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Memorial and Material (Maboroshi no Sekai (Japan)--M-GX2-1--cassette) 1996

Please send any more details about this tape

Suspense Carry Pro (Guillotine Discs/Doubletrap/Creativeman Disc (Japan)--CMDD-00045--CD) 1997


YAMAMOTO** appears on "Piano Lesson" (0:26). Many others guest on this album as well.

In print.
GK SCP cover

Viva Guitar (Guillotine Discs/Double Trap/Creativeman Disc (Japan)--CMDD-00065--CD) 1997


SEIICHI YAMAMOTO** appears on the tracks "Masahiko Ohno/Seiichi Yamamoto" (3:47); "Seiichi Yamamoto/Natsuki Kido" (3:48); "Inspect: Guillotine Kyodai/Seiichi Yamamoto" (3:33).
GK Viva Guitar cover
Here's a description of the album from Aquarius Records:
Japanese avant-rock duo Guillotine Kyodai enlist a who's who of underground Japanese experimental guitarists to play a kind of "pass it along" game: each track features two guitarists dueting on an initial theme, which mutates as it is passed from guitarist to guitarist. Axemen include members of Ground Zero, Boredoms, Melt Banana, Solmania, Optical*8, Altered States, Bondage Fruit, and Kirihito. Not only conceptually interesting, this is good listening and probably essential to anyone who owns more than two records by the bands listed above.

Meetings With Remarkable Men (featuring Junji Hirose) (Guillotine Discs/Tag Rag Records (Japan)--TRCD-026--CD) 2000

LINE-UP: JUNJI HIROSE--Saxophone, self-made instruments

YAMAMOTO guests on "Meeting With Seiichi Yamamoto" (4:13). Many others guest on this album as well.

GK Meetings cover


Cyclotron (A.K.A./Warner Japan--WPC6-8549--CD) 1999


1. cyclotron (13:55); 2. bird (4:53); 3. medium (9:34); 4. ruby (10:15); 5. snow noiz (5:13)

In print.
Guitoo Cyclotron cover


Happiness Proof (Tribal Market/P-Vine Records (Japan)--PCD-5558--CD) 1999; (Detector (US)--MP-24--CD; ReR Megacorp (UK)--ReR Haco2--CD) 2000

SEIICHI YAMAMOTO co-wrote and guests on guitar on "Element" (3:59) and "Starry Night" (3:28).

In print.
Haco HP cover


Hajime/Eye Nani coverNani Nani (Tzadik (US)--TZ 7206--CD) 1995

LINE-UP: YAMANTAKA [sic] EYE**--Vocal, drums, toys; DEKOBOKO HAJIME [aka JOHN ZORN]--Sax, harmonium, guitar, sitar, samples

1. Eep Man (1:07); 2. Test Tube (3:11); 3. Thank You For Not Thinking (2:36); 4. Pulp Wars (2:57); 5. Sticky Beethoven's Pipeline (1:15); 6. Laughing Eskimo (1:28); 7. Damascus (1:11); 8. Yoga Dollar (5:17); 9. Propolution (1:36); 10. My Rainbow Life (1:44); 11. Bad Hawkwind (18:13); 12. We Live (0:56)

In print.


The Golden Age of Heavy Blood (Alchemy Records (Japan)--ARLP-041--LP; ARCD-041--CD) 1992

LINE-UP: NOMA--Guitar; TATEKAWA--Drums; AOYAGI--Bass; HIRA**--Vocal; KIKUKO--Bass

1. Future Deadlock; 2. Bad Tube; 3. Hot Cake; 4. Blossom Body; 5. Blood Star; 6. Mary Mary Mary;
CD BONUS TRACKS: 7. Headspinningblues; 8. Heavensucker

[Times? Print status?]
Heavy Blood cover

Hanaden Bless All (Alchemy Records--ARCD-051/052--2CD) 1993


CD 1: 1. Massivesex; 2. Gnosistongue; 3. Triumph; 4. TT; 5. Mortal Vigor; 6. Worship
CD 2: 1. Sons of Sounds from Sands in the Sun; 2. Blues for Jaronote; 3. Inuonna (my wife as a dog); 4. Virgin Oyster Juice; 5. Deepfreezemania; 6. God Only Needs Hanadensha

[Times? Print status?]
Hanadensha Bless All cover

Narcotic Guitar: Imaginary Movie Soundtracks (WEA Japan--WPC6-8215--CD) 1996

LINE UP: HIRA**--Voice, harp, rhythm box, dg, sound effects; AOYAGI--Guitar, guitar synthesizer, rhythm box, dg, sound effects; TATEKAWA--Drums, percussion, drum machine, steel guitar, kalimba; YOKOTA--Bass, dg, percussion; IEGUCHI--Organ, piano, synthesizer, bass, piancia

