These are as Tom Ellard wrote them in the SevCom Booklet 6.
All lyrics written by Tom Ellard and published by PolyGram Music Australia.
File collated by Dave Watson/SHLF.

Cuisine CD coverSONGS:
Pilot in Hell
Seven of Oceans
King of the Sea
Host of Quadrille
Life in the Whale
Ugly Twenties
Piggy Smack
Golden Heights/I'm Your Antidote

Pilot in Hell

Fifteen years have passed
The desert sands adhere to your hands and block your airways
Trickle down your throat, encrusting on your heart
Every night the flight resumes, the foe replies, the fall returns
Deep in the sands you hold your bible
Deep in the heart of enemy land
Did you leave something behind?
Your televised dismay was plain
Did you leave something behind? (they're here....)

Was it Romans three or two
that spoke to you of crescent lands
Parked and blessed by tactical flashes
Weighed upon the heathen hand?
Did you leave something behind? (they're here....)

High in the sky the way is clear
The reasons fair and the air is yours

Seven of Oceans

Here we are, seven of oceans
Great divide conquers emotions, for good
Drives in car, transfers allegiance to land
Looks to land's earthen embrace

(Lum dum dum...)

I was led to believe that changes came
Changes came when I was very much older
Layer the stone when limbs are worn down
Layer the soil when mind has gone
Here are you, swept in on beaches
Tail winds, tangled nets
Tasting soil, tail flaps in sunlight


(Sweetheart) it is due to you that my soul has swung so low
(Sweetheart) it is due to you
(Sweetheart) it has come the day that my song has flown away
(Sweetheart) it has come that day

Drive--the past like a highway
Drive--Stop at the halfway
Drive--See all the paths that I could have chosen
There are cars on fire and there is smoke on the road and...
There are cars on fire. Fire.

(Sweetheart) it is due to you that my soul has swung so low...


Did you ever say to yourself, "What's under this dress has done me good.
I had all of the flame without the pain of motherhood.
Without an heir I am alone
but I have done nothing wrong."

(Rejoins the sea)

Did you ever say to yourself, "I am led by my parts.
I am the sum of the seductive arts.
Now one of the family, I sold my privacy,
but I have done nothing wrong."

Time calls
Estrogen calls
Rejoins the sea (Time crawls)

King of the Sea

Here is the cup that holds your chances (all hail the king of the sea)
Here is the fruit of the sea
Take this wine and toast your new life (all hail the king of the sea)
Parade your watery state

Here your reporter treads water
Here your reporter loses his air
Here your reporter treads water
Here lies your future

Here you are, the watery power
King of liquids and prince of thirst--CHORUS

Host of Quadrille

Hot on the heels of '78
The wailing dance of the cardiac rate
Break out lungs in ecstacy
The gross physique of devilry says,
"Oh! When they play the music too slow
my heart falls into the cold
and the ice has come again!"

Take my future, take my hand
Take a turn in the promised land
Host of quadrille, heel of fire
Spirals down the steepest spire
The spiral of hope and the noose of the rope and the draw of the blade

Life in the Whale

Here in the depths of the whale
Therein the hopes of the unsaved
Drunk on the aqua vital
Fallen in vessels, broken in seas

And my hands are as tight as the tightness can be
and they hold on the thoughts of another
and my throat is dry as the dryness can be
and these are the floats of another


(Twister!) Down in the fields the bodies are lying in spirals
Hanging from trees, they're clicking their heels to (Twister!)
Down in the towns the water is brown with my taste
Nutrasweet and nuclear waste

Yippee yi yay kiyay kiyay!
Disease is touring the U.S.A.
and stopping at Denny's along the way
A Texan nachos and the bubonic plague

(Twister!) Down in the streets the cars are spinning in spirals
Not surprising--there's no one driving
(Twister!) East to West, the world is blessed with my fame
A growing pain that's hard to explain--CHORUS

Back at home the cold is growing, back at home
(When I wanna hold you all I gotta do...)

Ugly Twenties

I was shocked and sad to hear
that your laugh had caught another ear
and the seeds that I had spread
entered in another bed and...

Fold your face in a lie
Curry the favour of magazines
Weigh the words in a style
Reflects back well on yourself

Is it serious? An understanding?
A walk in ways that I can recall
in a memory that falls
Dark in parts and sad in total--CHORUS

Oh, talk and preen yourself
Splash on colours and eternity
In the boasts that you tell
Sleep fast in your media shell--CHORUS

Piggy Smack

Here under wraps human surplus
Sirloin and dark peephole deluxe
Here in the cage steroid surprise
Babel skinned consolation prize

I've got an audience that loves my face
I've got an audience I call my own
I've got an audience but for the grace of God go I
Travel around the foreign towns
Ports of culture and the courts of old
Travel around the gaping crowds
The mothers and fathers of qualms

Here in the cage personal dark
Taste sensation pleasure park
Here in the flesh piggy smack
Vitamin lack and roller coast--CHORUS:

Golden Heights/I'm Your Antidote

You'd do well to think on my virtues, fatal and final
The people that you'd care to remember sign in and sign out
Reflect in your death bed the things that you said
Tap into your life, draw the blood of strife
Open up your hands and prepare for the golden life

Recently it comes to me I don't know where I've been
It calls me when I sleep, the time is hidden from me
Time has come again, the end has taken hold of me

I'm your antidote, settled in your town
Take a look around
Feel the heat of my hands rain on my command
Twists your words and twirls your skirts
Hides the day and keeps your time
I'm your antidote, made my home in your harms


Death travels slowly charity favours
Cost of the moment crust of the crater
Sober and gentle base of the total
Craft of the hopeful founded in style

And air--people are waiting for me
My name will fall in the rain

Death travels slowly upwardly mobile
Pope of the gentiles, scourge of the missiles
Past of the nubile told in the papers
Lost in the chases over the climb--CHORUS
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