Looking Everywhere: Miscellaneous Anime Sites

-Anime Jump: An anime fanzine that's not afraid to be irreverent. Cheers.

-Anime News Network: One premier anime E-zine.

-Anime on DVD: A page dedicated to letting anime fans know when the future of video formats is all it's cracked up to be.

-Anime' No Editing Zone: Anime is wonderful. Editing and censorship sucks. Edited/censored anime makes me mad, and Jim Lazar (the kind of asskicker I wish I was) doesn't like it, either. Read all about what you're missing. The rest of his site is worth checking out as well.

-Anime Purity Test: Find out just how deeply involved you are with this stuff. If you get bored of that one, they've got plenty more (almost all non-anime, though, but WTF). You can find many more (including ones about specific shows) through Google as well.

-Anime Video Game Resource Center: For those of you not content to just sit and watch.

-Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: Fight for your right to read, look at and create what you want. Includes links to sites of other important organizations fighting for freedom of expression.

-Common Japanese Words and Phrases in Anime: A nice handy little stop with a guide to some of the phrases used in conversational Japanese. Just be careful about using this stuff among English speakers in real life, OK? People have gotten beaten up for less.

-The First Church of Hayao Miyazaki: Because anime fans need spirituality, too.

-Hitoshi Doi: This man is one of the most intense anime fans I've ever seen on the net, and that's a compliment. Info on some of favourite shows, games, voice actors, events in Japan...makes my work on the Boredoms discographies look like nothing.

-Ex Magazine: The Online World of Anime and Manga: Another premier anime E-zine.

-The Food Court: Okay, so there's not really any food here, but there are plenty of tweaked and parodied anime images (sometimes in story form) to keep your funny bone strong.

-Jai2: The World of Frederik L. Schodt: Manga historian, translator, and man who's been in love with this stuff before some of you were even born.

-Marriage Prospects: Have you ever wondered what it might be like to marry your favourite anime character? Quite a few people sat and thought about it, and the results were pooled here. Excellent for a laugh and occasionally thought-provoking (even if the thought is sometimes, "Gawd, don't these people have lives?").

-Otaku World: Chock full of information, computer toys, essays and a cool webpage on the manga Futaba-kun Change that was way ahead of even Ironcat Studios. Now a pay site, but I think you'll find it well worth it.

-Gilles Poitras' Service to Fans Page: Another prominent expert in the field. Bow before him, damn you.

-Psychommu Gaijin: They love anime and they love beer. I don't like beer myself, but you gotta love their attitude.

-Shoujo & General Anime/Manga Reviews: A nice little pointer to the world of shoujo (girls') manga/anime, where the boys are cuter than the girls and the melodrama grows as wild as crabgrass

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