The Unofficial Cathal Coughlan Discography, V. 1.2a

Compiled by Dave Watson/SHLF. Please send updates/corrections to him here.

I have expanded this from a Fatima Mansions discography to covering the whole of Cathal Coughlan's recorded output, from Microdisney to his current solo career . I have very little along the lines of Microdisney in my collection, so any and all contributions will be appreciated.

Revisions since version 1.2: Tidied up a little; Microdisney: Details added for In This World, The Clock Comes Down the Stairs, "Dolly" 12", "Birthday Girl" 7" "Singer's Hampstead Home" 7" and cassette, "Gale Force Wind" 7"; Cathal Coughlan: The Sky's Awful Blue info updated; 4 Songs From the Album Grand Necropolitan added; compilation appearance added.

Updates and extra info thanks to:
Kitchenware Records; Boon Sheridan; Sandy Blair; Yugo Yodogawa; dj bluE; Reality Bytes Cafe in Ottawa (R.I.P.); Kelly Kline; Kahlil; Q Magazine; Tim Jennings; Aaron Tap; Joerg Haeske at Cooking Vinyl; Valley Entertainment; Iven Faint; Shane Mawe; Mats Davidsen; Richard @ Bubbyworld.

MICRODISNEY--Albums/EPs; Singles; Compilation Appearances
THE FATIMA MANSIONS--Albums/EPs; Singles; Compilation Appearances; Longform Video; Promotional Releases
CATHAL COUGHLAN--Albums; Compilation Appearances; Promotional Releases
BUBONIQUE--Albums; Singles



Fantastic CD coverEverybody is Fantastic (Rough Trade [UK]--ROUGH 75--LP) 1984; (Rev-Ola [UK]--CREV040CD--CD) 1996

LINE-UP: CATHAL COUGHLAN, SEAN O'HAGAN; GUESTS: JOHN McKENZIE--Bass; and TERRY STANNARD--Drums ("Everybody is Dead," "Dolly"); JONATHON FELL--Bass; and TOM FENNER--Drums ("This Liberal Love")

1. Idea (2:52); 2. A Few Kisses (3:15); 3. Escalator in the Rain (3:32); 4. Dolly (3:18); 5. Dreaming Drains (2:45); 6. I'll Be a Gentleman (3:30); 7. Moon (3:30); 8. Sun (3:12); 9. Sleepless (2:32); 10. Come Over and Cry (3:00); 11. This Liberal Love (3:12); 12. Before Famine (3:42); 13. Everybody is Dead (3:10); CD BONUS TRACK--14. Dear Rosemary [time?]

Both versions out of print.

Enemies cover82-84: We Hate You South African Bastards! (Rough Trade [UK]--RTM 155--12" EP) 1984
82-84: Love Your Enemies (Rev-Ola [UK]--CREV042CD--CD) 1996

LINE-UP: CATHAL COUGHLAN, SEAN O'HAGAN; GUESTS: AISLING--Violin ("Pink Skinned Man"); TRICIA--Vocal ("Pink Skinned Man")

SIDE ONE: Helicopter of the Holy Ghost; Michael Murphy; Love Your Enemies; Fiction Land
SIDE TWO: Pink Skinned Man; Patrick Moore Says You Can't Sleep Here; Hello Rascals; Pretoria Quickstep
CD BONUS TRACKS--Loftholdingswood; Teddy Dogs; 464 [Same versions as on In This World]

Both versions out of print. The original vinyl version of "Pretoria Quickstep" ends in a lock groove. [Times?]

In the World (Rough Trade [UK]--RTT 175?--12" EP; [US/Can]--RTT 175--12" EP; ?--cass) 1985


SIDE ONE: Loftholdingswood (5:33); Teddy Dogs (3:33) SIDE TWO: 464 (5:53)

Out of print.
In the World cover

Clock coverThe Clock Comes Down the Stairs (Rough Trade [UK]--?; [Can]--RT 85; Bigtime [US]--10012-1--LP) 1985; (Rev-Ola [UK]--CREV041CD--CD) 1996

LINE-UP: SEAN O'HAGAN--Guitars, vocals, harmonica; TOM FENNER--Drums; ED FLESH--Bass guitar; BLAH-BLAH--Vocals, plastic pubis, keyboards; GUESTS: JUNE MILES-KINGSTON--Vocals ("And" and "Are You Happy?"); GEOFFREY RICHARDSON--Viola; RICHARD ST. JEFFE--Sax; DAN, STAN, HAM--Backing vocals

SIDE ONE: 1. Horse Overboard (3:56); 2. Birthday Girl (4:11); 3. Past (4:32); 4. Humane (3:13); 5. Are You Happy? (5:29);
SIDE TWO: 6. Genius (4:23); 7. Begging Bowl (5:38); 8. A Friend With a Big Mouth (3:30); 9. Goodbye it's 1987 (4:14); 10. And (4:32)

No CD bonus tracks. Both versions out of print.

Crooked Mile coverCrooked Mile (Virgin [UK]--V 2415--LP, TCV 2415--cass; CDV 2415--CD; [US/Can]--?) 1987
[Inside title: Camping It Up With The Cops.]

