Scree!!! Industrial/Experimental Music Links

-John Cage--The late experimental composer whose works, methods and philosophy continue to influence many. A Page for John Cage is an excellent jumping-off point with many links. "Indeterminacy" is a page about the famous piece he recorded with David Tudor, complete with text of the stories.

-Coil--The Solar Lodge: A band-approved fan page for glitch worshipping.

-The Official Download Website: The current band of cEVIN Key (ex-Skinny Puppy--visit Skinny Puppy Central), which once included fellow ex-Puppy Dwayne Goettel (R.I.P.) and Mark Spybey (ex-Soviet France, now of Dead Voices on Air). They experiment, they improvise, they use everything from sophisticated electronics to primitive toys, and they stand out from the pack like a tray of pork chops at a Bar Mitzvah.

Einstuerzende Neubauten logo-Einstürzende Neubauten: Anybody can bash scrap metal and manipulate electronics, but this German band makes it all speak in tongues. Here's their official website, another one for their 20th century compilation Strategies Against Architecture III, plus a great unofficial page.

-The Official Foetus Website: Jim G. Thirlwell was making warped, dangerous, exciting and occasionally controversial music back when most of you were swearing allegiance to hair metal or Eurotrash. Even now, he continues to musically blow the doors off of tools like Marilyn Manson. Vital.

-Diamanda Galás: One of the most powerful and decimating singing voices in the world, with a mind to match.

-Senzuri Web Action: the unofficial Gerogerigegege home site: Japanese noise for jaded people.

-The Hafler Trio: Andrew M. McKenzie has been stirring the waters both sonically and philosophically for a long time, trends be damned. This site at Brainwashed will keep you occupied for hours.

-Iszoloscope: Ottawa's greatest dark rhythmic industrial band, and led by a good lad to boot. Includes MP3s/song samples.

-The Official Laibach Website: Meet the only band in their world to have their very own country. Heavy and intense, with some unusual cover songs thrown in for good measure.

-A Conlon Nancarrow Webpage: If you think player pianos are strictly the domain of cheap western movies and The Price is Right prizes, the late Nancarrow's work will prove you wrong. This page is centered around the book The Music of Conlon Nancarrow by Kyle Gann.

-Nurse With Wound: Large brains with oranges in the radio. One of the many parts of the amazing Brainwashed site.

-Recommended Records Discography: An extensive guide to Chris Cutler's amazing record label and it's spinoffs, complete with lots of links, including ReR Megacorp itself.

-Steve Reich Page: The man behind the legendary tape pieces "Come Out" and "It's Gonna Rain", and the ensemble pieces "Music for 18 Musicians" and "Desert Music." The links pages also leads to pages about other avant-garde composers.

-RZWEB: The Residents' Web Page: They've been at it for 30 years and they're still way ahead of most everybody else out there. Click or die.

-Soviet France: The name is spelled with an "S," and the logo with a "Z," OK? Nonetheless, a fine resource about one of the few truly ear-. eye- and mind-stretching bands out there.

-Throbbing Gristle Pages: Those of you who think that industrial music begins with Ministry and ends with Nine Inch Nails, get your sorry butt over here for an education. Hasn't been updated in a long time, but still very informative. Brainwashed also runs an excellent page about them.

-Whitehouse (Susan Lawly Records): The premier power electronics band. See (and hear) just how extreme industrial music can get.

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