan callender (sic) 7th June '98)."); 2. (Boretronix logo) Live · Nov. '98 <Osaka City Univ. Outdoor Free Concert> [Live version of the first track on the original album] (35:38); 3. (Sun-like flecked circle) (5.33)

The box set is 25cm x 25cm x 5cm (about 10" x 10" x 2"), and contains both CDs in a cardboard mini-gatefold sleeve (the labels spell the group name "Boredomes"), a VCN sticker, a white T-shirt with white and silver silkscreen printing on the front (which is printed in the U.S., and spells the group name "Boredom"), and an electronic device set inside the box itself that emits a 22-second sample of frog-like noises when exposed to light. The second CD is in this box only. Out of print.
The regular version contains the same tracks as the first CD of the box version, but with different CD graphics, and is packaged in a cardboard mini-gatefold sleeve with a mini-poster. The Birdman edition is in a standard jewelbox with the same artwork as the Japanese single CD, but apparently has no track listing anywhere on it. The front cover is a photograph of Nana (AKA "77," their manager Junko's baby daughter) against the sun, taken by Yoshimi. In print.

Here's a bit I was E-mailed about the aforementioned mini-poster: "In the general Japanese release of Vision Creation Newsun, the photo of EYE flying above the stage was taken at the monumental 'This Ain't No Picnic' music festival in Irvine (a bit south of Los Angeles), California on July 4th, 1999, wherein the Boredoms played an amazing sunny set, along with Sonic Youth, Sunny Day Real Estate, Mike Watt, Will Oldham, Superchunk, Sleater-Kinney, Rocket from the Crypt, Apples in Stereo, Guided by Voices, and a lot more that slip my mind right now. It was crazy sunny and hot, which was exactly how they seemed to want it. EYE was obviously screaming the word "sun" alot, as well as climbing up and jumping off the tall stack behind him, as is seen in the picture. Everybody (except for maybe Sonic Youth, who had their truck with all their equipment stolen the night before and still blew minds with borrowed guitars) paled in comparison. Three goddamned drum sets!!!!!!!!!!!"

To see a better representation of both Japanese versions of the album, complete with many more pictures, go to the VCN section of Gravy Paste's Boredoms discography.

Rebore Vol. 1 (A.K.A./WEA/Warner Music Japan--WPC6 10098--CD--2000; WQJB-1049--LP--2000)

1. Dysfunctional Monster Jam (46:01 Non-Stop DJ Mix) (45:58)

Compiled and DJ mixed by UNKLE for UNKL:E NTERTAINMENT, WEA.

Packaged in at least two different covers. Two are pictured here; others are variations of the second cover, by Anthony Ausgang. In print.
Rebore Vol. 1 1st coverRebore Vol. 1 2nd cover

Rebore Vol. 2 (A.K.A./WEA/Warner Music Japan--WPC6 10115--CD--2000; WQJB-1050--LP--2000)

1. Unidentified Freaked-Up Outsteppers--50:21 Non-Stop KI Mix (50:20)

Compiled and DJ mixed by KEN ISHII.

Packaged in at least two different covers. Two are pictured here; others are variations of the second cover, by Anthony Ausgang. In print.
Rebore Vol. 2 1st coverRebore Vol. 2 2nd cover

Rebore Vol. 3 (Warner Japan--WPC6 10119--CD--2001; WQJB-1051--LP--2001)

1. DJ Krush Gigamix (44:51)

Compiled and DJ mixed by DJ KRUSH.

Packaged in at least two different covers. Two are pictured here; others are variations of the second cover, by Anthony Ausgang. In print.
According to the cover story in The Wire (#223, September 2002). Eye originally wanted Merzbow and John Oswald to do these. Having heard these, I wish they had.
Rebore Vol. 3 1st coverRebore Vol. 3 2nd cover

Rebore Vol. 0: Vision Recreation by Eye (Warner Japan--WPC6 10136--CD--2001; WQJL-73--LP--2001)