1. Sanctuary (6:36); 2. Sun/Sex (11:47); 3. Sugar (2:44); 4. Star (4:21); 5. Stone (1:16); 6. Space (3:26); 7. Salamander (4:47); 8. Sweet/Sky (6:12); 9. Sanders (1:53); 10. Spiral (1:55); 11. Summer/Speed (4:36); 12. Spiritual (2:13); 13. Sacrifice (4:58); 14. Sea/Smoke (6:41); 15. Soul (0:51)

In print.
Narcotic Guitar cover

Astral Pigmy Wave (Circle Sunshine (Japan)--SUN-101--CD EP) 1997

LINE-UP: HIRA--Vocals; AOYAGI--Guitar; YOKOTA--Bass; TATEKAWA--Drums; IEGUCHI--Keyboards

1. Astral Pigmy Wave (18:12); 2. Herb Tower (20:53)

In print.
Hanadensha APW cover

Acoustic Mothership (Circle Sunshine (Japan)--SUN-202--CD EP) 1997


1. Brazilian Morning Fever (1:50); 2. Acid River (8:17); 3. Elemental Jam (10:05); 4. Acoustic Mothership (17:31)

In print.
Hanadensha Acoustic cover

Doobie Shining Love (Circle Sunshine (Japan)--SUN-303--CDEP) 1997


1. Doobie Shining Love; 2. Star; 3. Seasky Rainbow

[Running times? Print status?]
Hanadensha DSL cover

Compilation Appearances

-West Psychedelia (Alchemy (Japan)--ARLP-017--LP) 1988
"Headspinningdizzyblues;" "Heavensucker"

-Alchemism 2 (Wechselbalg/Alchemy (Japan)--WCD-9--CD) 1989
"Headspinningdizzyblues [Live]"
Alchemism 2 cover
-Taste of Wild West 2 (Wax/Tokuma Japan Communications (Japan)--TKCA-30104--CD) 1990; (TKCH-71457--CD) 1998
"Oyster;" "Eurock"

-Japan Bashing Volume 1 (Public Bath (Japan)--PB-2--7") 1990
"Future Deadlock"
Out of print.

-Sion Tribute: Ain't Nothing You Can Do (Bishamon (Japan)--BISH-001--CD) 1995
"Hotaru" [Firefly]
Japan Bashing Vol. 1 coverSion Tribute cover


"Eat shit noise music. Kill the all noise artists! We hate Whitehouse. Piss Off NWW. Asshole C93. Suck PTV. Fuck Coil. We love disco sound."--Ai Yamatsuka, Hanatarashi, from his artwork on the cover of the RRR compilation cassette Eat Shit Noise Music.

Eye's noise band, which is known for its early violent live shows--he has thrown gas drums and cases of beer bottles around, cut a cat in half with a chainsaw (relax, animal rightists, he had found it already dead in an alley before the show), accidentally cut his leg with a powersaw, and caused an estimated $60,000 in damages with a mini-backhoe at a club he was playing. For the sake of his own well-being, his current Hanatarash performances are much more safe, but no less noisy. The reason for the name change was that Eye wanted to drop the "I," meaning the individual, and have the band looked at as its own entity, not as himself.


All are under the Hanatarashi name and on the Condome Cassex label (Japan) unless otherwise indicated.

-Hanazumari (Nohara Seion (Japan)--NT-1) 1984
-Take Back Your Penis!! (CC-1) 1984
No song titles listed. Out of print. All the tracks now appear on the Hanatarashi Worst Selektion cassette.
-Live Axtion 84.4.20 & 1.29 (CC-2) 1984
-Noisexa (CC-3 [C46]) 1984
-Bombraining (CC-4 [C46]) 1984
-The Hit Parade 1 (CC-5) 1984
-The Hit Parade 2 (CC-6) 1984
-Hane Go Go (CC-7) 1984
-Man of Noise Noise Kojin (CC-8 [C10]) 1984
-Live! 1984 3.24 (CC-10 [C120]) 1984
-8448-412 (CC-11) 1984
-Live Action 84.1.29 (Condome Cassex--#?) 1984
-The Hanatarashi--Live Act 16.Dec.1984 at Zabo Kyoto (CC-18) 1984
-Merzbow & Hanatarashi (Condome Cassex--#?) 1985
-The Hanatarashi--Worst Selektion (PCM/MARS (Japan)--13) 1985
No line-up listing.
SIDE A: King of Noise; B4 Bias; Wobzer (sp?); Zeetkcok; Megatoronix; Take Back Your Penis; Nero (sp?); Fuck Noisen; Hanazumari 1; Hanazumari 2; Big Fun;
SIDE B: Golden Cock; Live Axion 28-1-84; Sliver Cock Silver
Includes badge.
-We Are Nuts! (? (Japan)--?003--cassette) 1990
Worst Selektion coverWe Are Nuts! cover


