Some Bulbs Burnt Out or Gone: FURNACEFACE Pictures

Pictures have been supplied by Furnaceface for me to use on this page, so here's some of them (a couple more can be found in the biography page). Note that some of the thumbnails are cropped sections of the actual, better-quality, full-sized pictures. Click on the file name or thumbnail to call them up in a new browser window.

From the Just Buy It. cassette:
ffflyeye.jpg: Enjoy a fly's-eye-view of Furnaceface in rehearsal, 1991 (before Pat catches and eats you).

From the This Will Make You Happy CD booklet:
ffhapdav.jpg: "Royal flush! Awright, now you gotta take those off, too!" Dave Dudley keeps amused on the road.
ffhappat.jpg: "If you can't eat well, eat as hard as you can."--Pat Banister's Guide to Fine Dining for Rock Bands.
ffhaptom.jpg: "Put that goddamn camera down and save me!!" Tom Stewart, taping the "About to Drown" video at the Carleton University pool.

From the unsafe@anyspeed photo session:
ffun.jpg: It ain't over yet, Rocky.
ffun2.jpg: "Do you have any idea how much PRS guitars cost? Get somethin' else to burn!!"

From here and there:
ffhapple.jpg: Bite this! L-R: Dave, Marty Jones, Pat and Tom.
ffbugeye.jpg: As a matter of fact, we are men, and we are not fuckin' Devo. L-R: Pat, Dave, Marty and Tom.
ffdocs.jpg: Tom Stewart suffers for his art. This picture was used on the cover of the "Overcome" 7" single.

More pictures will be added when I get them.

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