1. 7 (8:40) [Not the same song on Super Roots 6 or Super Roots 7]; 2. 77 (6:31); 3. 777 (7:27); 4. 7777 (8:42); 5. 77777 (4:46); 6. 777777 (7:26); 7. 7777777 (6:54) (All tracks: Music--Boredoms; Lyrics--EYE)

In print. Remixes of the Vision Creation Newsun album by EY∃. Much superior to Vols. 1-3.
Rebore 0 cover

Seadrum/House of Sun (Warner Music Japan--WPCL-10119--CD--2004; Vice Recordings (US)--62309-2--CD--2005)

(Line-up? Suspected to be EY∃, YOSHIMI, ATR and YOJIRO--the current V∞RDOMS line-up--but includes guitar by YAMAMOTO.)

1. Seadrum (23:03); 2. House of Sun (20:03)

In print. Initial pressings in Japan are in three different colour covers (printing directly on jewelbox front)--cyan text on blue, blue text on green, metalic green on gold. The Vice release is a "super limited edition CD packaged in an opaque sparkly blue jewel case with artwork screened in gold on the front." Presumably this means there will be a regular edition once this one is sold out.
Seadrum cover

According to CD Japan, Super Roots 9 will be released in Japan on February 21, 2007. It reportedly will consist of a recording of their Christmas 2005 concert.


Super Seeeeee!!!!!!! (Warner Japan--WPV6-8113--VHS) 1998; (WPB6-90008--Region 2 DVD) 2000

[Line-up listing?]

1. Etot [remixed version of "Super You" with manic abstract computer animation]; 2. Super Go!!!!!-->shine in¤shine on [composite live version from three different shows]

27 minutes total (and costs ¥3800; keerist!). The DVD bonuses are brief notes, a bio, and a picture discography, all in Japanese. If you are outside of Japan, you'll need a Japanese/region-hacked DVD player to watch it.
Super See VHS cover

Compilation Appearances

All of these are in print (or assumed to be) unless indicated.

-Kill S.P.K. (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 006--C46 cassette) 1985
Believed to be the first song recorded under the name Boredoms. Eye was into psychobilly music at the time, and this track is his attempt to sound like that.

-Dead Tech Sampler (I)--No Wave from Japan (Dossier Records (Germany)--ST7512--LP) 1986
"Special Punk King" ["U.S.A." retitled.]
LINE-UP: TETSUO YAMATSUKA (yes, that is Eye's real name)--Voice, guitar, etc.; IKUO TAKETANI--Drums.

-NG (Trans Records (Japan)--Trans-09--LP--1988; J.A.P. Records (Japan)--JPD-406--CD) 1989; (SSE Communications (Japan)--SSE-8016CD--CD) 1993
"Ground Burn Out"
ATAC, this is actually an Eye solo track. The story is that Trans asked Eye for a Boredoms track and Eye wasn't happy with that particular one, so he recorded a new one by himself and put a sample of the original track at the end. That original track featured EYE, TAKETANI, TABATA and apparently HOSOI (now in CHILDREN COUP D'ETAT).

-Journey Into Pain (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 007--4 x cass; RRRecords (U.S.)--STATAP-13--4 x cass) 1987
"We Are the Law!!"

-Rockin'dex '88 (Victor (Japan)--VTM-145--VHS video) 1988
"Dog or Die"

-Dead Tech II (Dossier Records (Germany)--ST7541--LP) 1988
"Hawaiian Disco With Bollocks"
LINE-UP: EYE; YAMAMOTO; HIRA; YOSHIKAWA (listed as: ONANIE--Voice, PISSHOLE--Guitar, HUMANSHIT--Bass, ASSOUL--Drums, respectively). Other tracks from this session are on the Shimmy-Disc Soul Discharge/Early Boredoms CD. Recorded on a broken multi-track recorder that Yamamoto had bought, which is why the pitch wavers.

-Selfish Video (Selfish (Japan)--#??--VHS video) 1988
Track by Boredoms [title?]
-Eat Shit Noise Music (RRR (U.S.)--RRR???--C60 cassette) 198?
""Lick'n Cock Boatpeople," "Bite My Bollocks"
Compiled from records by Ron Lessard, so these are the same as on Osorezan/Onanie Bomb.
Part of ESNM card
-Trans Craze (Wechselbalg (Japan)--WCD-10--CD) 1989
"God from Anal" [Same version as on Anal by Anal EP.]