Hanatarashi (Alchemy Records--ARLP-007--LP) 1985

LINE-UP: YAMATSUKA EYE**--Tape, records, voice; TAKETANI--Bodyguard & percussion

SIDE A: 1. Ultra Cocker; 2. Power Cock; 3. Domination in Spunked Cock; 4. Magaton Cock; 5. Cock Combat;
SIDE B: 1. Cock Victory; 2. Cock Rising and Hunging Cunt; 3. Cock E.S.P.

Out of print.
Hanatarashi s/t cover

Hanatarashi 2 (Alchemy Records--ARLP-018--LP) 1987?

LINE-UP: YAMATSUKA EYE**--Hungin & Oil; ONE [aka OMIYA ICHI]--Car & Smog; JOJO--Guitar

SIDE OUT: 1. We Eat; 2. We Bite Bollocks; 3. Mind Dig; 4. Frog Girl 90000; 5. We See; 6. My Dad is Car; 7. Detroit Rock City; 8. Vortex Shit;
SIDE NO: 1. No Noise; 2. Gags Nuts Gum; 3. Boat People Hate Fuck; 4. We Can Kill; 5. Bad Sound for Bad Ear (Magatronix); 6. Apartheidfunclub; 7. We Are Meat; 8. California Sleep; 9. We Hook; 10. Pisshole Surfers

ATAC: On Hanatarashi 2 Omiya Ichi of DAIHAKASE was credited but did not play. He joined only as a photo-session member. He was invited to play with Eye on February 21, 1988 (the live show on Hanatarash 3), but he was in trouble (he was involved in street fighting that day) and did not appear.

Out of print.

Hanatarash 3 CD coverHanatarash 3: William Bennett Has No Dick (RRRecords--RRR-049--LP) 1990?; (RRRecords/Cargo Records--RRR-049--CD) 1992

1. God-Noise-God; 2. Sound Bound; 3. No Yard; 4. 9 is 6; 5. 1969; 6. Clash Flag AKA; 7. Live Shit Action 88; 8. Young Hate; 9. Dub Dub Overlord; 10. Hanatara Hopper; 11. Mosh Master X; 12. White Anal Generator; 13. Black Hole Maw; 14. Live Shit Action 84
14 songs are listed, but there are only 11 tracks on the CD: 1. (2:17); 2. (2:44); 3. (1:24); 4. (5:26); 5. (This is obviously "Live Shit Action 88") (8:01); 6. (2:24); 7. (0:30); 8. (1:59); 9. (3:31); 10. (6:52); 11. (11:10)

ATAC: "Hanatarash 3 from RRRecords is a bootleg. eYe sent them a sample tape of the best of Hanatarash selected by himself, so it contains old tracks from the time of the first Hanatarashi album. There is a CD version of that LP limited to 1000. eYe received 100 of them and sold them with a painting on the jacket." Out of print.

The Hanatarash and His Eye (Public Bath--PB-12--7") 1992

SIDE ONE: 1. Bom Bom Rider; 2. Acid Surfin Nazimetal; 3. Audio Gunshot--One
SIDE TWO: 1. Pointless Brosers & Sisters; 2. Suicidal Budda; 3. Audio Gunshot--Two

This is Eye's solo project. It was limited to 1000 copies. There were a few limited copies with Eye painting on the record labels. This and 4 (AIDS-A-Delic) were recorded in a day at home using a broken cassette recorder. Out of print.
& His Eye 7

Live!! 88 Feb. 21 Antiknock Tokyo (Mom'n'Dad Productions--MOM-001--CD) 1992


1. Live!! 88 Feb 21 Antiknock Tokyo (23:33)
With bonus tracks: The Exotic Moog of Space Age Bachelor Pad Music.

Initial release of 1000 copies now out of print. Reissued circa 1999. This is the full-length recording of the Hanatarash 3 recording "Live Shit Action 88."

Hanatarash Antiknock cover

Live!! 84 Dec. 16 Zabo Kyoto (Mom'n'Dad Productions--MOM-002--CD) 1993

LINE-UP: EYE YAMATSUKA**--Voice, tapes, glass-crash-percussion, cat cutting...; TAKETANI--Metal throw, army hammer, electric saw...

1. Live!! 84 Dec. 16 Zabo Kyoto (27:15)
With bonus tracks: Space Age Bachelor Pad Music

Initial release of 1000 copies now out of print. Reissued circa 1999.

