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JOHN ZORN--Naked City (Elektra (US)--9 79238-1--LP; 9 79238-2--CD; 9 79238-4--cassette; (France)--WE 810--format?) 1990

EYE appears on the following tracks: 10. Igneous Ejaculation (0:20); 11. Blood Duster (0:13); 12. Hammerhead (0:08); 13. Demon Sanctuary (0:38); 14. Obeah Man (0:17); 15. Ujaku (0:27); 16. Fuck the Facts (0:11); 17. Speedball (0:37)

CD version in print. LP version does not contain tracks 23-25 of the CD and cassette.
Zorn Naked City cover

Torture Garden coverNAKED CITY--Torture Garden (Shimmy-Disc (US)--SHIMMY-039--12", S-039-CS--cassette; Earache (UK)--MOSH 28--LP; MOSH 28 CD--CD; MOSH 28 MC--cassette) 1990; (Toy's Factory (Japan)--TFCK-88557--CD) 1991; (Shimmy-Disc (US)--SHIMMY 039--CD--1993)

EYE appears on the following tracks--1. Blood is Thin (1:00); 2. Demon Sanctuary (0:38); 4. Dead Spot (0:31); 5. Bonehead (0:51); 6. Speedball (0:37); 7. Blood Duster (0:13); 8. Pile Driver (0:33); 9. Shangkuan Ling-Feng (1:14); 10. Numbskull (0:29); 11. Perfume of a Critic's Burning Flesh (0:24); 13. The Prestidigitator (0:43); 14. No Reason to Believe (0:26); 15. Hellraiser (0:39); 16. Torture Garden (0:35); 17. Slan (0:23); 18. Hammerhead (0:08); 19. The Ways of Pain (0:31); 20. The Noose (0:10); 21. Sack of Shit (0:43); 22. Blunt Instrument (0:53); 23. Osaka Bondage (1:14); 24. Igneous Ejaculation (0:20); 25. Shallow Grave (0:40); 26. Ujaku (0:27); 27. Kaoru (0:50); 28. Dead Dread (0:45); 29. Billy Liar (0:10); 30. Victims of Torture (0:22); 31. Speedfreaks (0:29); 32. New Jersey Scum Swamp (0:41); 33. S&M Sniper (0:14); 34. Pigfucker (0:23); 35. Cairo Chop Shop (0:22); 36. Fuck the Facts (0:11); 37. Obeah Man (0:17); 38. Facelifter (0:34); 40. Whiplash (0:19); 41. The Blade (0:36); 42. Gob of Spit (0:18)

American editions out of print. [Rest of the countries?]. 2, 6, 7, 18, 24, 26, 36, 37 and 39 ("N.Y. Flat Top Box") are the same versions as on Naked City. This is now part of the Black Box 2CD set released by Tzadik.

NAKED CITY--Heretic--jeux des dames cruelles (Avant (Japan)-AVAN-001--CD) 1993

EYE appears on the following tracks: 1. Main Titles (1:26); 4. Sweat, Sperm + Blood (2:03); 16. Here Come the 7,000 Frogs (1:59); 19. Mantra of the Resurrected Shit (1:41); 23. Coprophagist Rituals (0:52)

In print.

Naked City Heretic cover

Naked City GG coverNAKED CITY--Grand Guignol (Avant (Japan)--AVAN 002--CD) 1993

EYE appears on the following tracks--9. Blood is Thin (1:00); 11. Dead Spot (0:31); 12. Bonehead (0:51); 13. Pile Driver (0:33); 14. Shangkuan Ling-Feng (1:14); 15. Numbskull (0:29); 16. Perfume of a Critic's Burning Flesh (0:24); 18. The Prestidigitator (0:43); 19. No Reason to Believe (0:26); 20. Hellraiser (0:39); 21. Torture Garden (0:35); 22. Slan (0:23); 23. The Ways of Pain (0:31); 24. The Noose (0:10); 25. Sack of Shit (0:43); 26. Blunt Instrument (0:53); 27. Osaka Bondage (1:14); 28. Shallow Grave (0:40); 29. Kaoru (0:50); 30. Dead Dread (0:45); 31. Billy Liar (0:10); 32. Victims of Torture (0:22); 33. Speedfreaks (0:51); 34. New Jersey Scum Swamp (0:41); 35. S&M Sniper (0:14); 36. Pigfucker (0:23); 37. Cairo Chop Shop (0:22); 38. Facelifter (0:57); 39. Whiplash (0:19); 40. The Blade (0:36); 41. Gob of Spit (0:18)

The versions of "Speedfreaks" and "Facelifter" are newer, different mixes from the versions on Torture Garden.

NAKED CITY--Radio (Avant (Japan)--AVAN-003--CD) 1993

EYE appears on the following tracks: 11. The Vault (4:44); 13. Poisonhead (1.09); 15. I Die Screaming (2:29); 16. Pistol Whipping (0:57); 18. Shock Corridor (1:04); 19. American Psycho (6:10)

In print.
Radio cover

NAKED CITY--Leng Tch'e (Toy's Factory (Japan)--TFCK-88604--CD)

1. Leng Tch'e (31:39)

Out of print. This is now part of the Black Box 2CD set released by Tzadik.

NC Leng Tch'e cover

NAKED CITY--Black Box (Tzadik (US)--TZ 7312--2CD) 1997 [Reissue]

Eye is credited under his current name YAMATAKA EYE here.

DISC ONE: Torture Garden
DISC TWO: Leng Tch'e

In print. Includes original, uncensored cover artwork for both albums in the inserts.