-Taste of Wild West 3 (Wax/Tokuma Japan Communications (Japan)--TKCA-30167--CD) 1990; (TKCH-71458--CD) 1998
"Thalidomide Car"
ToWW 3 cover
-I'm Stupid (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 17--C15 cassette--1990; Vanilla (Japan)--Vanilla Records-7--cassette with added tracks by other artists--1991)
"M 75"

J-Bash V.1 cover-Japan Bashing Volume 1 (Public Bath--PB-2--7") 1990
"Discow Moscow"
Out of print.

-Yellow Power Scum (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 20--C15 cassette) 1991
"Nice B.O.R.E. Guy and Poy"; "Super Touch"; "Banned in O.S."

-Garbage Sandwich (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 19--2 C120 cassettes) 1992
"Body Check #7"; "The 69 69 Box;" "Bore Bore '90"; "Chainsaw Clinik"; "Nice B-O-R-E Guy"

-Intro (Intro Magazine (Japan)--Ver 0.0--CD) 1993
"Which Dooyoo Like?" (2:06) [Same version as on Pop Tatari.]
Compilation CD accompanying Intro magazine.

-Particle Theory (Warner/Reprise (US)--PRO-CD-6550) 1993
"Molecicco" (2:47) [Same version as on Pop Tatari.]
Promo CD. Out of print.

-Ne San (Banned Productions (US)--C46 cassette) 199?
"Ultra Full Sleep"; "Ultra Wide Awake"

-Thora-Zine magazine #7, flexidisc (Thora-Zine (US)--?) 1994
"Bod" (1:20) [Same version as on Pop Tatari.]
Thora-Zine 5 flexi label
-Elektra/Warner Bros. Lollapalooza Sampler (Elektra/Warner Bros (US)--PRCD 9021-2--CD) 1994
"Bocabola"; "Budokan Tape Try (500 Tapes High)" [Same versions as on Pop Tatari and Super Roots.]
Promo. Out of print.
Lollapalooza cover
-Rock Stars Kill (Kill Rock Stars (US)--KRS 221--LP+7"/CD) 1994
"Pukulee & Rikulee" (4:36)
Rock Stars Kill cover
-Dope-Guns-'n-Fucking in the Streets Volume Nine (Amphetamine Reptile (US)--SCALE 68--2x7") 1994
-Dope-Guns-And Fucking in the Streets Volumes 8-11 (Amphetamine Reptile (US)--AMREP 053--CD) 1997?
"Pukuri" [Same song as "Pukulee & Rikulee."]
2x7" limited to 1000 copies. Out of print.

Dope-Guns Vol. 9 cover
-KXLU, 88.9 FM Los Angeles: Live Vol 1 (KXLU [U.S.]--no #--CD) 1994?
"Title Unknown (July 4, 1994)"
A primitive jam, later recorded in a more developed form as "Super Are You" on Super æ, performed live in the studio. This CD was pressed by the radio station itself and given away to people who donated $35 or more during a funding drive. Out of print.
KXLU Live cover

-Bad Sun Rising (Nipp Guitar Extreme (U.S.)--NG-D05152--CD) 1995
"Thalidomide Car" [Different recording than the one on Taste of Wild West 3.]

-Bad Sun Rising 2 (Nipp Guitar Extreme (US)--NG-D06152--CD) 1995
"Mangun" (1:41)
BSR coverBSR2 cover
-Addicted to Noise Presents Reprise: The Next Generation (Reprise (US)--PRO-CD 7903--CD) 1995
"B For Boredoms"
Addicted to Noise cover
-Trademark of Quality (Warner Brothers/Reprise (US)--PRO-CD-6579--CD) 1995?
Spoken introduction by Eye; "My Mum is Car" [Same song as "Thalidomide Car."]
Promo CD. Out of print.
TMOQ cover
-Duelin' Firemen (E-Z Prey label (U.S.?)--DF#666--red vinyl 7") 1995
"B for Boredoms" [Presumably same version as on Chocolate Synthesizer]
Split single with Randy Wilson w/ David Yow [The Jesus Lizard], who perform "Epic Epileptic Apopalypse."