Hanatarash Zabo cover

Live!! 82 Apr. 12 Studio Ahiru Osaka (Mom'n'Dad Productions--MOM-003--CD) 1993


1. Live! 82 April 12 Studio Ahiru Osaka (24:30)
With bonus tracks: Voo-Doo! Jungle!

Initial release of 1000 copies now out of print. Reissued circa 1999. "Ahiru" is Japanese for "duck."
(Does anybody know the quantity/print status of the reissues of the above three?)

Hanatarash Ahiru cover

Hanatarash 4--AIDS-a-Delic (Public Bath (U.S.)--PB 3--CD) 1994?

No line-up listing (EYE** only, I presume).

1. No Go (0:09); 2. Zen Sex (0:26); 3. Web Wig (4:44); 4. Space is Meat (0:55); 5. Here Come the Hanatara-Crew (0:44); 6. Buy My Bone (2:52); 7. Zen Maggot (3:40); 8. Bonus Track (0:23); 9. Ultra Tired (0:55); 10. Full Speed-Forgetman (4:04); 11. Meat-a-Delic (1:16); 12. Bank is Dead Eskimo (0:46); 13. How to Use My Hole (2:00); 14. Vegetalian [sic] is Meat (0:41); 15. Anti Satori (16:31); 16. Osaka: Out of Order (2:47); 17. Something by Something (2:10); 18. OK (1:08); 19. Mind Man (1:00); 21. My Tooth is Sore Diamond (0:04); 22. Hopeless Smile Speed (2:19); 23. Blah Men (1:39); 24. Head is Foot (0:38); 25. Love & Love Love TV 7 (0:33); 26. Now (0:37); 27. Rat Pows Penguin (3:24); 28. Low-N-R-G (2:14); 29. My No' is 9999999999 (0:57); 30. Burning Pro-Sleeper (0:35); 31. Car is DNA (1:50); 32. Snake is Long (3:40); 33. Call Me Sea (0:45)

This was released with three different covers: the first edition had a picture by Les Crims (sp?) entitled "The Naked Woman Sticked Penis-Like Ice Bars," and is out of print. The other two are pictured underneath (my own copy has the middle cover). One of these was released with the Hanatarash sign painted on the front of the jewelbox. This and The Hanatarash and His Eye 7" were recorded in one day on a broken cassette recorder (therefore some tracks are heard on one channel only).

A great anecdote from college radio DJ gene.hopstetter.jr:
"I once received a frantic phone call. The person was afraid I was getting beat up and asked if I needed help. Why? I was playing Hanatarash 4 and she thought there was a fight in the studio."
H4 Les Crims cover
Another H4 cover
H4 Eye cover

Total Retardation (Vinyl Communications (US)--7"--VC 63) 1995?

Two untitled tracks (the labels are blank), played at 33 1/3. This is the We Are Nuts! cassette pressed on vinyl, and retitled by Vinyl Communications.

[Print status?]
Hanatarash Total cover

Hanatarash 5: We Are 0:00 (Shock City (Japan)--?--CD) 1996 [Recording from 1988]


1. We Are 0:00 (52:42)

In print.

Hanatarash 5 cover

We Are Hardcore!! *early tapes of the Hanatarashi* (no label (country?)--no #--5 CD-R bootleg ["5 COMPACT DISC SUPERPENIS!!!"]) 2001

CD-1 (orange sticker): 1. King Of Noise; 2. Hanazumari 1; 3. The Hit Paraid 1; 4. Bias 84; 5. Housedust; 6. The Hit Paraid 2; 7. Wobzer; 8. Zeetkcok; 9. The Hit Paraid 3; 10. We Are Hardcore; 11. Megatoronix; 12. The Hit Paraid 4; 13. I Like Slave; 14. Take Back Your Penis; 15. The Hit Paraid 5; 16. Big Bad Germ 1;
CD-2 (green sticker): 1. Live Act 16 Dec 1984 at Zabo Kyoto;
CD-3 (yellow sticker): 1. Golden Cock; 2. Live Axion 29.1.84; 3. Nero; 4. Fuck Hoisen; 5. Big Bad Germ 2; 6. The Hit Paraid 6; 7. Hanazumari; 8. Big Fun; 9. The Hit Paraid 7; 10. Hanazumari 2; 11. Haiwaian Punk Cunt;
CD-4 (blue sticker): 1. Penis; 2. The Hit Paraid 8; 3. Hanazumari 3; 4. Silver Cock Silver; 5. Rap Neil in Tokyo; 6. Live At Ahiru;
CD-5 (white sticker): 1. The Hit Paraid 9; 2. The Hit Paraid 10; 3. Chant

ATAC: "Unsurprisingly, some tracks have been released on other releases. For instance 'King Of Noise' (CD-1) is "God-Noise-God" from 3 and 'Chant' (CD-5) is 'Ultracocker' from Hanatarashi. In fact, quite a few songs from 3 are on here, including different versions with other noises, etc, going on. Also, I think I heard a track from 2. CD-3 is in two parts, the first of which (I think it was the first...) was obviously released on the Live 88 CD on Mom'N'Dad."
Andy Bolus of
Evil Moisture E-mailed me to let me know that "a collabo(re)ation between evil moisture and the hanatarashi" was "comin out soon...". According to the link here, it'll be a double 10" vinyl release on Harbinger/Tochnit Aleph.