Naked City Black Box coverBlack Box 2nd version cover

Compilation Appearances

-Rubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary (Elektra (US)--9 60940-2--2CD; ?--2K7; ?--CD [promo] 1990
-Rubáiyát: The Originals (Elektra (US)--PRCD 8208-2 + 9 60940-2--4CD [promo incl. 2CD of original versions]) 1990
-Selections From Rubáiyát: Elektra's 40th Anniversary (Elektra (US)--PRCD 8216-2--CD (promo)] (1990)
JOHN ZORN--"TV Eye" (2:25)
Rubaiyat coverSelections cover
-Grind Crusher (Earache (UK)--MOSH 35--LP; MOSH 35 CD--CD; Combat/Earache (US)--88561-2027-2--CD) 1990; (Toy's Factory (Japan)--??) 19??
NAKED CITY--"Osaka Bondage" (1:14)

-THE CATALOGUE (Flexidisc included with issue #85 (Sept 1990) of The Catalogue magazine, UK)
NAKED CITY--"Osaka Bondage"; "Shang Kuan Ling-Feng"
Grind Crusher cover
-Recommended Quarterly Volume 4 Number 1 (Recommended (UK)--RER 0401--CD) 199?
-Three Fingers and a Fumb (Blast First/Disobey [UK]--BFFP 107CD--2CD) 1995
JOHN OSWALD--"Z" (0:14) (A plunderphonic cut-up of NAKED CITY)

ReR V4#1 coverThree Fingers cover


Nankai Hawkwind (Japan 7",Watanabe Records/Underground (Japan)--001--7" single) 1987

No line-up details, but a line-up I was given for their listing in the Guitar Barrio anti discography was: CHERRY--Vocals; EYE**--Vocals; EDDIE--Bass; ISONO--Drums; KITAJIMA--Guitar; MURANAOHITO--Guitar; SUGISAKU--Keyboards.


A Japanese art/noise supergroup. Their name was a play on the baseball team the Nankai Hawks (now known as the Daiei Hawks) and the English prog band Hawkwind. This single included some strands of the members' hair. [Print status?]


LINE-UP: TIM OLIVE--Bass; ZEV ASHER--Vocals, toys; SAM LOHMAN--Drums

Grandson of Ham (Bron/Vanilla Overseas (Japan)--?--CD; Scratch (Canada)--SCRATCH #6--CD, limited cassette) 1992

YOSHIMI** guests on vocals and trumpet on the following tracks: 8. Withdrawl (6:44); 17. Muttfrappe (3:03)

In print.

Nimrod Grandson cover

Nimrod (Scratch (Canada)--SCRATCH #22--CD) 1992

YAMAMOTO SEIICHI** appears on guitar on 1, 5 and 11. That's all I can find. [Song titles/running times/scan of front cover?]
Nimrod S-T CD--looks like the back cover.


Rocket to DNA (Dual Plover (Australia)--296-cyg--CD EP) 2000


1. (22:52); 2. (0:07); 3. (0:23); 4. (1:23); 5. (5:16)

Sold out at time of last update (here's hoping they make more). According to the Dual Plover website, "When EYE submitted his Rebirth of Fool compilation track a little late, we decided to capitalize on it anyway by releasing it on it's own, with a few remixes by our own dj smallcock thrown in for good measure." I might add that the label will be releasing (if they haven't already) the Ruffini Corpuscle CD by GARY BRADBURY (ex-SEVERED HEADS).
Rocket to DNA cover

Compilation Appearances

-Japanese Homegrown Vol. 2 (Gianormous (Japan)--ORA-1009--CD) 1996
"Masheenaly is Punkrocker" (9:57)
"Music by Eye Ramone (listen at your own risk)." The cover photo by Gin Satoh is "Eye Yamatsuka of Hanatarashi, live at Toritsukasei Loft, August 1985." Yes, that's Eye leaning out of the mini-backhoe and screaming. If anyone can supply me with a full-size scan of this cover for inclusion in TV Scorpion, please E-mail me
Japanese Homegorwn Vol. 2 cover
-Split EP with OOIOO (Trattoria/Shock City/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.114/SHOCK CITY 002/PSJR-9117--12" EP) 1997
"Gekijou no Noise Ramones" [Noise Ramones' Fury]
Very limited edition. Out of print. Recorded 15 years ago at Yao-City by EYE RAMONE. ATAC, "The story I heard is that the Noise Ramones track is actually a live recording of a Hanatarash show, updated."
OOIOO/Noise Ramones split cover
-Balls to the Wall: Magenta (Dohb Discs (Japan)--ESCB 3123--CD) 1996
"New Age Robotomy [sic]"

-Micro Truxx (Ummo (Japan)--UMMO 1002--CD) 1997
"Neu Sramones" (4:16)
Balls TtW coverMicro Truxx cover
-Fuji Compilation (Fujirekodsu (Japan)--CD) 2000
Label launched by the Cha-Bashira & A-Musik labels. Here's their website.
Fuji Comp cover


Novo Tono PanoPara coverPanorama Paradise (Alida/Creativeman Disc (Japan)--CMDD-00038--CD) 1996

LINE-UP: YAMAMOTO SEIICHI**--Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocal; OTOMO YOSHIHIDE--Turntables, electric guitar (no. 2, 7, 8), backing vocal; PHEW--Vocal; ETOH NAOKO--Synthesizers, piano, backing vocal; NISHIMURA YUSUKE--Bass, acoustic guitar (no. 12), backing vocal; UMEMURA MASAHIRO--Drums, percussions, backing vocals; GUESTS: HIROAKI FUJIMURA--banjo (no. 2); YUJI KATSUI--Violin (no. 4, 6, 7); HIROYUKI NAGASHIMA--Edit. (2, 11)

1. Introduction (1:13); 2. Toku no Kassai [Distant Cheer?] (2:31); 3. Koko Kara no Shuppatsu [Departure From This Place] (4:14); 4. Owaranai Uzumaki [The Endless Spiral] (4:11); 5. Sasaekirenai Kurasa [The Eternal Support of Darkness] (4:07); 6. Dynamite Summer (3:35); 7. Yume no Hanshu [Circle of Dreams] (3:56); 8. Robot Rondo (2:48); 9. Hakujitsumu [White Daydream] (2:15); 10. Angel (1:46); 11. Yohaku no Uta [Margin/Blank Space Song?] (2:28); 12. Umi e Iko [Let's Go to the Sea] (4:37); 13. Moichido Nemuro [Sleep Once More] (4:09)
[All titles Romanized/translated from Japanese. Any corrections,
please get in touch.]

In print.

