Waste Time Now, Save Time Later: Utilities/Shareware/Miscellaneous

-Netscape: My browser of choice. Careful with that Java, Eugene.

-Ad-aware: As you surf and download shareware programs, your system and surfing habits are monitored by jerks for marketing purposes by means of "adware" and "spyware" which has been unknowingly (to you) dropped into your hard drive. Yes, this sucks, and it is highly immoral. This free program will track it all down and wipe it all out.

-CAUCE (Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail): Find out why spam is not only irritating, but bad for the internet. Join the fight.

-JunkBusters: Free tools and tips to prevent junk mail, ad banners, telemarketing calls, and even control browser cookies.

-Macromedia: The home of Shockwave and Flash, programs which make websites look good but makes download times a drag. Note to designers who like this stuff: Put in ways to get around it too, okay?

-Michael Moore: The man behind the movie Roger & Me, the book Downsize This! and the TV series The Awful Truth and TV Nation. He's funny as hell and he's not gonna take it anymore.

-RealPlayer: The popular plugin that lets you listen to/watch things without having to wait for a full download. It doesn't look that great, frankly, but it'll tide us over until high-speed connections become standard.

-Tucows: Lotsa shareware. Go nuts.

-Shareware.Com: Another collection of shareware. More big fun to be had.

-Download.Com: Still more shareware. Man, oh man.

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