Home Video

Live Action 85.3.20 (Condome Cassex (Japan)--#?--VHS) 1985

Compilation Appearances

-FE Tape (label/# unknown) 1984

-Alchemy Noise Omnibus (Alchemy Records--ARLP-009--LP) 1985
Untitled track by The Hanatarashi.

-Kill S.P.K. (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 006--C46 cassette) 1985
THE HANATARASHI--"Domination in Spiked Heels"; "Motor Nerves"

-Overload Extasya (Nux Organization (Japan)--NUX-07--cassette) 1985

-Helter Skelter (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 10--C30 cassette) 1986

-Infidel Psalm Vol.1 (Mental Decay (Japan)--MD-01--cassette w/ booklet) 1986
"Out of the Ear"

-Journey Into Pain (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST-007-1~4--4 x cass.; RRRecords (U.S.)--STATAP-13--4 x cass.) 1987
"We are Hard Core!!"

-Sexorama (ZSF Produkt--cassette) 1987 (re-issued 1993 by RRRecords)
"Housedust"; "Hawaian Punk Cunt"

-Dwarf (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 12--C15 cassette) 1987

-Alchemism (Wechselbalg Syndicate--WCD-4--CD) 1987 (reissued 1990)
"Cock Victory" [same version as Hanatarashi]; "1st. Recording" [same song as "Clash Flag AKA" on Hanatarashi 3].
"Cock Victory" is based on the old Japanese army song "Douki No Sakura."
-Alchemism 2 (Wechselbalg Syndicate--WCD-9--CD) 1989
THE HANATARASH--"Destroy All Music"
ATAC, this is actually a Hanatarashi track from the Take Back Your Penis! cassette. It was remixed by the person who compiled the CD without Eye's knowledge or permission.
Alchemism 2 cover
-Eat Shit Noise Music (RRR (U.S.)--RRR???--C60 cassette) 198?
THE HANATARASHI--"My Dad is Car"; "Frog Girl 90000"; "Piss-Hole Surfers"
Compiled from records by Ron Lessard, so these are the same as Hanatarashi 2.
Part of ESNM card
-I'm Stupid (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 17--C15 cassette (1990); Vanilla (Japan)--Vanilla Records 7--cassette (1991))
THE HANATARASHI--"I Like Slave" [titled "I Like Save" on the Vanilla version.]

-Japan Bashing Three (Public Bath (US)--PB-7--2x7") 1991
"Galaxy Boost & Hanataradelic Planet Dub (Sore Diamond Mix)"
Out of print.
JBash Vol. 3 cover
-Dedication (Artware/Freudwerk (Germany?)--Freudwerk 03--LP) 1991
THE HANATARASH--"Future Shock" (0:18); "I Buy Is I Am" (2:48)
Limited to 300 copies. Included booklet.

-Garbage Sandwich (Beast 666 (Japan)--BST 19--2 x C120 cassettes) 1992
THE HANATARASH--"Retrospective Live Aktion at Kyoto 16 Dec 1984" and the following bands "produced by Hanatarash-Master":
PYLAMID SUICIDE--"Living in Suicide Home"
THE FOG--"Hog Machine"; "TEL 06 328 6425"
SPACE MAGGOTS--"I am Earless Insect"
I CAN MELT FOR SHIT--"Perfect"; "I Will Kill Mistake Man"
MIRACLE DISCO VOMIT--"Machinegun Shopping"
THE ASS ESS--"Big Ass"

-Melt (Work in Progress (UK)--WIP 002--CD) 1992
THE HANATARASH--"2,000 Amplified Sunshine" [same song as "Clash Flag AKA" on Hanatarashi 3.]

Come Again 2 cover-Come Again II (Furnace/Silent Records (US?)--SR9342--CD) 1993
THE HANATARASH--"Sony vs. Victor"

-Kingdom of Noise -Japanese Noise Selection- (Endorphine Factory (Japan)--VHS video w/ insert--EDP-008) 1993
Untitled Hanatarash track, hidden at the end.