Live (untitled) (No label or # (Japan--CD-R) 2001

Four songs. Limited to 50 copies. Each label is hand-drawn by Yamamoto.
Novo Tono Live label

Compilation Appearances

-Yoshihide Otomo Plays the Music of Takeo Yamashita (P-Vine (Japan)--PCD-5804--CD) 1999
LINE-UP: PHEW--vocal; SEIICHI YAMAMOTO**--Guitar (on "Gamba"), vocal (on "Bokensha-tachi"); YOSHIHIDE OTOMO--Guitar, turntable; NAOKO ETO--Keyboards, synthesizer; MASAHIRO UEMURA--Drums; YUSUKE NISHIMURA--Bass; GUESTS: NATSUKI KIDO--Guitar; UTAH KAWASAKI--Synthesizer (on "Gamba"); KAZUNAO NAGATA--Synthesizer (on "Gamba")
"Gamba no Uta" (4:23); "Bokensha-tachi no Ballad" (6:40)
[Print status?]
Takeo Yamashita cover
-Mottomo Otomo: Unlimited XIII (Trost (Austria)--TR 076--CD) 2000
Untitled track (7:43)
[Print status?]

-Tone Poem Archive (Vibe Out (Japan)--VBON-1002--CD) 2002
"Tooi Hibiki" [Distant Echo]
Mottomo Otomo coverTone Poem cover


A series of compilation videos, which includes appearances by the following side projects:

Volume 2: UFO OR DIE; interview with YOSHIMI** about a textile art exhibition she held.
Volume 3: OMOIDE HATOBA; a folk duo of YAMAMOTO** and TSUYAMA.

There are other volumes as well. Unfortunately, they are all out of print.


Famicon Rally (Dako Vynal (Japan)--#?--cassettes) 1990-1993

This is a series of cassettes that Yamamoto released and sold after shows. Four of them were made: #1--18 copies; #2--20 copies; #3--21 copies; #4--34 copies. After these runs were sold out, he sold the master tapes (and now regrets doing that). Needless to say, they're out of print. A copy of one of these tapes was given away in a G-Scope Magazine contest.
A Famicon Rally label

Surfin' in U.F.O. (Public Bath (US)--PB5--7" EP) [Year?]

SIDE ONE: Mother; Surfin' in U.F.O.

Presumably out of print.
OH Surfin' in U.F.O. cover

Dai Ongaku [Big Music]: Omoide Hatoba I (Alchemy Records--ARCD-015--CD) 1990


1. Astro Volcano Break Down (2:12); 2. Surfin' U.F.O. (3:00; 3. Egg Head (2:56); 4. Mother (1:55); 5. Daraku Koushinkyoku [Degradation March] (2:56); 6. C.T.I (4:42); 7. Nuba-II (0:55); 8. Marine Snow (6:10); 9. Miya [Shrine] (4:05); 10. Nuba-I (1:29); 11. Kubi Juui [Pick Up Your Neck] (7:56); 12. A Scab Forms Crone (0:44)

[Print status?]
OH 1:  Dai Ongaku cover

Suichi-Joe [Underwater-Joe]: Omoide Hatoba II (Alchemy Records--ARCD-031--CD) 1991


1. 22 Jigen [Dimension]; 2. Samurai Acid Contemporary; 3. Blues for Turn Table; 4. Route 99999; 5. Suichi-Joe; 6. Chuukaku [Core; Nucleus]; 7. Shooting Dub; 8. Futoppara (Gyoukusai Warutsu) [Generous (Honourable Death Waltz)]; 9. Hau; 10. N.C.C.P1701-1; 11. Daisan [Third] Rock; 12. IN; 13. Sea Monk

[Print status? Times? More accurate translations?]
OH Suichi-Joe cover

Black Hawaii: Omoide Hatoba III (Alchemy Records (Japan)--ARCD-050--CD) 1992

LINE-UP: YAMAMOTO**--g, vo, per, etc.; TSUYAMA--b, vo, drs, per; CHU--drs, g, vo, per; BETSY HOPKINS--synth; GUESTS: DAVID HOPKINS--vo, rylics [sic], etc.; RED SNAKE C'MONS SAXOPHONE QUARTET----Alto saxophone, --Alto saxophone, --Tenor saxophone, --Baritone saxophone; GEN--Sampling, chorus, etc.; BONGAR TOM--Bongo

1. Tenteki [Natural Enemy] (0:42); 2. "La Cycrotoronic Flah" (4:47); 3. I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fix-In-To-Die Rag [Country Joe McDonald] (0:40); 4. Peace Ball (2:44); 5. Taiwan Distortion (5:06); 6. "CD to Suibaku" ["CD and Hydrogen Bomb"] (2:48); 7. (Japanese title?) [Made Up] (1:48); 8. Ooin no Gyaku Mine [Ooin's Opposite Ridge] (4:57); 9. Boya I (2:06); 10. Boya II (1:26); 11. Kekka Oorai [OK Outcome]~Zen Beat Manifesto (4:41); 12. Shelter Beerhall (5:06)

[Print status? Title 7? Names of the RSCSQ?]
OH 3:  Black Hawaii cover

Mantako coverMantako (Public Bath (U.S.)--PBCD-5--CD) 1994

LINE-UP: YAMAMOTO**--Vocal & all instruments; TSUYAMA--Vocal & all instruments; CHU--Vocal & all instruments; GUESTS: YUKA SHINDO; EYE YAMATSUKA**

The CD lists 12 songs but plays 15: 1. Cream Beam (4:13); 2. CD Planets (3:15); 3. Pola (5:05); 4. My Summer Creation (2:28); 5. Nuclear Fantasy (1:27); 6. Come On! Me! (3:07); 7. Scene, Scene, Scene (2:49); 8. Mantako (Mansion's Taco) (1:33); 9. Acid Stepper (0:41); 10. Heaven Born Devils (2:03); 11. Air Jumbory (0:53); 12. Skoal! (2:14); 13. (1:27); 14. (6:24); 15. 3:03)

[Print status?]

Livers & Giggers: 1987-1993 Lives + 5 New Tunes" (Japan Overseas--JO94-2--CD) 1994


1. (untitled multi-song track) (39:48); the few song titles are only listed in the guest line-up.