LINE-UP: CATHAL COUGHLAN--Lead vocal, grapefruit segment keyboard, flexatone; TOM FENNER--Drums, percussion; STEVE PREGNANT--Bass; SEAN O'HAGAN--Guitar, harmonica; JAMES COMPTON--Keyboards, accordion; GUESTS: JUNE MILES-KINGSTON--Harmony vocal ("Our Children"; "Give Me All of Your Clothes"; B.J. COLE--Pedal steel ("Our Children") & lap steel guitars ("Hey Hey Sam"); C.P. ROTH--String arrangements; BILL GILL--Virutoso tambouring; SABAH EL-ATRACHE & SEAMUS WADI-EL-SAFI--Frugalhorns of Allah ("Rack")

SIDE ONE: 1. Town to Town; 2. Angels; 3. Our Children; 4. Mrs. Simpson; 5. Hey Hey Sam; 6. Give Me All of Your Clothes;
SIDE TWO: 7. Armadillo Man; 8. Bullwhip Road; 9. And He Descended Into Hell; 10. Rack; 11. Sleeping House; 12. People Just Want to Dream

Out of print.

39 Minutes cover39 Minutes (Virgin [UK]--V 2505--LP; ?--cass; CDV 2505--CD) 1988


SIDE ONE: 1. Singer's Hampstead Home (4:02); 2. High & Dry (3:04); 3. Send Herman Home (4:03); 4. Ambulance For One (3:26); 5. Soul Boy (5:04);
SIDE TWO: 6. Back To the Old Town (3:13); 7. United Colours (3:16); 8. Gale Force Wind (3:57); 9. Herr Direktor (3:42); 10. Bluerings (3:55)

Out of print.

Peel Sessions coverThe Peel Sessions Album (Strange Fruit [UK]--SFRLP105--LP; SFRCD 105--CD) 1989

LINE-UP--CATHAL COUGHLAN--Vocals, keyboards; SEAN O'HAGAN--Guitar, vocals, bass; TOM FENNER--Drums (tracks 3-12); JONATHAN FELL--Bass (tracks 4, 5, 7-12); JAMES COMPTON--Keyboards (10-12)

LP track list: 1. Sun (2:40); 2. Moon (2:12); 3. Everybody is Dead (3:10); 4. A Friend With a Big Mouth (3:50); 5. Teddy Dogs (2:48); 6. Before Famine (3:10); 7. 464 (5:32); 8. Loftholdingswood (5:10); 9. Horse Overboard (4:06); 10. Town to Town (3:37); 11. Bullwhip Road (3:36); 12. Begging Bowl (5:42)
Recording Dates: 1, 2, 6 (8-3-83); 3 (1-14-84); 4, 5, 8 (4-14-84); 7, 9 (10-2-84); 10, 11, 12 (12-3-85)

CD track list (note that 3 and 8 are CD-only tracks [recording dates?]): 1. Sun (2:40); 2. Moon (2:12); 3. Dreaming Drains (2:35); 4. Everybody is Dead (3:10); 5. A Friend With a Big Mouth (3:50); 6. Teddy Dogs (2:48); 7. Before Famine (3:10); 8. Genius (4:01); 9. Loftholdingswood (5:10); 10. Horse Overboard (4:06); 11. 464 (5:32); 12. Town to Town (3:37); 13. Bullwhip Road (3:36); 14. Begging Bowl (5:42)
Recording Dates: 1, 2, 7 (8-3-83); 4 (1-14-84); 5, 6, 9 (4-14-84); 10, 11 (10-2-84); 12, 13, 14 (12-3-85)

In print.

Big Sleeping House coverBig Sleeping House: A Collection of Microdisney's Finest Moments (Virgin [UK]--CDOVD 452--CD) 1993

1. Horse Overboard (4:21); 2. Loftholdingswood (5:14); 3. Singer's Hampstead Home (4:03); 4. She Only Gave In To Her Anger (3:48); 5. Gale Force Wind (3:41); 6. I Can't Say No [Betty Lou Version] (2:53); 7. Angels (3:42); 8. Mrs Simpson (3:54); 9. Armadillo Man (3:05); 10. And He Descended Into Hell (3:45); 11. Rack (4:30); 12. Big Sleeping House (3:04); 13. Back To The Old Town (3:13); 14. Send Herman Home (4:02); 15. Town To Town (3:19); 16. Begging Bowl (5:44)

In print. Rough Trade-era tracks are the Peel Sessions versions. Released as part of the Virgin Choice Cuts compilation series.


All are out of print.

-"Hello Rascals"/"Helicopter of the Holy Ghost"
(Kabuki [UK]--kamd2--7") 1982

-"Pink Skinned Man"/"Fiction Land"
(Kabuki [UK]--kamd4--7") 1983

Hello Rascals coverPink Skinned Man cover
-"Dolly"/"This Liberal Love"/"Everybody is Dead" [12" only]/"Dear Rosemary" [12" only]
(Rough Trade [UK]--RT 135; [Australia]--RTANZ013--7"; [UK]--RTT135--12") 1984

-"Birthday Girl" (4:10)/"Harmony Time" (5:03)/"Money For the Trams" (6:52) [12" only]
(Rough Trade [UK]--RT 185--7"; RTT 185--12") 1985
Dolly coverBirthday Girl cover
-"Town To Town"/"Little Town in Ireland"/"Bullwhip Road [Live]" [12" only]/"Genius [Live]" [12" only]
(Virgin [UK]--VSD 927--7"; VST 927--12") 1987
The 7" was released in two different versions. One included a second 7" with "Begging Bowl"/"Horse Overboard"/"Loftholdingswood" [all Peel Sessions versions] (VSD 927), and the other included a cassette with "Birthday Girl"/"Big Sleeping House"/"Begging Bowl" [all live] (VSC 927).