-MI CABALLiTO CHULO....! COMO LO QUIE Ro.... (Los Apson (Japan)--LO S-001--CD) 1994
Recorded over the telephone.

-Dissolve--A Work in Progress Compilation (Fused Coil (US)--9868-63222-2--CD) 1996
"2,000 Amplified Sunshine" (5:20) [same song as "Clash Flag AKA" on Hanatarashi 3.]
Mi Caballito cover
-Lapse from Virtue (Sound of Pig Music (U.S.)--cassette--SOP-242) 19??

-This is Tiefpunk (Tochnit Aleph Punk Series Volume Two) (Tochnit Aleph (Austria)--TA033--LP) 2000
"Live Aktion 971111 Tokyo, Club Shelter"
In print. Tochnit Aleph's website.
Tiefpunk cover
-Masters of Japanese Electronic Music (Far East Experimental Sounds (Japan)--FEES7--CD) 2000
LINE-UP: HANATARASHI--TASCAM 8 track open reel deck. Produced by EY∃.
"77up" (3:10)
The original issue CD (March 2000) is packaged in a metal container, together with a card for each musician (eight cards in all), including the musician's photo and signature and a list of instruments/equipment he uses in the recording. The second issue CD (July 2000) is packaged in a brown envelope, without cards.
Masters v.1Masters v.2
-JUJIKAN: 10 Hours of Sound From Japan (23five (US)--23F/SFM 901--2CD) 2001
"77up" [Same version as above?]
An exhibition companion compilation to SFMOMA's 2001 listening room program. 23five Incorporated's website.
10 Hours cover


Don't Fall coverVarious Artists--A Tribute to the Hanatarash--Snake is Long. Don't Fall in the Audio Hole (My Father Said) (Stomach Ache (US)--SA-47--CD) 1995

1. BRENTLY PUSSER--We Eat (1:42); 2. DUB NAZI JFK--We Bite Bollocks (0:56); 3. EMIL BEAULIEAU--Mind Dig (2:02); 4. FAXED HEAD--Frog Girl 90000 (2:54); 5. GREG FREEMAN--We See (0:57); 6. LEE RANALDO [SONIC YOUTH]--My Dad Is Car (7:35); 7. THEE BRINGDOWNZZ--Detroit Rock City (3:46); 8. PORK QUEEN--Vortex Shit (3:52); 9. MISS MURGATROID--Noi Noise (3:39); 10. SPECULUM FIGHT--Gag Nuts Gum (8:04); 11. GLANDS OF EXTERNAL SECRETION--Boat People Hate Fuck (0:43); 12. MASO YAMAZAKI [MASONNA] AND DAVID HOPKINS [PUBLIC BATH RECORDS]--We Can Kill (1:20); 13. THE NOW SOUND--Bad Sound For Bad Ear (Megatoronix) (0:45); 14. FAXED HEAD ROADIES--Apartheid Fun Club (1:28); 15. MACRONYMPHA--We Are Meat (0:42); 16. MACRONYMPHA--California Sleep (0:35); 17. THE DOUBLE U--We Hook (2:04); 18. FUNHARM - Pisshole Surfers (1:50); 19. [uncredited] (0:30)

Package artwork includes Eye-style drawings by members of Faxed Head. [Print status?]

YOKO ONO/IMA--Rising Mixes (Capitol (US)--SPRO-11219.11222--promo 12"; 37268--CD) 1996

"Rising (Thurston Moore Remix)" (8:48)

Remix by THURSTON MOORE (of course), featuring MSBR, MASONNA, INCAPACITANTS, VIOLENT ONSEN GEISHA, CCCC, THE HANATARASH, AUBE, MONDE BRUITS, THE GEROGERIGEGEGE and KEIJI HAINO. He remixed the track by filling in the gaps in his copy of the multitrack with pieces from cassettes by these bands, and then had to get clearances from all of them afterwards.
Ono Rising Mixes cover


A "Moomincore" side project of GOD IS MY CO-PILOT. Apparently YOSHIMI** appears on at least one of their recordings. Any more info?


Tapes (Alchemy (Japan)--#?--LP--1985; ARCD-069--CD--1994

LINE-UP: T. MIKAWA--Electronics; A. YAMATSUKA**--Others

Eye appears on "No-Titled," which is actually an Incapacitants (T. Mikawa's other project) track, but included here. LP version is now out of print.


Compilation Appearance

-Hard Drugs (NUX (Japan)--NUX-12--cassette) 1986
Track by Incapacitants [name?]


International Incident (Charnel Music (US)--CHCD-31--CD) 1998

SEIICHI YAMAMOTO** is featured on guitar (Mason plays drums) on "Live at Bears, Osaka, Sep. 22, 1995" (12:12).

