Crunch! Rock/Pop/Alternative Music Links

All listings are in alphabetical order of band/performer name. Don't give me any lip about how one should be listed first with all the others afterwards. Got it? Good.

-A.C.: The Official Website: Fast, noisy, politically incorrect, not afraid to piss anybody off and funnier than hell.

-The GG Allin Archives: Lots of rockers sell (or try to sell) records by coming off as being dangerous. This guy was a genuine psycho. Be shocked, be disgusted, be amused, but you won't be bored (unless you're jaded beyind belief, in which case, what are you doing on the net, anyway?).

-Beastie Boys: When you got so much to say, it's called really damn good.

-BeatlesWeb: A highly informative site with a whole whack of links to boot. The Internet Beatles Album is another interesting and informative (and nicely designed) site. Or you can take the (sl)easy way in with the EMI-spawned cash-grab-compilation-plugging

-Rob Murphree's Adrian Belew WWW Site: A fan-site-turned-official about the guy who has provided plenty of wild guitar sounds and stylings for Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, David Bowie and King Crimson, as well as his many solo albums. And, unlike a lot of guitar twiddlers, he's got a great sense of humour. That's worthy of much props alone.

-The Official Billy Bragg WWW Page: The man who influenced me to take up guitar. Tons of info, and links to unofficial pages.

-Butthole Surfers: Never thought I'd live to see these guys get something resembling fame. Still damn good. Includes links to fansites, bless 'em. Damn 'em for screwing over their original label, Touch&Go, though.

-Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band: Home Page Replica: Fast and bulbous. Tight, also.

-Nick Cave Online: The prime source of information on King Ink the eternal murder balladeer's activities.

-The Unofficial Dr. Eugene Chadbourne Fan Club: I played the Rake (when the good Dr. played Ottawa with Bob Wiseman, March 31, 1990) and the Rake won.

-Cop Shoot Cop: A Final Tribute: Ex-C$C drummer Phil Puleo's great resource on the band, including bio, photos and MP3s of previously-unreleased tracks.

-Trainspotters Guide to Elvis Costello: A nicely-linked page about the King of America, including Costello Online and official pages.

Goga's Dead Kennedys Place: A great fan page about possibly the greatest punk band the US ever spawned. You can also keep up to date (and buy stuff) at Alternative Tentacles.

-Thomas Dolby at Lazlo's Discography Machine: There is much, MUCH more to this man than "She Blinded Me With Science." Insanely informative, and has tons of links to other Dolby items on the net, including The Flat Earth Society and his internet music player Beatnik.

-Faust: Some call 'em prog, some call 'em proto-industrial, others call 'em just plain weird. I just call 'em amazing.

-The Screamin' Jay Hawkins Webpage: He put a spell on your parents back when they were your age, and there's traces of it in your blood, too. Even if you might find his music quaint now, he did give rock 'n' roll a nice big kick in the ass that can still be felt to this day. Rock in Peace, Jay.

-The Museum of Robyn Hitchcock: Come in, look around, settle down and dream of trains if you like. Antwoman is no longer supported, but still has guitar tab and the like, while Glass Hotel is supported--and features fan tribute CDs and MP3s

-The Official Jimi Hendrix Website: The man who revolutionized electric guitar playing. Yes, this is a site that mainly sells a lot of merch, but why not? If you want to trawl through the myriad of fan pages instead, then there's always Michael Marsch's Jimi Hendrix Links.

-The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy: Pat Fish's brilliant stew of the Velvet Underground, philosophy, Herbert Lom, Peter Lorre, and a few drinks. The definitive JBC page, put together with lots of help from Pat himself, and including info about the side bands Black Eg and Sumosonic.

-April Skies: The Jesus and Mary Chain Web Page: They hated rock 'n' roll, they loved feedback and beer, and they flayed pop music alive. Includes links to other pages.

-Kraftwerk FAQ: The godfathers of electronic pop, and one of the few bands I know of with the gall to not release anything new for 13 years except...a bloody single about Expo 2000. You can also get man-machinic with the Shockwave Flash on their official site.