-World On A String #2 (Japan Overseas (Japan)--no #--zine + cassette + stickers + CD + insert + flyer + rubber ball) 1995
The cassette includes live interviews with Yoshimi, Eye and Yamamoto. [Anything of theirs on the CD?]

huH CD no6 cover-Metal World Nudes (label? (U.S.?)--#?--CD) 1995
"Shock City" [Presumably same version as on Chocolate Synthesizer.]

-huH CD Sampler #6 (huH (U.S.)--HA0106D--CD) 1995
"B for Boredoms" [Presumably same version as on Chocolate Synthesizer.]
Released by huH magazine, presumably as a bonus to subscribers. If anyone has more definite details, please write.

Cosmic K v.1 cover-Cosmic Kurushi Monsters: Tokyo Invasion Volume 1 (Virgin (UK)--TOKYO 1) 1996
"Pow Wow Now" [Presumably the same version as on Soul Discharge 99'.]

-Psycho Nite Tape II (Medius Entertainment (U.S.)--#?--cassette) 199?
"Molecicco" (2:45); "Okinawa Rasta Beef (Mockin' Fuzz2)" (3:57) [Same versions as on Pop Tatari].
Promo cassette for the Psycho Nite show at the New Music Seminar.

-Raygun Magic Orchestra: The Sound of Japan (Raygun (U.S.)--#?--CD) 1996
"Cory & the Mandara Suicide Pyramid Action or Gas Satori" [presumably the same version as on Pop Tatari].
Included with the "Big in Japan" issue (August 1996) of Raygun magazine.

Atom Kids cover-Atom Kids: A Tribute to the King "O.T." (Warner Japan--WPC6 8522--CD) 1999
"Jungle Taitei" (Music: Isao Tomita; Lyrics: Tsuyoshi Ishigouoka)
Dedicated to the late legendary "God of manga" (Japanese comics) Dr. Osamu Tezuka, the man behind Tetsuwan Atom (a.k.a. Astro Boy), Jungle Taitei (AKA Kimba the White Lion), Black Jack, Hi no Tori (AKA Phoenix), Ribon no Kishi (AKA Princess Knight) and Metropolis, among other titles.

-Concierge--A.K.A. Records Compilation (A.K.A./WEA Japan--WPC6-8548--CD) 1998
"Super Go!!!!!→shine in¤shine on" (presumably the same version as on the Super Go!!!!! single.)
In print.
A.K.A. comp cover
-Atom Kids Remix: 21 Century Boys and Girls (Warner Japan--WPC6-10008--CD EP (but still full album price--bastards!)) 1999
"Jungle Taitei (DJ Let's Cry & D.I.Y. Drum Machine Mix)" (Music: Isao Tomita; Lyrics: Tsuyoshi Ishigouoka) [Longer version of the DJ Let's Try... Mix from Super Roots 8]
Remix EP of the above album. Also includes THURSTON MOORE--"--7 Steps to Earth Landing--" (a megamix of the entire Atom Kids album).
Atom Kids Remix cover
-Sharin' in the Groove: Celebrating the Music of Phish (The Mockingbird Foundation--no #--CD) 2001
"Free (End of Session Version)" (7:25) [listed as 8:45] ("Free"--Music: Trey Anastasio; Lyrics--Tom Marshall; "End of Session"--Music: Phish; Lyrics: Tom Marshall)
LINE-UP: YAMATAKA EYE--Keyboards; YOSHIMI P-WE--Drums; YOSHIKAWA--Synthesizer, vocals; SEIICHI YAMAMOTO--Guitar; HILAH--Bass
In print.
The Mockingbird Foundation's website about the album.
Phish.net's page about their song "Meatstick," which Boredoms contributed to when Phish toured Japan.
BTW, the photo of EYE in the booklet is by Shawn Scallen, fellow Ottawan. Here's his page about the photo and the day he took it.
Sharin' in the Groove cover
-All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1 (All Tomorrow's Parties [US]--ATPR2CD--CD) 2002
"Super Now" (10:51) [Full-length version of the remix of "Super Go(ing)" featured on the second Trade Mark of Quality compilation CD]
In print. Compiled by Sonic Youth to promote the All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1 Festival held in Los Angeles, March 15-17, 2002, which they curated. V∞RDOMS played the gig, but they were billed as Boredoms.
ATP 1.1 cover
-Anima Mundi (Warner Music Japan--WPC6-10231--CD) 2002
"Free" (7:32) (Trey Anastasio/Tom Marshall/Phish) (same version as on Sharin' in the Groove.)
Anima Mundi cover