In print.
Mason Jones Int.Inc. cover


Koroshiya Ichi [Ichi the Killer] Original Soundtrack (Cinema Monsoon (Japan)--MOSCD-022--CD) 2001

LINE-UP: SEIICHI YAMAMOTO**; YOSHIMI P-WE**; ATR**; HILAH** [yes, Boredoms minus EYE (he's thanked in the album credits) and E-DA.]; GUESTS: CHINA--Drums, per; MASAYUKI YOSHIDA--Key, syn

15 untitled songs. (track times?)

Soundtrack to the Miike Takashi film. [Print status?] This French site has a review of the soundtrack, plus three MP3 snippits.
Koroshiya Ichi OST cover


Live Under the Sky (F.M.N. Sound Factory (Japan)--FSF-010--C46 cassette) 1994

[Line-up? Songs? Times?]

Sky (F.M.N. Sound Factory (Japan)--FMC-005--CD) 1995

LINE-UP: FUTOSHI OKANO--Drums, drum machine; HIROAKI FUJIWARA--Bass, banjo, fiddle; SEIICHI YAMAMOTO**--Guitar, piano, synthesizer, etc.

1. Caravan'95 (3:39); 2. Freak Out Blake Down (2:25); 3. Earth Man (4:02); 4. Dacho (5:41); 5. Goto Daisakusen [Big Robbery Tactics?] (3:40); 6. Family Tree (4:58); 7. Spy2 (4:34); 8. About Round About (5:25); 9. Harmotto (5:42); 10. Limit 7 (3:35); 11. Sky (3:52) [All titles except 1, 2, 8 and 11 translated from Japanese.]

In print.
Sky cover

Compilation Appearances

-Riddle of Lumen (F.M.N. Sound Factory (Japan)--FMC-001--CD) 1994
"High-Center" (4:08)
Recorded live at Takutaku, Kyoto, 1993 9 22.
Riddle cover
-Maboroshi no Sekai Samples [Imaginary World Samples] (Maboroshi no Sekai (Japan)--MABO-001--CD) 1995
"France" (4:50)
MnS Samples cover



Compilation Appearances

-Aiyoku Jinmin [Citizens of lust] Battle Royal (Alchemy (Japan)--ARCD-044--CD) 1992
"Romance--Cinderella Honeymoon"


Live!! Blast First coverLINE-UP: MC HELLSHIT [YAMANTAKA EYE**]--Vocals; DJ CARHOUSE [OTOMO YOSHIHIDE]--Turntables, sampler, guitar

LIVE! (Blast First [UK]--BFFP126CD--3" CD) 1996

1. Buzzsaw Outlet; 2. Kick 'O' Man; 3. I'm Eep; 4. QQQ; 5. Hit City; 6. My Mic; 7. EFO; 8. This is It!; 9. PPP; 10. Tendelic; 11. Sleep Help; 12. ?
12 songs are listed, but there are only nine tracks on the CD: 1. (0:40); 2. (1:46); 3. (1:45); 4. (1:53); 5. (2:38); 6. (3:03); 7. (2:28); 8. (2:14); 9. (2:35)

Packaged in a 3" cardboard sleeve and limited to 500 copies. Out of print. Recorded live at the Disobey Festival in the UK. The CD cover lists these twelve titles, but there are only nine tracks on the CD. Does anyone have these sorted out?

7" single (Resonance (UK)--RES 4.2) 1995?

Included with issue #2 of Resonance magazine. According to the mag, "It features 7 untitled pieces recorded in the Spring of 1995." The side A label has a picture of Eye looking kind of feminine, while the side B label pictures Otomo, and no text apart from "RES 4.2". ATAC, some copies had blank white labels, and "these recordings, I believe, come from the duo's London gig, when they performed as part of the London Musicians' Collective Festival of Experimental Music." Out of print.

DJ CarhouseMC Hellshit

Live!! (Japan Overseas (Japan)--JO96-24--CD EP) 1996

1. Join the Hellshit Army; 2. I Don't Like Ho-Hey; 3. Deadskywalker; 4. Cold Brain; 5. UFO Made Me Do It; 6. Hard Core Copy; 7. Muthafuck Mitsubishi; 8. Air Rappers
Eight songs are listed, but there are nine tracks on the CD: 1. (0:47) [Same as track 7 of above]; 2. (2:39); 3. (1:43); 4. (0:07) [Audience cheering]; 5. (1:59) [Same as track 2 of above, minus Eye squawk at beginning]; 6. (1:38) [Same as track 2 of above, minus Eye burbling at beginning]; 7. (1:43); 8. (0:52); 9. (0:15) [Audience cheering]

Recorded at the same show as the Resonance single, hence the similar tracks. The audience noise is left in here. In print.