[Print status?]
Livers cover

Kinsei [Planet Venus] (Meldac (Japan)--MECI-28001--CD) 1995

LINE-UP: YAMAMOTO**--Guitar, vo, per, piano, synth, drum machine; TSUYAMA--Bass, vo, ds, per, synth, drum machine; CHEW--Drums, computer, tapes; GUESTS: RED SNAKE C'MONS SAXOPHONE QUARTET--alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, tuba; YOSHIMI**--Trumpet

1. Kinsei (0:11); 2. Alternative Funkaholic (2:29); 3. Gion (2:05); 4. Go (3:48); 5. Satellite Groove (3:52); 6. Human Tornado (4:46); 7. Nippon Kaisan [Japan Dissolution] (1:57); 8. Kuuchuu ha B [As For Sky B]; 9. Goodbye! Submarine (0:27); 10. Yuurei Sanmyaku no Theme [Theme For the Ghost Mountains] (3:04); 11. Cool (0:34); 12. Oyaji (2:28); 13. Rock'n'Roll Fantasia (2:19); 14. We Are Hello (3:38); 15. White Hour (7:19); 16. Amen (3:22)

OH Kinsei Meldac cover

Kinsei (Birdman/Reprise (US)--BMR-010--CD) 1996

1. Kinsei (0:11); 2. Alternative Funkaholic (2:30); 3. Gion (2:06); 4. Go (3:48); 5. Satelite Groove (3:53); 6. Human Tornado (4:47); 7. Japan Dissolution (1:57); 8. Good-by! Submarine (0:28); 9. Theme For the Ghost Mountains (3:05); 10. Cool (0:34); 11. Oyaji (2:29); 12. Rock'n'Roll Fantasia (2:21); 13. We Are Hello (3:39); 14. White Hour (7:21); 15. Amen (3:26); 16. Dober-man (2:30)
OH Kinsei Earthnoise/Birdman cover

Kinsei (Earthnoise (UK)--ENLP-001--LP; EN-003--CD) 1996

1. Kinsei; 2. Alternative funkaholic; 3. Gion; 4. Amen; 5. We are hello; 6. Mashroom airline; 7. Sweet pea; 8. Rock noodle; 9. Oyaji; 10. Touch; 11. Ghost mountains (Theme); 12. Good by Submarine; 13. Japan dissolution; 14. Human tornado; 15. Satelite groove; 16. Go

Another track list attributed to EN-003:
1. Kinsei; 2. Alternative Funkaholic; 3. Gion; 4. Go; 5. Satelite Groove; 6. Human Tornado; 7. Japan Dissolution; 8. Good-bye! Submarine; 9. Theme For the Ghost Mountain; 10. Touch; 11. Oyaji; 12. Rock Noodle; 13. Rock'n Roll Fantasia; 14. Sweet Pea; 15. Mashroom Airline; 16. We Are Hello; 17. Amen

Now, which of these is the vinyl and the CD versions?
OH Kinsei Earthnoise/Birdman cover

Sugar Clip (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.115/PSCR 5586--CD EP) 1997


1. Sugar Clip (2:49); 2. Maya (0:30); 3. Rico Pico (2:11); 4. Click Psycling (4:52)

[Print status?]
Sugar Clip cover

OH Vuoy coverVuoy (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.117/PSCR-5592--CD) 1997

LINE-UP: SEIICHI YAMAMOTO**--Guitar, vocal, synthesizer; ATSUSHI TSUYAMA--Bass, bass harmonica, drums; GUESTS: TAKASHI OHGUSHI--drums, percussion; GUESTS: YOSHIMITSU ICHIRAKU--Drums, sampler, percussion; YOSHIHIDE OTOMO--Turntable; YUJI KATSUI--Violin; JEFF BELL--Vocal (on "Mirage"); CHIKARA KURATA--Programming

1. Spilits [sic] (0:11); 2. Delayed Sky (3:38); 3. Mirage (4:01); 4. Vuoy (3:09); 5. Kokoro [Heart] (3:15); 6. Rotary (3:44); 7. Might Layer (5:21); 8. Full Circle (3:00); 9. Fuzzy Killer (2:59); 10. Corn (3:21); 11. Haris (2:18); 12. Do the Future 5:35); 13. Sugar Clip (2:46); 14. [untitled] (6:17); 15. Figaro (5:15)
[Titles 5 & 7 translated from Japanese.]

In print.

Compilation Appearances

-Walk on Wild West: West Psychedelia 2 (Alchemy (Japan)--ARLP-024--LP) 1988
"Kichigai" [Crazy Man]

-Alchemism 2 (Wechselbalg Syndicate (Japan)--WCD-9--CD) 1989
"Liner Motor Jet Stop + Ten-nen"
Walk--WP 2 coverAlchemism 2 cover
-Osaka Greasy Truckers: West Psychedelia 3 (Alchemy (Japan)--ARCD-007--CD) 1990
"S.O.S. Amazon"; "Mushi [Worm] Band"; "Dog's Facter (sic)"

-Taste of Wild West 3 (Wax/Tokuma Japan Communications--TKCA-30167--CD) 1990; (TKCH-71458--CD) 1998
Out of print.
OST:  WP3 coverToWW 3 cover
-Japan Bashing Volume 1 (Public Bath (U.S.)--PB-2--7") 1990
"Linear Motor Jet Shop"
Out of print.

-Show-Kai (Public Bath (Japan)--no #--2 x cassette + book) 1991
"3 Shows from 3 Years" (assorted untitled live tracks on cassette included with Show-Kai magazine)
Out of print.
JBash #1 V1 coverShow-kai cover
-Aiyoku Jinmin [Citizens of lust] Battle Royal (Alchemy Records--ARCD-044--CD) 1992?
Collaborative label CD on which Omoide Hatoba participated.

-Land of the Rising Noise (Charnel Music--CHCD-9--CD) 1994
"IN" (4:59) (from the Suichi-Joe CD)
Rising Noise cover
-Bad Sun Rising (Nipp Guitar (US)--NG-D05152--CD) 1995
"Twisted Yoyo"

-Bad Sun Rising II (Nipp Guitar (US)--NG-D06152--CD) 1995
"Mega" (4:04)
BSR coverBSR2 cover
-Wohlstand--German-Japanese Noise Compilation (Human Wreckords (Germany)--HW-012--CD) 1995
LINE-UP: SEIICHI YAMAMOTO**--Guitar, percussion, synthesizer; ATSUSHI TSUYAMA--Bass, guitar, drums; CHU HASEGAWA--Drums, percussion, organ, synthesizer, fudora, koto
"Anarchy" (2:59)
Warped cover version of SEX PISTOLS' "Anarchy in the UK."
Wohlstand cover
-Cosmic Kurushi Monsters: Tokyo Invasion Volume 1 (Virgin (UK)--TOKYO 1--CD) 1996
"We Are Hello"

-Prego! '97 View Master--Stereo Reels--Fairy Tales (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.141/PSCR-5638--CD) 1997; (MENU.165/PSJR-9127--LP) 1998
"Sugar Clip" (same version as on Vuoy.)
CKM coverPrego '97 cover and back
-Noisecapture 1 (Noisecapture (Japan?)--#?--cassette) 1998
"Linear Motor Jet Stop;" "C.T.I;" "Surfin U.F.O." (Live at Shinjuku Loft, 1990 6 21)
Included with issue #1 of Noisecapture magazine.
Noisecapture 1 cover
-Bears' Are Not Real: Bears' Compilation Vol. 1 (Japan Overseas (Japan)--JO98-41--CD) 1998
"Osaka" (4:51)
Includes liner notes in Japanese and English by Yamamoto.

