Original Australian Bad Mood Guy LP coverReleased 1987.
Lyrics supplied by Tom Ellard to Abraham Heward, who passed them on to me.
Many thanks to both of them. Comments at the end of the songs are by Tom.
File collated by Dave Watson/SHLF.

Hot With Fleas (starts below)
Unleash Your Sword
Bad Mood Guy
Dressed in Air

Hot With Fleas

I am covered in filth, at least it's my own
My smell, well, you know you can't get higher
One day in my life is six in your old
With filth, it's all a little faster
I am off the leash and hot with fleas
Family couldn't be stronger
I am off your leash and hot with fleas

Hang your head, hang your head in shame!
Hang your head in shame!

"Yeah, well, you can't take away my self-respect. Written at a bad time for feelings but a good time for wising up."


Carry the news, the nation of two is in despair
The radio and dancing crowd mimes the fighting in the streets
Carry me back to my homeland
The field of fire and streams of blood seek to hold and give away
Carry a nation in my heart
Slurring tongue and magic eye once again are brought to life

I don't think I'll ever understand
how you found solace in another land

"Basically, how can people release records about their own personal problems? How can other people dance to them in clubs? How can `things change' so that everything becomes nothing so quick?"

Unleash Your Sword

Unleash your sword and finish the work you hold so dear
I'm tired of running and I've got so much to give
Don't stay the blow, the weight will grow and you will lose your grip
And I'm not so certain I don't live for it anyway

I know what hurts you more than hurts me

There's more than one way to skin a friend
And in the night I draw a red abrupt line to you

"Very few people can hurt someone without hurting themselves. It's not just a case bad guy & good guy."


Rode in the grip of an angel
Hands tied in cords of gold
We'd made a deal, I went astray
Now I'm falling with hell to pay

Rode in the grip of an angel
Occupied with thoughts of gold
I learned a dance on the head of a pin
It didn't save me from eternal sin

Now I'm learning to fly by myself
Stealing my grain from the mouths of birds
Touch ground for an occasional birdbath
Crap on the heads of passers-by

"Fairy Land doesn't last forever. Making fun of my moping around and being a pain in the arse, etc., etc. Another one of these flying songs. We've actually dropped the lyrics on later versions. They're a bit obvious, y'know."


Hold me, even in contempt
You're warmer and closer than anyone else
With every kick in the head my feet never touch the ground

Meet my friends, meet my family
They all have a hand in my destiny
When there's not enough to go around
They make do with a portion or two

I never bought it, never gave it away
I never said you could kick it around
Now that I am back in control my feet never touch the ground (again)
I'm walking on water and I'm kicking in heads
I'm going to be a big success and kneel at the feet of excess--CHORUS

"Everybody has an angle but might not be aware."

Bad Mood Guy

Sing once, sing twice
Call to America!
Sing once, sing twice
Call to America!

My body is nature 10 but my heart's on the road
Out in the snow somewhere
My body is nature 10 but my heart is lost
Something never took a turn
My body is nature 10 but my heart is gone
There's life in the snow
My body is nature 10 but my heart is lost

Sing once, sing twice
Call to America!

"You can be physically there but still feel like bits have fallen off all over the place."

Dressed in Air

Once there was a time when I could say that I was dressed in air
Now I'm not so sure
Once there was a time when I could say that I was in the right
Now I'm not so sure

You can talk, always talk and move on
and the movement has the louder voice
Says, "your love begins on my command."

Maybe one day comes to call and then
we'll meet under a bridge
Saying, "Your life begins on my command."

"Yes, well, this woe is me stuff is getting a bit tedious."

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