MCH/DJC on Japan Overseas

Compilation Appearance

-Frieze (Blast First (UK)--BFFP-143CD--3" CD) 1997
Track by MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse (presumably from the BF Live release)



Compilation Appearance

-Aiyoku Jinmin [Citizens of lust] Battle Royal (Alchemy (Japan)--ARCD-044--CD) 1992
"Butterfly--Kanpaku Sengen [Declaration by the Chief Advisor to the Emporer]"


Eye Love Minga (Japan Overseas (Japan)--JO95 [heart] 14--vinyl single) 1995

This is a split single which Eye made with the 10-month-old baby girl Minga. Two one-sided heart-shaped discs glued together as one record, on marbled vinyl (my copy is turquoise with red touches) packaged in a transparent plastic sleeve with a paper corner insert in English on one side and Japanese on the other. Side One is the song "....." (Minga playing with a synthesizer and singing along), and Side Two is the song "Minga" (Eye performing an ambient instrumental track in tribute). No labels, but each respective side has a small heart-shaped-cutout picture of Minga and eYe stuck on it. SHINRO OHTAKE (19 [JUKE]) did a little work on Eye's side.
Eye Love Minga cover


Psychic Hearts (DGC (US/Canada/UK)--DGCD-24810/DGCSD 24810/GED 24810--CD; (US) DGC 24810--2LP) 1995 [Any other versions?]

YOSHIMI** appears on an answering machine message (during which she giddily mimics the line interference) in the intro to "Feathers" (2:20).
TM Psychic Hearts cover

Piece for Yvonne Rainer (Destroy All Music (US)--?--cassette) ?; (Sunship (US)--SS10--CD) ?


SIDE ONE: part 1
SIDE TWO: part 2 OCTOBER 1996

Cassette version out of print. CD version in print.
TM Yvonne Rainer cover


LINE-UP: PHEW--Vocal; SEIICHI YAMAMOTO**--Guitar, vocal; HISATO YAMAMOTO--Guitar, vocal (any relation to Seiichi?); YUSUKE NISHIMURA--Bass, vocal; MASAYUKI CHATANI--Drums, vocal

Most (P-Vine (Japan)--PCD-5647--CD) 2001

1. Nai Nai Nai (3:02); 2. Tenzai, Misshu (3:07); 3. Dodemoiijanai (2:27); 4. Denryu Jikan (2:07); 5. Dareka ga Yondeiru (2:12); 6. Nani Hitotsu (3:18); 7. Tokumei no Fuko (2:02); 8. Shikaku (2:51); 9. E ni Naru Tame dakeni (4:13); 10. Ohayo (3:00); 11. Hahen Fukei (3:18); 12. Mainichi (3:01) [Translations?]

In print.
Most cover

2000 11 26 (no label or # (Japan)--CD-R) 2001?

Limited edition CD-R sold at gigs, recorded live at their debut show at 20000V in Tokyo on 2000 11 26.
Most 2000 11 26 cover

Compilation Appearance

-Phew Video: File Under Popular 2 (boid (Japan)--v-boid 3--VHS video) 2001
"Denryu Jikan"; "Hahen Fukei"; "Mainichi" (Recorded live at 20000 Volts, Koenji, Tokyo 2001 5 19)
Also includes performance footage of AUNT SALLY (1979), PHEW BAND (1987), and BIG PICTURE (1999, 2000), plus excerpts from an interview with Phew.
Phew Video cover


LINE-UP: ASAHITO NANJO (of High Rise/Mainliner) [Other members? Instruments?]

YAMATAKA EYE** guests on the following releases:

Musica Transonica and Yamataka Eye (La Musica (Japan)--#?--cassette) [Year?]

[Song titles/times? Print status?]

Damp Squip (La Music (Japan)--#?--CD) [Year?]

[Song titles/times? Print status?]



Zohar (Tzadik (US)--TZ 7106--CD EP) 1995

1. Alef (0:40); 2. Book of Splendors (3:48); 3. Frog Doina (2:01); 4. The Dybbuk (2:28); 5. 2000 Years (0:59); 6. Goniff Dance (2:17); 7. Rav Nova (7:44); 8. Ayin (3:37)

In print. Released as part of the Radical Jewish Culture series.

MFO Zohar cover


Feel (P-Vine (Japan)--PCD-5812--CD) 2001; (Jagjaguwar (US)--JAG46--CD) 2002

LINE-UP: Too bloody long for such a small cameo. For full details, go here.

SEIICHI YAMAMOTO** guests on "seaweed guitar" on 7. Sakana no Hayasa (aka "Speed of the Fish") (7:55).

Jagjaguwar's Nagisa Ni te website.
Nagisanite's Feel cover

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