-Menu 200 (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.200/PSCR-5848-9--2CD) 2000
"Sugar Clip"; "Vuoy" (same versions as on Vuoy.)
Bears' comp. coverMenu 200 cover
-The Festival Beyond Innocence CD Series: A Brief History in 67 Chapters (Innocent Records/FBI Disc (Japan)--FBI 102/103/104/105--4CD) 2002
Untitled track on Disc One (October 9 & 10, 1996 & October 10 & 11, 1997), recorded live at the FBI Festival, Osaka, Japan.
FBI cover
-Anchor (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.250/PSCR-6055~7--3CD) 2002
"Sugar Clip" (same version as on Vuoy.)
Anchor cover


The name was coined by Eye, and is pronounced "oh oh eye oh oh."

OOIOO 8 logo (8) (Shock City/Polystar (Japan)--SHOCK CITY 003/PSCR-5591--CD; Time Bomb (Japan)--00100--LP) 1997; (Kill Rock Stars (US)--KRS 317--LP/CD) 1998

LINE-UP: YOSHIMI **--Guitar, vocal, jews harp, casio tone, trumpet, drums, synth, Theremin, effects; KYOKO [ex-KOKUSHOKU ELEGY]--Guitar, vocal; MAKI--Bass, chorus; YOSHIKO--Drums, chorus

OOIOO 8 Shock City CD coverOOIOO 8 KRS cover
1. 50102 (3:24); 2. Sister 001 (3:45); 3. Right Hand Ponk (1:41); 4. Switch (1:59); 5. In O (4:57); 6. OO[Ai]OO [the middle character is the Japanese word for "love"] (1:53); 7. 1-2-3-4 (1:42); 8. Tease Her (2:28); 9. On an Ocean Amp (2:09); 10. Speaker (2:43); 11. Ring a Ring a Lee (3:05); 12. She Hates (2:20); [bonus track on KRS 317 version:] 13. Sister 001 (Eye Mix) (4:21)

Produced by Yamataka Eye and Keigo. EYE** appears on "Speaker." NOTE: Shock City is Eye's label, manufactured by Polystar. The LP (not pictured) has a different cover than the two pictured here. The KRS album is on white vinyl in a gatefold sleeve and the CD is in a digipak (boo!).

Feather Float (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.221/PSCR-5739--CD) 1999; (MENU.221/MTJD-1007--LP) 2000; (Birdman (US)--BMR 031--CD) ?

LINE-UP: YOSHIMI**--Guitar, vocal, jambe, bongo, juno, casiotone, piano, jews harp, talking drum & scratch & birds; KYOKO--Guitar, vocal, hand crap (sic); MAKI--Bass, hand crap (sic); YOSHIKO--Drums, hand crap (sic)

1. Be sure to loop (7:45); 2. oizumio (3:39); 3. ina saku no uta [ina bloom's song?] (4:23); 4. ah yeah! (2:26); 5. Switch on (2:16); 6. Jackson's club "SUNSPOT" (2:17); 7. asozan (5:11); 8. baby bamboo from nose (6:53); 9. 1000 frogs and 3 suns in a house (10:27); 10. ringringlee (3:07); 11. happypypyOOIOO (0:10)

In print.
Feather Float cover

gold & green (Polystar (Japan)--PSCR 5912--CD) 2000

LINE-UP: YOSHIMI**--Guitar, vox, trumpet, flute, synth 2000, casiotone, bamboo flute, clay flute, wind chimes, body drums, mini drums, santoor, bar chime, energy chime, djembe, triangle, surdu, vibra tone; KAYANO--Guitar, vox; MAKI--Bass; YOSHICO--Drums, maracas

1. moss trumpeter (3:04); 2. teku teku tune (2:53); 3. Grow Sound Tree (6:51); 4. mountain book (7:04); 5. I'm a song (7:45); 6. fossil (3:48); 7. ina fuku no mori [ina wind blowing's forest?] (3:24); 8. unu (0:51); 9. idbi (0:37); 10. Ki no Rokujou Ressha [Tree/wood; of; The six emotions; Train?] (5:13); 11. emeraldragonfly (7:21); 12. return to NOW!!! (4:30)

In print.
Gold & Green cover

Shock City Shockers Vol. 2: OOIOO Remix (Shock City/TrattoriaPolystar (Japan)--MENU.236/PSCR 5980--CD) 2001

[All band credits except #2 are to the remixers:] 1. ZAK--Tekuteku Tune/Mountain Book (7.83hz) (3:34); 2. OOIOO--Open Your Eyes You Can Fly (5:03); 3. CHARI CHARI--Mountain Book (Santoor & Beats) (5:59); 4. EYE**--Asozan (Eye Remix) (3:17); 5. WOODMAN--Unu (Underground Neighbors and U Re-XXX) (6:29); 6. J.A.K.A.M. [Juzu A.K.A. MOOCHY]--Ah Yeah!/1000 Frogs and 3 Suns in a House (1000.F.O.T.O.S.) (5:17); 7. MASUKO TATSUKI [ASLN/DUB SQUAD/ROVO]--Be Sure to Loop (Be Sure to Loop Remix) (7:22); 8. KIYOSHI IZUMI--Kinorokujyouressya (Zouzuzan Mix) (6:24); 9. NOBUKAZU TAKEMURA--Fossil/Inafuku no Mori (Assembler Mix) (7:17); 10. L?K?O--Asozan (The Remix) (6:12); 11. MOODMAN--Grow Sound Tree (MOODMAN - 10 Mix) (5:03); 12. MT.YAMAR--Moss Trumpetter (Moth Trumpetter) (5:16); 13. KAN TAKAGI & K.U.D.O--RingRingLee (KAN & K.U.D.O Rmx@Apesounds) (6:52)