What are the rarest BOREDOMS recordings ever?

"I have a Boredoms record that's an edition of one. I swapped some early Masonna stuff [with Eye] for it. It's cut right on top of an old New York Dolls record, so the needle slides back and forth from Boredoms to Dolls. Really great."--Yamazaki Takushi of Masonna, as quoted in Bananafish #9.

Other rare Boredoms records made by Eye on the vinyl cutting machine he bought at a flea market are Chiki Bon Bon (one copy only, which was priced at ¥100000 ($1000 U.S.) upon release, sold at GIGA and bought by Ozaki of Prisoner No. 6), Kyokumoku Fumei (Unknown Songs), of which only two copies were made, and a couple of untitled singles which Eye cut with incomplete and locked grooves, which made the needle jump and played the record differently every time. Six numbered copies of each of these were made, packaged in pink sleeves with drawings on them (but no song titles), and sold for ¥3800 ($38 U.S.) each at Time Bomb Records in Osaka. Also released with just one copy was the flexidisc Bomb Chic (I presume Eye cut this himself, but I'm not sure). Ukawa of Mom 'n' Dad Records released an EP called Surfin' Bird (catalog #19900) on the Grave Style label in a numbered edition of 20 copies. It was cut on a platinum-coloured acetate disc with a neon orange arrow sticker on each white label. The cover was a photocopied A3 foldout with hand colouring and the number "28-8-90" (presumably the release date). Despite the title, I am told the A-side track sounds more like "Bubblebop Shot" than "Ultramagnetyic Surfin' Bird," and I have heard that apparently the B-side is "Thalidomide Car," but the contributor couldn't confirm it since the sleeve didn't list a title.

A contributor told me about a couple of rare singles they'd gotten from Boredoms themselves, and even supplied cover scans. Here they are:
SIDE ONE: Car ABC; Eat is Anarchy
SIDE TWO: Surfing Jar Jah

Lathe cut by eYe.
Car ABC 7-inch
SIDE ONE: Surfin' Bird
SIDE TWO: I Am Jonny Rotten

Looks like this is the Grave Style single described above.
Surfin' Bird 7-in cover

Mail-Order/Label Addresses

Amazon Japan: In Japanese, but apparently has the means for us gaijin to order up.

-CD-Japan (www.cdjapan.co.jp) has Japanese Boredoms and related releases in stock.

-Comfort is a Japan-based music mail-order outfit.

-Forced Exposure (www.forcedexposure.com) has tons of Boredoms and related stuff, and generally more cool than any human being can afford all at once. I've done business with them and I can personally testify that they rock.

-Japan Overseas, 6-1-21 Ueshio, Tennoji-Ku, OSAKA 543 JAPAN (the website now seems to be down; if it ever comes back, please let me know)

-www.jpophelp.com: An American outfit that sells Japanese releases--and not just J-pop!

Revolver USA, 2745 16th Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 USA

-Nipp Guitar, P.O. Box 64935, Los Angeles, CA USA 90064
E-mail: nippguitar@aol.com

-Other Music

- Very Friendly

-Vice Recordings, 97 N. 10th Street, Suite 202, Brooklyn, NY 11211; they are reported to have signed Boredoms to a "long-term" contract, and have started with Seadrum/House of Sun.

Yes, this is a very short list. If there are other mail-order companies you feel I should include, send me as many details as possible about them here and I'll add them. Please include E-mail/WWW addresses if they have them.

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