-Kim Mitchell: Yeah, his music has been hit-and-miss lately, but when it does connect, it locks right into the good time centre of your brain. Sometimes this one is down, but the Jam! Canadian Pop Music Encyclopedia entry is always up for background info. Whatever happened to Rockland: The Kim Mitchell Homepage?

-Mojo Nixon: Mojo is one of the few people out there keeping rock 'n' roll's spirit alive. Ian Dury, bless him, may have sang about sex & drugs & rock & roll, but you can hear all that in any of Mojo's songs--even the instrumentals.

-NoMeansNo Un-Official Home Page: Blow up your head! This German site was down at the time of updating, but hopefully it'll be back up by now.

NuWORLD: The Official Gary Numan Web Site: Yeah, he'll never escape "Cars" or "Are 'Friends' Electric?", but Gary is not content to rest on his laurels. The man himself maintains this site, so take it from the source. He even links to tons of fan sites, so any information you might be looking for is available here.

The Official On-U Sound Homepage: Adrian Sherwood's label and production house, which has seen the release of everything from the most soulful reggae to the most devastating beats. Bim Sherman, Tack>>head, Dub Syndicate, Gary Clail, Little Annie, Singers and Players, Mark Stewart + Maffia...all this and more is here, and it's all amazing.

Ubu Web: Pere Ubu's Avant Garage Online: The official page for one of the things that makes Cleveland great. "Final Solution" is a song that anyone who gives a damn about rock music should own.

Raw Iguana: The Unofficial Iggy Pop Home Page: This man shouldn't need an introduction, but if you need one anyway, here it is.

Ramones Online: Hey, ho, they went. And people are still following to this day.

The Replacements: Two good pages on the legendary 'Mats: Skyway (run by fans for fans) and Twin/Tone (their old label). Also noteworthy is The (Unofficial) Paul Westerberg Page!, which gives you info on the old and updates on the new.

-Radiohead: One of the few bands that I'm happy to hear get played a lot on radio/video. Almost impenetrable text, but what the hell, who says they can't tweak a website like they do pop music? Click on the numbers at the bottom of the page; they'll take you to the meat of the matter.

-The Reverend Horton Heat: It's some kinds Texas psychobilly freakout, that's what it is.

-The Stan Ridgway Dis-Info Web Pages: The man behind Wall of Voodoo and some excellent, evocative solo albums.

-Rheostatics (Perimeter Records): One of the most well-rounded Canadian bands around. They rock when they rock, but they're not afraid to stretch out, mellow out, experiment a bit, have a laugh or two, be deadly serious or talk with their fans. DROG has their past stuff, and you don't wanna miss that.

-Rush at JamMusic: A plain, simple and effective site with news about Canada's greatest band as it happens.

-God Save the Sex Pistols: How much of them was style and how much was substance will always be debated, but face it: Rock needed a kick in the nuts at the time, and they gave it good. Includes lots of links, including to John Lydon/Johnny Rotten sites (since there doesn't seem to be very much about him proper on this).

-Therapy?: The Evil Elvises: Another one of Ireland's fire-breathing rock bands.

-TISM: The wildest musical lunger that Australia has ever coughed up and spat onto your windshield. They're on the drug that killed River Phoenix. They like porno (but find Baywatch sick). They've got boats to rent to you. They don't want TISM, they want a girlfriend. There's an Official Web Page (down at the time of update, but it could come back), an outfit called BTTNAC~Bring TISM to North America Coalition who I wish the best to, and a voice of dissent (with a whole lot of info) in The Official Stop TISM Turning Into Girly-Men Page! Funny stuff, whether you're a wanker or a yob. Thug's TISM Home Page has some especially hilarious rare MP3s of spoken tracks from an industry sampler CD. Just be sure to add the file extension to the end of the first few files and you'll be OK.

-The Velvet Underground Home Page: A one-stop centre for web info on one of the most influential bands to ever exist ahead of their time.

-Violent Femmes: The sort of music buskers play when they want to be "punk." I ought to know.

-Chalkhills: The XTC Site: Connections working overtime.

-The Big Frank Zappa Links Page: No commercial potential.

-Zeni Geva: One of the most intense bands Japan ever coughed up. Kayazuki K. Null's guitar ought to be classified as a weapon. Here is the official Southern web site, and the much more informative official Null/Zeni Geva page.

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