-"Singer's Hampstead Home"/"Brother Olaf" [12" and cassette only]/"She Only Gave In to Her Anger"/"Half a Day" [cassette only]
(Virgin [UK]--VS 1014--7"; VST 1014--12"; VSCS1014--cass) 1987
Town to Town coverSinger's Hampstead Home cover
-"Gale Force Wind"/"I Can't Say No [Betty Lou Version]"/"No, I Can't Say [Thank You For Speaking to Me Mustapha]" [12" only]/"Can't I Say No [Hackney Aid]" [12" only]
(Virgin [UK]--VS1044--7"; VST1044--12") 1988
-"Gale Force Wind"/"I Can't Say No [Betty Lou Version]"/"Town to Town"/"No, I Can't Say [Thank You For Speaking to Me Mustapha]"
(Virgin [UK]--VCSD1044--CD single) 1988
-"Gale Force Wind"/"I Can't Say No [Betty Lou Version]"/"Irish National Anthem"/"Say 'No I Can't'"
(Virgin [UK]--VCCS1044--cass. single) 1988
BETTY LOU DUPREE--Vocals ("I Can't Say No")
Gale Force Wind CD single cover

Compilation Appearances

Kaught at the Kampus cover-Kaught at the Kampus (Reekus [UK]--RKS 001--12" EP) 1980
"National Anthem [Live]"
The original line-up, recorded live at the Downtown Kampus, Cork Arcadia, 1980 8 30. The other bands recorded that night and featured on the EP are NUN ATTAX (featuring the late DONNELLY, later of FIVE GO DOWN TO THE SEA, on vocals), URBAN BLITZ, MEAN FEATURES (featuring MICK LYNCH, later of STUMP, on vocals and Irish soap actor LIAM HEFFERNAN on guitar). The person who posted this info described "National Anthem" as sounding closer to the Mansions than the Microdisney studio recordings. Out of print.

-Another Spark (Another Spark [UK]--?--cassette + booklet) 1984
"Helicopter of the Holy Ghost" [Same version as on the Kabuki single, We Hate You South African Bastards and Love Your Enemies.]
Out of print.

-Rough Trade Compilation (Rough Trade [US/Can]--RTS 1986--LP; ?--cass) 1986
"Horse Overboard" [Same version as on The Clock Comes Down the Stairs.]
Out of print.


All songs written by Cathal Coughlan except where indicated.


Against Nature coverAgainst Nature (Kitchenware [UK]--KWLP11--12" EP; KWC11--cass EP; KWCD11--CD EP) 1990

LINE-UP: CATHAL COUGHLAN--Vocals, programmed keyboards; AINDRIAS O'GRUAMA--Guitar; HUGH BUNKER--Bass; NICK ALLUM--Drums; ZAC WOOLHOUSE--Keyboards

1. Only Losers Take the Bus (3:08); 2. The Day I Lost Everything (4:15); 3. Wilderness on Time (3:13); 4. You Won't Get Me Home (3:01); 5. 13th Century Boy (4:00); 6. Bishop of Babel (2:52); 7. Valley of the Dead Cars (3:19); 8. Big Madness/Monday Club Carol (4:35)

(Print status?)

Viva Dead Ponies CD cover Viva Dead Ponies (Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK/US/Can]--RAR-10242--LP [UK only]; RARC-10242--cass; RARD-10242--CD) 1991
[Inside title: Bugs Fucking Bunny]

LINE-UP: CATHAL COUGHLAN--Vocals, machinery, keyboards; HUGH BUNKER--Bass guitar; NICK ALLUM--Drums, machinery, one atonal guitar; ANDRÍAS Ó GRUAMA--Many guitars; GUESTS: NICK BUNKER--Keyboards; KENNY DAVIS--Accordion; DAME ALISON JIEAR--The voice of God-as-she

[Actual track layout for the UK CD:]
1. Angel's Delight (4:32); 2. Concrete Block (0:16); 3. Mr. Baby (2:53); 4. The Door-to-Door Inspector (4:13); 5. Start the Week (0:25); 6. You're a Rose (3:31); 7. Legoland 3 (0:26); 8. Thursday (3:38); 9. Ceaucescu Flashback (0:13); 10. Broken Radio #1 (4:38); 11. Concrete Block (0:25); 12. Look What I Stole For Us, Darling [Intro] (0:59); 13. Look What I Stole For Us, Darling (3:05); 14. Farewell Oratorio [to 0:08]/The White Knuckle Express (4:15); 15. Chemical Cosh (1:42); 16. Tima Mansio Speaks (0:17); 17. A Pack of Lies (2:52); 18. Viva Dead Ponies (5:13); 19. More Smack, Vicar (0:52)
The CD mastering job on this wasn't that great, since a few of the songs have a clunk in the first couple of seconds, but you can actually make out almost all of the lyrics to "Chemical Cosh" in this version, and "Thursday" is a mean little electropop number stamped from the same press as "13th Century Boy." Contains a lyric sheet handwritten by Cathal, with such wonderful listings as "Thursday: naah."