In print.
OOIOO Shockers cover

Compilation Appearances

-Music Thunder (Music Thunder (Japan)--#?--book + enhanced CD) 1996
"Right Hand Ponk"
Supposedly their first appearance on CD. Includes an OOIOO postcard.
Music Thunder cover
-Split EP with NOISE RAMONES (Trattoria/Shock City/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.114/SHOCK CITY 002/PSJR-9117--12" EP) 1997
"Sister 001 [Eye Mix]"
Very limited edition. Out of print. The song is now available on the Kill Rock Stars release of 8.
OOIOO/Noise Ramones split cover
-Balls to the Wall: Magenta (Dohb Discs (Japan)--ESCB 3123--CD) 1996
"She Hates the Butterfly Frenchfries and Yellowsky"

-Prego! '97: View Master--Stereo Reels--Fairy Tales (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.141/PSCR-5638--CD) 1997; (MENU.165/PSJR-9127--LP) 1998
"Right Hand Ponk" (same version as on 8.)
BTTW coverPrego 97 cover and back
-Shock City Shockers (Shock City (Japan)--MENU.158--CD) 1998; (MENU.213/MTJD-1004-1005--2x12") 2000
"Asozan" (4:31)

-Prego! '99: Camp Master (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.174/PSCR-5746--CD; MENU.183/PSJR-9135--LP) 1999
"RingRingLee" (same version as on Feather Float.)
Shock City Shockers coverPrego 99 cover
-Menu 200 (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.200/PSCR-5848-9--2CD) 2000
"Jackson's Club 'Sunspot'"; "OO(Ai)OO" (same versions as on Feather Float and 8.)
Menu 200 cover
-Prego! 2001~night performance (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.238/PSCR-5989--CD) 2001
"grow sound tree" (6:46) (same version as on gold & green.)

-Anchor (Trattoria/Polystar (Japan)--MENU.250/PSCR-6055~7--3CD) 2002
"Right Hand Ponk" (same version as on 8.)
Prego! 2001 coverAnchor cover


The Complete Studio Recordings 1991-1994 (Tzadik (U.S.)--TZ7317--4CD) 1998


YAMATAKA EYE** guests on Disc Three (they're numbered 0-3), Live in Osaka, on tracks 4. Bodkyithangga (12:56), with the full band, and 5. Black Bile (0:00-1:44)/Yellow Bile (1:58-2:56)/Blue Bile (3:07-5:43)/Crimson Bile (5:49-7:32)/Ivory Bile (7:41-8:07; total track 9:05), accompanying Zorn only.

In print.
Painkiller box cover


LINE-UP: BILL LASWELL--Bass, samples, loops, noises; JOHN ZORN--Reeds, voice; BUCKETHEAD--Guitars, noises; BLIND IDIOT GOD (ANDY HAWKINS/GABE KATZ/TED EPSTEIN); BOOTSY COLLINS--Bass, Space Bass; MICK HARRIS--Drums, voice; YAMATSUKA EYE--Voice; BERNIE WORRELL--Keyboards

Sacrifist (Toy's Factory (Japan)--TFCK-88648--CD) 1993; (Subharmonic (US)--SD 7002-2--CD) 1994

Eye appears on the following tracks: 1. Stronghold (1:34); 3. Suspension (2:19); 4. Rivet (5:22); possibly others (but, then again, Zorn and Harris perform vocals on this album (and these songs) as well, and Zorn, at least, can also scream like mad).

Out of print.
Praxis Sacrifist cover

Collection (Douglas Music (USA)--ADC19--CD) 1998

YAMANTAKA EYE** appears on voice on the following tracks: 3. Stronghold (1:34); 5. Rivet (5:22); 8. Suspension (2:19)

Compilation of the out-of-print albums Sacrifist and Metatron. In print.
Praxis collection cover


On the Roof of Kedar Lodge (Japan Overseas (Japan)--JO0051--CD) 2000

LINE-UP: YOSHIMI**--Vocal, Kaoss Pad; u-z--Tamboura (others?); ATR**--Drum, percussion, Dr. PAD; MHAYOW--Sitar, tamboura, Dr. PAD, effects, etc.

1. Single Room 40Rs with Hot Shower (0:55); 2. Bhajan Me (3:52); 3. Boat Going Other Side (8:01); 4. Berimbou Man Coming (6:28); 5. From Outside River (3:25); 6. I Give You This Mirror (4:33); 7. On the Roof of Kedar Lodge (7:35); 8. After Bong, Then Sleep (5:26); 9. I'm Sitting Here (8:08); 10. I Saw A Dolphin (5:52); 11. Bhajan Them (5:29); 12. That Time I Was There (4:02); 13. (unlisted) (0:33)

[Print status]
Psycho Baba Kedar Lodge cover

Compilation Appearance

-Man Drive Trance Compilation Vol. 1 (Wonderground (Japan)--wrd-2--CD) 2002
"Pianaxa" (5:37)
MDTrance 1 cover



Compilation Appearance

-The Festival Beyond Innocence CD Series: A Brief History in 67 Chapters (Innocent Records/FBI Disc (Japan)--FBI 102/103/104/105--4CD) 2002
Untitled live piece on Disc Four (November 21 & 22, 1998 & November 18 & 19, 2000), recorded live at the FBI Festival, Osaka, Japan.
FBI cover


Budub coverPuzzle Punks--Budub (Time Bomb (Japan)--BOMB-39--LP)--1996; #?--CD--year/label?)


