TV Scorpion: A BOREDOMS Photo Gallery

This is a collection of pictures, mostly scanned from Fools Mate magazine from Japan (who retain the copyrights to them), of Boredoms and some of their side projects. Double-click on the name of the file or corresponding thumbnail to call up the photo in a new browser window.


These photos were taken at Club Kitta Kawasaki at the midnight hour of December 31, 1989, at a Boredoms performance celebrating the release of Soul Discharge 99'. Eye's friend Ichi is sitting in with them.
boredoms.jpg: Elvis Eye?
cittakaw.jpg: Eye puts his best arm forward. Thumbnail is cropped from the original picture.
eyeandic.jpg: Ichi and Eye. Is that synthesizer chocolate or tomato?
ichiandp.jpg: A small (not much bigger than the thumbnail) but good shot of Yoshimi atop Ichi's shoulders.
godmama.jpg: God Mama rules over the drums.

eye.jpg: Who is this Beavis person you speak of? Photo of Eye by Shawn Scallen. Here's his page about the photo and the day he took it, including a scan of the colour print.

Watson in Osaka

I visited Osaka for the month of April 1999, and had a grand old time. Here's a few Bore photos taken during the visit:
lmstudio.jpg: LM Studios, a studio/live house located in Nishi-Nariku (gawd, what a slum). According to Matt Exile, Boredoms did their early recordings here. (photo by Watson, 1999 4 04)
yamamoto.jpg: Bears, the live house in Namba which is co-run by Yamamoto, celebrated their 12th anniversary with a weekend of coolness On the third evening, they had a music auction. Here's Yamamoto trying to flog a copy of Sounds in Space. (photo by Watson, 1999 4 19)
yamadave.jpg: After the auction, when all involved let the audience pick through the remaining music on stage for set sale, Yamamoto autographed some CD booklets for your webmaster (other audience members had him sign an electric guitar and a porcelain-looking pair of shoes). Yamamoto is "wearing" the 3D glasses that were included with my Akabushi Concert T-shirts CD. (photo by Matt Exile, 1999 4 19)


These pictures were taken by Matt Exile at their performance at Fandango, November 30, 1994. Eye was not in the line-up this night due to a back injury he sustained at a Boredoms show in Tokyo, so Ohno of Solmania sat in on "new noise machine." The first two thumbnails are cropped from the original photos.
dednsolm.jpg: Ohno of Solmania.
dendyosh.jpg: Yoshimi P-We on guitar and vocals.
dendyama.jpg: Yamamoto Seiichi on drums.


froglege.jpg: Two pictures taken from their show at 20,000 Volts in Tokyo, November 18, 1989. Thumbnail is cropped from the original scan.


Scans from The Geisha Girls Book, which was published along with The Geisha Girls Album. "Uoredoms" were featured on one track.
ggirls1.jpg: Yoshimi and Eye.
ggirls2.jpg: Left to right: Ryuichi Sakamoto (album producer), Yoshimi, Matsumoto (Geisha Girls/Downtown) Hamada (Geisha Girls/Downtown) Hira, Eye, Yamamoto.


hanatara.jpg: Poster advertising a Hanatarashi show.
hanatar2.jpg: Eye during a Hanatarashi show. Yes, those are all instruments.
crashedn.jpg: Eye after a Hanatarashi show. This is more painful than it looks.


The picture labels from the 7" single included in Resonance magazine.
carhouse.jpg: DJ Carhouse (a.k.a. Otomo Yoshihide).
hellshit.jpg: MC Hellshit (a.k.a. Yamantaka Eye).


uodadver.jpg: Clockwise from left: Yoshimi, Eye, Hayashi.
ufoordie.jpg: Eye performing with UOD. Cool paint job on the guitar.


These pictures were taken by Matt Exile (who apologizes for the bad quality) at their performance at Bears, June 9, 1994. All thumbnails are cropped from the original photos.
yamas1.jpg: Yamazaki Maso of Masonna (not visible in this photo due to black hair over his face, black clothes and black stage) and Yamamoto Seiichi work the floor while Yamatsuka Eye does a handstand in the background.
yamas2.jpg: Masonna does his thing some more, still barely visible (he's in front of Yamamoto's right leg), That's a mic Yamamoto's holding, by the way.
yamas3.jpg: Finally, a good shot of Masonna.

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