[Actual track layout for the North American CD:]
1. Angel's Delight (4:32); 2. Concrete Block (0:16); 3. Blues for Ceaucescu (6:17); 4. Legoland 3 (0:27); 5. Mr. Baby (2:53); 6. The Door-to-Door Inspector (4:13); 7. Start the Week (0:25); 8. You're a Rose (3:30); 9. Ceaucescu Flashback (0:13); 10. Broken Radio #1 (4:38); 11. Concrete Block (0:25); 12. Only Losers Take the Bus (3:05); 13. Look What I Stole For Us, Darling [Intro] (0:59); 14. Look What I Stole For Us, Darling (3:05) [Chops off the word "I'm" from the beginning]; 15. Farewell Oratorio [to 0:08]/The White Knuckle Express (4:15); 16. Chemical Cosh (1:39) [Different version from the UK release]; 17. Tima Mansio Speaks (0:17); 18. A Pack of Lies (2:52); 19. Viva Dead Ponies (5:13); 20. More Smack, Vicar (0:52)
Apart from an improved mastering job (no digital noise), you also get a full-colour lyric booklet with an extra Lawrence Bogle illustration and a couple of photos, with all text hand-lettered in the style of the front cover. All in all, I like this version better, but if you become a big fan like I have, you have to get the original as well.

US/Can. version deleted. [UK version still in print?]

Bertie's Brochures (Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--KWLP 16--12" EP; KWC 16--cass EP; KWCD 16--CD EP) 1991


1. Behind the Moon (3:45); 2. Bertie's Brochures (5:13); 3. Shiny Happy People [Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe; new lyrics by Coughlan] (3:13); 4. V.N. (Apology) (1:18); 5. Mario Vargas Yoni (2:26); 6. Smiling (3:01); 7. Long About Now [Scott Engel] (1:50); 8. The Great Valerio [Richard Thompson] (4:25)

[Print status?].
Bertie's Brochure CD EP cover

Timá Mansió Dumps the Dead (Radioactive [US/Can]--?--cass); RARDS-54344-- CD) [1992?]

No line-up listing.

1. Only Losers Take the Bus [Dump the Dead] (3:00); 2. Stigmata [Al Jourgenson/Paul Barker] (3:05); 3. Shiny Happy People [Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe; new lyrics by Coughlan] (3:13); 4. Hive (2:55); 5. Behind the Moon (3:47)

Tima Mansio Dumps the Dead CD cover

Valhalla Avenue CD cover Valhalla Avenue (Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--?--LP; ?--cass; KWCD 18--CD) 1992

LINE-UP: HUGH BUNKER--Bass; CATHAL Ó COCHLÁIN--Vocals, robot keyboards; SISTER MARY Ó GRUAMA--Guitars; DUKE Ó MÁLAITHE--Keyboards; NICHOLAS TIOMPAN ALLUM--Drums, woodwind scoring; GUESTS: SIMON PICARD--Soprano sax ("North Atlantic Wind"); ANN RODGERS--Vocals ("North Atlantic Wind"); MIKE WILLIAMS--Clarinet ("Greyhair," "Perfumes of Paradise")

1. Evil Man (4:12); 2. Something Bad (3:04); 3. Valhalla Avenue (3:13); 4. 1000% (3:58); 5. North Atlantic Wind (4:20); 6. Purple Window (5:01); 7. Go Home Bible Mike (3:40); 8. Perfumes of Paradise (3:03); 9. Greyhair (4:26); 10. C^7/Breakfast With Bandog (3:30); 11. Ray of Hope, Hoe of Rape (4:14); 12. Be Dead (2:01)

In print.

(MCA (Japan)---MVCM-235--CD) 1992

As above, plus: 13. Blues for Ceaucescu (6:09) [listed; actually 5:50, so I guess it's the Only Solution Mix]; 14. Only Losers Take the Bus [Dump the Dead] (3:00); 15. Stigmata [Al Jourgenson/Paul Barker] (3:05); 16. Shiny Happy People [Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe; new lyrics by Coughlan] (3:13); 17. Hive (2:55); 18. Behind the Moon (3:47)

[Print status?]

Come Back My Children CD cover Come Back My Children (Kitchenware [UK]--CGCLP1--LP; CGCCD 1--CD) 1992

No line-up listing.

1. Only Losers Take the Bus (3:08); 2. The Day I Lost Everything (4:15); 3. Wilderness on Time (3:13); 4. You Won't Get Me Home (3:01); 5. 13th Century Boy (4:00); 6. Bishop of Babel (2:52); 7. Valley of the Dead Cars (3:19); 8. Big Madness/Monday Club Carol (4:35); 9. What? (3:01); 10. Blues for Ceaucescu (6:17); 11. On Suicide Bridge (3:25); 12. Hive (2:56); 13. The Holy Mugger (2:38); 14. Stigmata [Ministry] (3:06); 15. Lady Godiva's Operation [Lou Reed] (4:55)

[Print status?]. 1-8 are the same versions as on Against Nature. The rest as are they appeared on singles/EPs and compilations.

Lost in the Former West CD cover Lost in the Former West (Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--?--2x12"; ?--cass; KWCD 25--CD; Radioactive [US/Can]--RARSD 11149--CD; MCA [Japan]--MVCM 502--CD) [1994]

LINE-UP--HUGH BUNKER--Bass guitar, choral vocal effect; SISTER MARY ANDRIAS O' GRUAMA, PRINCESS OF PALESTRINA, DAUGHTER OF POPE URBAN X--Lute, electric guitar, voice like an angel; CATHAL COUGHLAN--Vocals, programmed samples and keyboards; NICK ALLUM--Drums, guitar; NICK BAGNALL--Piano, other physical keyboards; GUESTS: TIM BRADSHAW--Harmonica ("Lost in the Former West"); SUSIE HUG--Vocal ("Popemobile to Paraguay"); JERRY HARRISON--Rhythm guitar and Venusian Holiday Inn keyboard solo ("Brunceling's Song")