SIDE A: 1. Ouck Nuff (2:03); 2. Unlimited Toothpicker (1:52); 3. Pep & Kep (2:36); 4. Xicotepecker (2:24); 5. Budub (1:18); 6. Techno Wear (2:49); 7. Yahowa 1-30 (2:25); 8. Uwazima's Most Hard Core Car (5:28);
SIDE B: 9. Best Brain (2:55); 10. Magic Poopers (2:22); 11. Yahowa 13000 (5:10); 12. Ohioueo Players (4:27); 13. Budub Air Port (4:44); 14. Vuduv (3:27); 15. We Are Budubber (2:38)

Front and back sleeve painting by Shinro Ohtake--WE ARE NOW, GO THE BUDUBBIN' WAY TO THE SUN!!! "Delay Gabba" 208x190cm Mixed Media painting (on inside sleeve) 1986 by Shinro Ohtake + Yamantaka Eye. The record is a picture disc (different pictures on each side) on marbled vinyl.
ATAC: I'm guessing this may be a re-issue of some kind because it seems to be a new release.

Pipeline CD coverPipeline (Uwajima Contemporary Art Museum (Japan)--UCA-1--CD+Book) 1996

Produced and performed by YAMANTAKA EYE** and SHINRO OHTAKE with additional drums by YOSHIMMI**.

"24 smash hits by 24 puzzle punk bands"
1. OKINAWA--"Best of Okinawa" (2:01); 2. IN--"Out" (1:57); 3. DRINKING NEEDLES--"About Man" (2:21); 4. RAPEEBEATLES--"Live Cheap" (1:04); 5. GANJA FARMERS--"Peace" (8:40); 6. POO--"Hip Hop Pooray~19 POO 96" (1:34); 7. DOTUNG THE MAN--"Kyoto" (1:42); 8. DO GOOD--"Baddest Wrong" (3:48); 9. MC5 OR 6--"Paradox City" (3:17); 10. EEP--"Full Sleep" (4:42); 11. VIVILE BILL--"Too Many Buildings" (2:43); 12. WIPE OUT SHOCK SHOPPERS--"Brainwash Laundry" (4:26); 13. 2 YEARS OLD--"Telepone Tattoo" (0:30); 14. SEXY RESIDENTS--"Rock'nRoll Recording No. 1 (Rock'nRoll Recording)" (5:25); 15. HA HA HA--"Join the Ha Ha Ha Army" (0:55); 16. HEN-G--"Hen-GG" (3:25); 17. MANHATTAN TAPE TRANSFERS--"MC Tape and DJ Cassette" (1:28); 18. TOM MIND--"where is my MIND?" (3:08); 19. JECK happy--"I Am Jeck" (1:56); 20. Dr. DRUGLAND--"How to Life" (1:26); 21. UNI--"EFO (Ghetto Dub)" (3:31); 22. CITY BAND--"City 7" (1:31); 23. Psychedelic TOP TEN--"Buddha Tantric Dharma" (7:59); 24. UWAZIMA POSSE--"Nozokiiwa Tecno Beats (Pulp Pipeline Mix)" (4:15)

This includes the CD and a 100 page book which shows photos of Ohtake and Eye in session and artwork by the two. [Print status?]

Compilation Appearance

-Valis II: Everything Must Go (Ion (US)--IN 2002-2--2CD) 1997
"Hip Hop Pooray~19-Poo-96" (8:56)
Valis 2 cover


Big Toast (Ecstatic Peace (US)--E#31--7") 1993

LINE-UP: YOSHIMI--vo. dr. g. tp.; JULIE (sic) CAFRITZ--Special speaker on "Speaker"; KIM GORDON--Special tuna power & g on "Tuna Power"

SIDE ONE: Speaker
SIDE TWO: Tuna Power

[Print status?]
Yoshimi Big Toast cover

Two (Ecstatic Peace (US)--E#46--7") 1994

All sounds by me & P-we.

Two very short untitled songs.

[Print status?]

Three (Ecstatic Peace (US)--E #59--7") 1995

All sounds by Yoshimi.

SIDE TWO: 2; 3

In print.

I heard that Yoshimi will have all of her Esctatic Peace singles compiled onto CD on the Time Bomb label. Has it happened?

Compilation Appearances

-Gomi-Akta (Coquette (Japan)--no #--cassette) 1993
Limited edition of 153 copies.

-MI CABALLiTO CHULO....! COMO LO QUIE Ro.... (Los Apson (Japan)--LO S-001--CD) 1994

Mi Caballito cover


LINE-UP: SEIICHI YAMAMOTO**--Vocals, guitar, percussion, chorus; KEIZO SUHARA--Bass, percussion, chorus [member of ARIJIKOKU and owner of the Gyuune label]; MASAYUKI YOSHIDA--Keyboads, chorus; TAKESHI "CHINA" BANNO--Drums [except where indicated]


All out of print, as far as known. If you know for sure (or can correct any parts where my pathetic attempts at Japanese-to-English translation really suck), please
get in touch.
Rashinban [91, 12, 21 Live] (Gyuune (Japan)--Gi94-0--cassette) 1994


SIDE ONE: KARA; Iritaruzo (?)
SIDE TWO: Manhattan; Ningen Rokku [Human Rock]
Rashinban cassette cover

Bunka [Culture] (Gyuune (Japan)--Gi94-Special--cassette) 1997

SIDE ONE: Flat (Live at Bears); Ichibanboshi [The first star to appear in the evening]
SIDE TWO: Koumori no Tobugoro (?); Izumi [Spring]
Rashinban Bunka cover

Psychederic (sic) Sessions for All Incredible Hippies (Gyuune? (Japan)--#?--cassette) 1999

SIDE ONE: Hippie; Hitori no Kuni [Country of One Person?]; Inochi [Life] (Kyoudai Seibu Koudou [Kyoto University West Auditorium] Live '98)
SIDE TWO: Clean up; Rain Forest
Rasinban Psychederic cover

Psychederic (sic) Sessions for All Incredible Hippies Ver. 2 (Gyuune? (Japan)--#?--cassette) 1999

SIDE ONE: Hippie; Hitori no Kuni [Country of One Person?]; Hana [Flower] (Live '98 Club Quattro)
SIDE TWO: Clean up; Rain Forest; Fuzai no Uta [Song of Absence]
Rasinban Psychederic 2 cover

Rashinban's Live Tapes Collection Vol. 1: '97-'99 (Gyuune? (Japan)--#?--cassette) 2000

SIDE ONE: chime (99.1.15 Star Pine's cafe); Hana [Flower] (98.6.8 Kyoudai Seibu Koudou [Kyoto University West Auditorium]); Cool Down (98.11.30 Shinsaibashi Quattro); Kaeri no Uta [Returning Song] (97.6.8 Shinsaibashi Quattro)
SIDE TWO: Inochi [Life] (98.6.8 Kyoudai Seibu Koudou); Kurobaa [Crowbar?]; Fuzai no Uta [Song of Absence]; Vol. 9
Rashinban Live Tapes cover

Psychederix (sic): Impro and More Songs (Gyuune? (Japan)--#?--cassette) 2000

TOMONO/BANNO TSUYOSHI (?) is on A1 and B1.