[UK version:]
1. Belong Nowhere (4:52); 2. The Loyaliser (3:14); 3. Popemobile to Paraguay (4:39); 4. Walk Yr Way (4:58); 5. Brunceling's Song (4:02); 6. Lost in the Former West (2:48); 7. Nite Flights [Scott Engel] (3:49); 8. Your World Customer (3:31); 9. Sunken Cities (3:53); 10. Brain Blister (3:57); 11. Walk in the Woods (5:11); 12. Humiliate Me (3:43)

[US/Canada version (now deleted):]
1. Belong Nowhere (4:51); 2. The Loyaliser (3:14); 3. Something Bad (3:07); 4. Popemobile to Paraguay (4:38); 5. Walk in the Woods (5:05); 6. Nite Flights [Scott Engel] (3:49); 7. Go Home Bible Mike (3:36); 8. Brain Blister (3:57); 9. Walk Yr Way (4:57); 10. Your World Customer (3:29); 11. Brunceling's Song (4:01); 12. Humiliate Me (3:42) 13. Lost in the Former West (2:48)

UK version still in print? Which is the Japanese version? "Something Bad" on the US/Canada version is a different mix than on Valhalla Avenue, and the opening soundbite has been taken off of "Go Home Bible Mike" here.


All are out of print unless otherwise indicated.

-"Only Losers Take the Bus" [LP Version]"/"Only Losers Take the Bus" [12" Mix]"/"What?"
(Kitchenware [UK]--SKX 42--12") [1990?]

-"Blues for Ceaucescu"/"13th Century Boy"/"On Suicide Bridge" [12" and CD only]
(Kitchenware [UK]--SK 45--7"; SKX 45--12"; SKCD 45--CD) 1990

-"Hive"/"Chemical Cosh"/"Stigmata" [Al Jourgenson/Paul Barker]/"The Holy Mugger"
(Kitchenware [UK]--SKX 50--12") 1991
Blues coverHive cover
-The Only Solution: Another Revolution--"Blues for Ceaucescu [Only Solution Mix]" (5:51)/"B.F.C. [LP Version]" (6:18)/"Chemical Cosh [Scream Mix]" (3:54)/"Chemical Cosh [LP Version]" (1:40)
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [US]--RAR12-54152--12"; RARDS-54152--CD) 1991

-"You're a Rose"/"Blues for Ceaucescu"/"Only Losers Take the Bus" [12" and cass (CD?) only]
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SK 53--7"; SKX 53--12"; SKXTD 53--CD? cass?) 1991
Only Solution CoverRose cover

-"Evil Man"/"The Scarecrow"/"Evil Man II"
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SKX 56--12") 1992

-"Evil Man"/"Blues for Ceaucescu [Only Solution Mix]"/"Chemical Cosh [Scream Mix]"/"Evil Man II"
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SKX 56--12"; SKXD 56--CD) 1992

-"Evil Man"/"Only Losers Take the Bus [Dump the Dead]"/"Hive"/"Evil Man II"
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SKXX 56--12"; SKXXD 56--CD) 1992
Evil Man cover

-"1,000,000%"/"1,000%"/"Hive [Live]"
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SKX 59--12" 1992

-"1000%" (3:59)/"Paper Thin Hotel" [Leonard Cohen/Phil Spector] (5:50)/"1,000,000%" (6:24)
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SKXD 59--CD) 1992.
Initially sold with a cardboard slipcase for the three CD singles in this series.

-"1000%" (3:59)/"Hive [Live]" (3:57)/"Angel's Delight [Live]" (4:12)
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SKXXD 59--CD) 1992

-"1000%"/"Evil Man [Live]"/"Behind the Moon [Live]"/"The White Knuckle Express [Live]"
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--?--7"; SKXXX 59--12"; SKXXXD 59--CD) 1992
1000% cover
-"Into Thinner Air With the Loyaliser [JUNO REACTOR Mix]" (7:23) [12" and CD only]/"The Loyaliser" (3:14)/"Gary Numan's Porsche" (4:11)/"Arnie's Five" (3:55)
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SK 67--7"; SKX 67--12"; SKXD 67--CD) 1994

-"Nite Flights" [Scott Engel]/"As I Washed the Blood Off"/"Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne" [Alan Vega/Martin Rev]/"It's So Cold....I Think ["Nite Flights" remixed by The Blood of the Lamb]" [Scott Engel/Cathal Coughlan]
(Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--SKX 68--12"; SKXD 68--CD) 1994
Loyaliser coverNite Flights cover

Compilation Appearances

-Indie Top 20 Vol. 8 (Beechwood/Revolver [UK]--#?--CD) 1990
"Only Losers Take the Bus"

-Indie Top 20 Vol. 9 (Beechwood/Revolver [UK]--#?--CD) 1990
"Blues for Ceaucescu"

-Radioactive Records--Music Most People Wouldn't Touch (Radioactive [US]--CD33-1574--CD) 1991 (promo)
"Blues for Ceaucescu" (6:17); "Chemical Cosh" (1:39)
Released for the 1991 New Music Seminar. Same versions as on Viva Dead Ponies.

-Voulez-vous chanter Cohen? (Les Inrockuptibles [France]--?--CD EP) 1991
"Paper Thin Hotel" [Leonard Cohen] listed, but actually contains "A Singer Must Die" [Leonard Cohen]. This was later released on I'm Your Fan.
Given free with Les Inrockuptibles magazine #30. Out of print.

-Heaven and Hell: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground, Vol. 1 (Imaginary [UK]--ILL ILP 016--LP; Communion [US]--COMMUNION 20--LP/cass/CD) 1991
-Out of Time: The Best of the Imaginary Tribute Series (Imaginary [UK]--031--CD) 1991
-Fifteen Minutes: A Tribute to the Velvet Underground (Imaginary [UK]--ILLCD 047P--CD) 1994
"Lady Godiva's Operation" [Lou Reed] (4:55)
Same version as on Come Back My Children.

I'm Your Fan cover-I'm Your Fan (Atlantic (US)--7 82349-2--CD; Columbia (UK)--469032 2--CD) 1991
"A Singer Must Die" [Leonard Cohen]

-More Fans (Extra tracks from I'm Your Fan) (Oscar/Columbia (UK)--SAMP CD 1546--CD) 1991 (promo)
"Paper Thin Hotel" [Leonard Cohen]

-The Best Of The Mark Goodier Radio Sessions (BBC Entertainment/Nighttracks (UK)--MARK1--CD) 1992
"You're A Rose"

-MCA Records Canada Promo CD #4 (MCA [Canada]--MCAD-9220--CD) 1992
"Only Losers Take the Bus" (same version as on Against Nature/Viva Dead Ponies (US version)/Come Back My Children)

-Unknown-title promo (MCA [Canada]--MCAD-9220--CD) 1992
"Shiny Happy People" [Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe; new lyrics by Coughlan] (3:10)
Same version as on Bertie's Brochures and Timá Mansió Dumps the Dead.

-Straight Outta Ireland (Scotti Bros./Attic (Can)--SBDM 5403) CD [1994?]
-They Went Thattaway (Attic (Can)--?) CD [1994?]
"Valley of the Dead Cars" (3:19)
Same version as on Against Nature. [Print status?]

-Radioactive--No Safe Haven (Radioactive [US]--RAR3P 2382--CD) [1994?] (promo)
"Angel's Delight [Live]"
Same version as on SKXXD 59.

-Split single with the Manic Street Preachers (NME (UK)--?--7"; ?--CD) 1994
-Ruby Trax: The NME's Roaring Forty (NME/Forty (UK)--NMECD40--3CD) 1994
"(Everything I Do) I Do it For You" [Michael Kamen/Bryan Adams/Robert Lange] (6:26)
No Safe Haven coverNME single back cover
-Peace Together (Island--??--CD/Cass) 1994
"John the Gun" [Sandy Denny] (4:26)
Out of print.

-Postcards From America--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (London-525 464--CD) 1995
"Only Losers Take the Bus"

-Virtuosity--Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Radioactive [US]--RARSD 11295--CD/Cass) 1995
"The Loyaliser [JUNO REACTOR Remix]" (7:23)
AKA "Into Thinner Air With the Loyaliser" on SKXD 67.

Postcards coverVirtuosity cover
Exposed cover-MCA Radio sampler [exact title?] (MCA [Can]--MCAD-9506--CD) 1995
"Belong Nowhere [Radio Edit]" (4:05)

-Exposed (Radioactive [US]--#?--CD) 1995
"Belong Nowhere"
Promo. If it's not immediately apparant, the cover is a caricature of Newt Gingrich in bondage drag. Out of print.

-Radioactive Waste (SXSW Sampler) (Radioactive [US]--RAR3P 3960--CD) 1997 (promo)
"The Loyaliser [JUNO REACTOR Remix]" (7:23)
AKA "Into Thinner Air With the Loyaliser" on SKXD 67.

-Happy Ever After: The Best of Kitchenware Records (Kitchenware/EMI--7243 4 98820 2 7--CD 1999
"Behind the Moon;" "Blues for Ceaucescu"
Same familiar versions.

Longform Video

Y'knaa (Kitchenware/Radioactive [UK]--RU4 666 [UK PAL VHS version only] [Year?]

1. Blues for Ceausescu; 2. Only Losers Take the Bus; 3. Shiny Happy People [Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe; new lyrics by Coughlan]; 4. 1,000%; 5. Go Home Bible Mike

Deleted due to sexually explicit images in the "Shiny Happy People" clip.

Y'knaa video cover

Promotional Releases

All of these are out of print, except where indicated.

-1. "Blues for Ceaucescu [Radio Edit]" (4:36); 2. "Blues for Ceaucescu [Album Version]" (6:17) 1991
(Radioactive [US/Can]--CD45-2029--CD)
Ceaucescu promo cover

Timá Mansió Dumps the Dead (Radioactive [US/Can]--RAR3P-2109--CD) [1992?]

No line-up listing.

1. Only Losers Take The Bus (Dump The Dead) (3:00); 2. Stigmata [Al Jourgenson/Paul Barker] (3:05); 3. Chemical Cosh (1:40); 4. Shiny Happy People [Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe; new lyrics by Coughlan] (3:10); 5. Hive (2:55); 6. V.N. (Apology) (1:18); 7. Smiling (3:04); 8. Behind The Moon (3:45); 9. Bertie's Brochures (5:12); 10. Only Losers Take The Bus (I'm Not Stupid) [Album Version] (3:06)

Distinguished from commercial version by blue cover (instead of orange).

Tima promo cover

-1. Only Losers Take The Bus (Dump The Dead) (3:00); 2. Only Losers Take The Bus (I'm Not Stupid) [Album Version] (3:06)
(Radioactive [US/Can]--?--CD) [1992?]
Same cover as Timá Mansió Dumps the Dead, only with a yellow background.