SIDE ONE: Karasu [Crow?] (Live at “Tokuzo” 2000.3.13); Impro. #1 "shizuka"; G LINE
SIDE TWO: Inochi [Life] 2000 (Live at “Quattro” 2000.2.27); C.I.S.F (Impro.#2); Eidelweiss (Kari [Provisional])
Rashinban Impro cover

Psychederix: Impro and More Songs: Nagoya Version (Gyuune? (Japan)--#?--cassette) 2000


SIDE ONE: Karasu [Crow?] (Live at “Tokuzo” 2000.3.13); R.F.-; Eidelweiss (Kari [Provisional]); R.F.-
SIDE TWO: Matsura (Live at “Shibuya Quattro” 2000.2.27); Impro. #1 "shizuka"; Shizuka na Basho [Quiet Place?] 2.3 with Y. Katsui (Vio); G LINE
Rashinban Impro Nagoya cover

Ikimono [Animal] (Gyuune? (Japan)--#?--cassette) 2001

SIDE ONE: Flat (Live at Tokuzo); Seika (Live at Shibuya Quattro)
SIDE TWO: Shizuka na Basho [Quiet Place?] (Live at Shibuya Quattro); Owari no Suzu [The End's Bell?] (Live at Tokuzo); Jam (01.6.11)
Rashinban Ikimon cover


-"Eien no Uta" [Eternal Song] (single version) (4:50) (A.K.A./WEA Japan--LCS 2071) 1997 [Promo 3" CD]
-"Eien no Uta" [Eternal Song] (A.K.A./Warner Music Japan--WPD6-9158--3" CD single) 1997

1. Eien no Uta (single version) (4:51); 2. Chime (4:10); 3. Eien no Uta (Original Karaoke) (4:51)

Likely out of print.
Eien cover

Rago (Gyuune (Japan)--CD95-07--CD; A.K.A./WEA Japan/Warner Music Japan--WPC6-8394--CD; LCS-149--promo CD) 1997

1. Eien no Uta [Eternal Song] (5:51); 2. Cookie (3:55); 3. Howling Sun (philgrim's progress) (Mathew Fisher/Keith Reid) (6:28); 4. Flat (7:52); 5. Kaeri no Uta [Returning Song] (3:11); 6. Lifeworks (4:50); 7. Inochi [Life] (7:29); 8. Umarekawaru Tokora ga [Where I Will Reincarnate is] (4:26) [All titles except 3 & 4 translated/Romanized from Japanese.]
Rashinban Rago Gyuune coverRashinban Rago A.K.A. cover
Gyuune version out of print. A.K.A. version in print. If anyone has this (or anything else on this page with Japanese titles, for that matter) and can give me more accurate translations, please please get in touch.

Seika [Sacred Song?] (A.K.A./WEA Japan/Warner Music Japan--WPC6-8503--CD) 1998

1. Seika; 2. Acoustic; 3. Cool Down; 4. Hikari no Te [Hand of Light?]; 5. Asa Utau Yoru no Uta [Song That the Morning Sings To the Night?]; 6. Driver; 7. Colours; 8. Owari no Suzu [The End's Bell?] [All titles translated/Romanized from Japanese.]
Rashinban Seika cover

-"Adrenalin Drive" (A.K.A./WEA Japan/Warner Music Japan--WPC6-8502--CD single) 1999


1. Adrenalin Drive; 2. Manatsu no Dekigoto [Midsummer Affair] (Hashimoto/Tsutsumi) ; 3. Adrenalin Drive (another version)

Theme of the movie (Japanese only) of the same name, directed by Shinobu Yaguchi and starring Hikari Ishida, Masanobu Ando, Yutaka Matsushige and Kazuo Tsunogae. Music is credited to "Seiichi Yamamoto and Rashinban," so I wonder if the score includes Yamamoto solo as well.
Rashinban Adrenalin Drive cover

LIVE at Shibuya 27th.Sept.2000 (? (Japan)--#?--CD-R) 2000


1. Colours; 2. Eien no Uta [Eternal Song]; 3. Hikari no Te [Hand of Light?]; 4. Seika; 5. Song Line

[Print status?]
Rashinban Shibuya cover

Song Line (A.K.A./WEA Japan/Warner Music Japan--WPC6-10089--CD) 2000

1. Gareki no Kara (Sora?); 2. Circle; 3. Refrain; 4. Shizuka na Basho [Quiet Place?]; 5. Masura; 6. Nami [Wave? Someone's name?]; 7. Hitori no Kuni; 8. Song Line; 9. Rashinban [Compass] [All titles translated/Romanized from Japanese.]
Rashinban Song Line cover

Hajimari [Beginning] (Little More (Japan)--LMCA-1003--CD) 2002

1. Oto [Sound]; 2. Negai; 3. fire song; 4. Mugen no Uta [Infinite Song]; 5. Arika; 6. Hajimari; 7. Ashita no Hako [Tomorrow's Box?]
[All titles except 3 translated/Romanized from Japanese.]

In print. Little More's website (Japanese only).
Rashinban Hajimari cover

Compilation Appearances

-Young Person's Guide to Gyuune Cassette (Gyuune (Japan)--CD95-2000SS--CD?) 2000
"Koumori no Tobugoro (?)"

-So Far Songs (Oz Disc (Japan)--EHE-024--CD) 2000
"Fuzai no Uta" [Song of Absence]
YP Guide coverSo Far Songs cover


825 (Tag Rag (Japan)--TRLP-001--LP; TRCD-003--CD) 1995


YOSHIMI** guests on horn on "Hige Young" and "Noodles Part 2."


Yen for Noise (Scratch (Canada)--SCRATCH-017--CD) [1995]


YAMAMOTO** plays guitar on the track "The Burdon Hardest to Boar."
Roughage Zen Cover

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