-"Only Losers Take the Bus [Dangers Mix]" (6.14)/Stigmata [Al Jourgenson/Paul Barker] (3:05)/Shiny Happy People [Bill Berry/Peter Buck/Mike Mills/Michael Stipe; new lyrics by Coughlan] (3:10)
(PROMO 12" Radioactive (U.S.)--RAR8P-2212--12") 1992
The US promotional-only 12" for "Only Losers Take The Bus" has a generic black die-cut sleeve with a square white [print] on black sleeve sticker affixed, and comes with an 8½"x11" single-sided photocopied black [print] on white Radioactive press release. On the label it credits to track #1, "Remixed by Cathal Coughlan and Jack Dangers", and on the sleeve sticker it states: "REMIXED BY JACK DANGERS".
Losers 12-inch label

-"Humiliate Me" (one-sided 7" single) 1994
Given away at the Season of Humilation residence at The Garage in 1994 with an tangerines available. Packaged in a rubber sleeve with a pink fake prostitute calling card stuck to it. You can see part of the packaging in the Former West CD booklet.
Humiliate Me card

-1. "The Loyaliser" (3:14)
(Radioactive [US/Can]--RARSP-3192--CD) 1994

-1. "Belong Nowhere [Radio Edit]" (4:05)
(Radioactive [US/Can]--RARSP-3236--CD) 1994
Loyaliser promo backBelong promo back

Western Union Steakout (Radioactive/The Album Network [US]--FAT-001--CD) 1995

No line-up listing.

1. The Loyaliser (3:22); 2. Brain Blister (3:53); 3. Popemobile to Paraguay (4:14); 4. Viva Dead Ponies (5:34); 5. Angel's Delight (3:54); 6. Belong Nowhere (4:09); 7. Evil Man (3:36); 8. Blues for Ceaucescu (7:55)

Recorded live at the Academy in New York City, November 18, 1994. Packaged in a lined plastic sleeve with no extra artwork.

Popemobile (Radioactive [US]--RAR3P-3108--CD) 1994

1. Popemobile to Paraguay (4:37); 2. Evil Man (4:10); 3 Gary Numan's Porsche (4:12); 4. Sleep of the Just (3:42); 5. (Everything I Do) I Do it For You [Michael Kamen/Bryan Adams/Robert Lange] (6:26)
Popemobile cover



Grand Necropolitan coverGrand Necropolitan (Kitchenware [UK]--KWCD 29--CD) 1996


1. This Building (8:42); 2. Unbroken Ones (4:14); 3. On the Parish (4:06); 4. The New "Royale" (2:38); 5. Eeirn Go Braghag (5:08); 6. We Are the Sinister World Government (5:32); 7. The Big Lukewarm (5:08); 8. Straying Away (5:06); 9. Irrational Falsifier (4:06); 10. Two Grotesques, Embracing (5:19); 11. Angry White Snail (4:23); 12. Free and Worthless (3:19); 13. Garrai na Muic (2:54); 14. The Last Lamplighter/Grand Necropolitan Promenade (6:30); 15. Waiting for Wood, Captain.... (4:46)

Out of print. Low-bandwidth MP3's and lyrics of the entire album are available free from

Black River Falls coverBlack River Falls (Cooking Vinyl [UK]--COOK CD 126--CD; Valley Entertainment [US]--VE 15125--CD) 2000

LINE-UP: NICK ALLUM--All drums, percussion; ROB ALLUM--Percussion; NICK BAGNALL--Bass guitar (6, 7, 9), acoustic guitar; TIM BRADSHAW--Harmonica (4), acoustic guitar (outro of 7); CATHAL COUGHLAN--Vocals, piano, guitar, Farfisa organ, vibes; JOE GORE--Acoustic and electric guitars (1); DAVE GREGORY (ex-XTC)--Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, 6-string bass guitar (2, 4, 6-12); DAWN KENNY--Vocals (5-7); DANIEL MANNERS--Double bass (2, 5, 11, 12); ANDRÍAS Ó GRUAMA--Very electric guitar (6, 11); RENAUD PION--Bass clarinet (9), bass flute (10, 12), B-flat clarinet (4), Turkish clarinet (9, 10). string arrangements; STEFAN RODESCO STRING QUARTET (Solo cello: DENYS VIOLLET)--All string performances; SIMON THORPE--Double bass; JAMES WOODROW--Nylon-string acoustic guitar (4, 5, 10), electric guitar (3)

1. The Ghost of Limehouse Cut (3:24); 2. Officer Material (4:36); 3. The Bacon Singer (3:32); 4. Black River Falls (4:38); 5. Payday (3:32); 6. Dark Parlour (5:21); 7. Out Among the Ruins (4:53); 8. God Bless Mr X (3:36); 9. Frankfurt Cowboy Yodel (4:34); 10. N.C. (5:05); 11. Whitechapel Mound (4:24); 12. Cast Me Out in My Hometown (4:05)

In print.

The Sky's Awful Blue (Beneath Music [UK]--BNT 101--CD; Stop Pop and Roll [US]--SPR003--CD) 2002

1. And Springtime Followed Summer; 2. Denial of the Right to Dream; 3. Three Rusty Reivers; 4. Goodbye Sadness; 5. Toxic Mother; 6. The Last of Eternity; 7. You Turned Me; 8. Amused as Hell; 9. Pawnshop Riches; 10. White's Academy; 11. A Drunken Hangman; 12. The Female Line

In print. The US release includes a Quicktime video for "Amused as Hell." [Times?]
CC Sky's UK coverCC Sky's US cover

Compilation Appearances

-Till Things Are Brighter--A Tribute to Johnny Cash (Red Rhino (UK)--RAVE 3--CD) 1988
"Ring of Fire" [June Carter/Merle Kilgore] (2:25)
Out of print. Sadly.

Till Things Are Brighter cover

-"Im' Long Me Measaim" (Caff Corporation [UK]--CAFF001--flexi) 1989
Split flexidisc with East Village. Out of print. A webpage about Caff Corporation.

-Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000.3 (Uncut (UK)--UG 16-22--CD) 2000
"Officer Material"
Same version as on Black River Falls. Included with the April 2000 issue of Uncut magazine.
Caff flexidisc label

Promotional Releases

4 Songs From the Album Grand Necropolitan (Kitchenware [UK]--#?--CD) 1996

1. Unbroken Ones (4:14); 2. Eerin Go Braghag (5:08); 3. We Are The Sinister World Government (5:32); 4. Garrai Na Muic (2:54)

The press release included information that this was Cathal taking a break from the Mansions and that they would be returning to the studio that Autumn. Little did they (and we) know. Out of print, natch.

-"Unbroken Ones" (Produced by Merle Saunders)/"On the Parish" (Produced by Cathal Coughlan)
(Kitchenware (UK)--SK 69--7") 1996
Out of print.



20 GS cover20 Golden Showers (Kitchenware [UK]--KWLP 24--LP; KWCD 24--CD) 1993

LINE-UP--COD--Vocals; SCABROUS GORGEOUS [CATHAL COUGHLAN]--Curly trumpet; PAUL JARVIS--Tympani; GUESTS: SEAN HUGHES--Vocals; ANDRZEJ GROMYKO--Guitar, Frooty Tooty; BODY OF NICE--Guitar, bass, drums; CANNI LADD--Lead curly trumpet.
All orchestral arrangements and specialist Guitars, Basses and Drums by BUBONIQUE.
All songs written by Jarvis/Scrotum Bum-Weewee/Cod except where indicated.

The CD has the whole album on one track (bastards!). Here's the time layout of the tracks, according to my calculations (feel free to correct me if you know it's wrong):
0:00-5:53--Summer (The Fist Time) [Bobby Goldsboro] (5:53)
5:58-10:35--I Think You're Cool [Stuffy Shmitt] (4:36)
10:55-14:17--Play That Funky Music Irish Guy [Parrisi] (3:22)
14:30-17:35--Cop-Lover (3:05)
17:35-18:26--Codsucker Blues (0:51)
18:26-20:42--My Baby Gave Me Rabies (2:15)
20:42-23:48--[Release the Bats] [Nick Cave/Mick Harvey] (3:06)
23:56-24:58--Elvis '93 (You Can Fuck Elvis) (1:12)

25:06-26:49--Theme from "Chicken Arse" (1:44)
26:49-29:35--Iron Child (2:46)
32:39-33:15--Yoda Lady (0:36)
33:22-34:29--Anytime Any Place it's OK to Bubo with Shak Parouk [Shak Parouk] (1:07)
34:29-34:52--[Free Charles Manson (Surf's Down)] [Jarvis/Gorgeous/Dray] (0:23)
34:53-37:44--2 J.G. (2:51)
38:30-41:06--East Sheep Station (2:36)
41:06-41:33--Love Me Deadly, Kiss Me Headley (0:27)
43:09-43:22--D.L.T. 666 No Idea (Insincere) (0:13)
43:22-44:52--The Bubonique America's Top Ten (1:30)
44:52-46:23--Frank is Frank (Hurry Up and Die, Buddy) (1:31)
46:23-49:35--Jellypop Perky Jean [Julian Cope] (3:12)
49:35-50:07--Dildo Neighbour (0:31)
51:06-53:32--Ang on Ronno (2:26)
53:55-54:16--Love Camp Seven (0:21)
54:16-55:18--Nation of Bubonique (1:02)
56:11-56:23--Closedown (0:11)

Times that aren't accounted in the above are assorted soundbites (sometimes with the lads talking over them), musical doodles, noise and general fucking around. In print.

Trance Arse coverTrance Arse Volume Three (Kitchenware [UK]--formats? #s?) [1995]

[Line-up? Times? Writing credits?]

1. You Can't Fool the Dead; 2. Cod is Love; 3. The Pianna; 4. Truck Turner; 5. The Sermon; 6. Freestyle Master Class 1--Sawing; 7. Talkin' About Talkin' About; 8. Freebird; 9. I've always liked hunting; 10. Oi! Copper; 11. Return of the Nice Age; 12. What's E Saying; 13. Hey, Handsome; 14. Industrial Woman; 15. Rainbow Buffalo Cornwoman; 16. Freestyle Master Class 2--Drilling; 17. 'Q' Magazine (Why Kurt Cobain Had To Die Again and Again); 18. Kind of Poe; 19. The 'George Aid' Suite--In Praise of White Soul [Faith/Last Christmas (Heartbroken Troll Mix)/Careless Whisper]; 20. Abbabortion; 21. Sven of Newcastle

In print.


-"Screw"/"Monogamy (I'm Gonna Kick Your Head In)"
(Kitchenware [UK]--SKX 52--12")

-"Summer (The Fist Time)" [Bobby Goldsboro]/"Free Charles Manson"
(Kitchenware [UK]--SKX 54--12")
Summer cover




-"Let's Call the Whole Thing Off"/(Remix version)
(Kitchenware [UK]--SK 49--7") [Year?]

The song has also been included on the Martin Stephenson & the Daintees CD single "Big Sky New Light" (Kitchenware/London [Germany]-- 869 771-2), released in 1992.

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