BEING UPFRONT: A Pictorial Guide to Bodacious Women in Anime--Why Be Upfront?

Just a Line.
This is a small guide to big women in anime. The women with extra spring in their step. The women who make potholes in the street by just walking on it. Women who trigger adverse seismic activity. You get my drift. One of the devices used most prominently in anime, especially for comic effect, is exaggeration. This page is dedicated to one subject that is a hotbed for this--women's breasts. The two ways that mammaries are made memorable in anime are size and movement. The more implausible one or both of these are, the more pronounced the effect is, comic and otherwise. Pictures of the characters are included, with some quite scantily-clad, but none of them are explicitly nude. I want people who are under age of majority to be able to look around in this and enjoy it (I'd advise that they stay out of some of the links, though), and besides, don't you find it's more interesting when a bit is left to the imagination?

At this point a lot of the women (and some of the men) who are reading this are getting a bit disgusted. Some to the point of being kind of mad. And face it, some of you are ready to rip my head off for wanting to celebrate this sort of thing. I can't blame you that much, really, because I'll be the first to admit that this sort of thing is pretty one-sided (the front side, to be exact...just kidding, just kidding!). I believe in equality. No, really, I do. A similar webpage that pays tribute to the male figures in anime is Washuu-chan and Kodachi's Harem of Anime Men, which connects to another similar page and two webrings on the subject, so you can go there instead to objectify men instead if you prefer. I might add that their standards for inclusion are much broader than my own for this one! If anyone wants to submit any addresses for other cute/sexy anime women sites, report any broken links you find, nominate any other female characters for inclusion in this page, or just have any questions, please get in touch using the (spam-trapped) mail link at the end of this intro. My criteria for inclusion on the basis of movement are that the bouncing has to be visible in any activity other than sexual, and has to be prominent. Face it, in sex scenes it's realism, and that's nice, but in non-carnal settings it's surrealism, and that's when it really jumps out at you (so to speak). If you just plain hate seeing any type of character shown in this light, feel free to click on the back button and not go any further than here. Don't go past this point to see the page, get mad, and then send flames to me, because if you do, I'll just tell you that (A) I did warn you, and (B) you went in anyways, so don't yell at me because of your own curiosity/repression/stupidity.

If you choose to go in, cool. Just don't confuse the standards I'm applying to this showcase with the standards I have for women in real life. Chest size is not the first thing I look for in a woman. Honest. Look at, maybe, depending on the presentation, but...if I knew anyone like Naga from Slayers or Mizuha from Mahou Tsukai Tai! in real life, complete with their personalities, I'd stay far away from them. And remember that the appeal of this sort of thing lies just as much in how ridiculous it can be as how much it might cater to your prurient interests. Have a good laugh or a good drool, but enjoy your look around. Since there's quite a lot pictures in this, it's divided into parts, and I provide links to pages dedicated to the series when possible so you can get more balanced information about the shows and more pictures (including unreduced/uncropped versions of some of the ones I feature here). There are also links to companies that offer English versions of the videos, which I am receiving nothing from anybody in exchange. This guide is far from complete (and never will be; there'll always be more characters like this in past, present and future anime), but should still provide a valuable fan service.

I hope you enjoy the tour. If you decide not to take it after all, thanks for stopping by anyway.

Dave Watson
Webmaster, Being Upfront

CONTRIBUTOR NOTES: If you want to contribute any information to BU, please E-mail me (and don't forget to remove the spamtrap from the address). If you want to send me any pictures, cool, but if it gets up to several megs, please put it up on Mediafire and send me the link. If you want to contribute any original captures, here's what I prefer: Torso shots (head and chest); facing forward, smiling (if they smile) with eyes opened; no exposed nipples (for the page; I like them, really dB) ); high quality (I prefer 300 dpi) and low compression/lossless format; original size, uncropped. Look at the pictures in the guides, and you'll get the idea. Remember, these are preferences, not prerequisites; if the pic is 100 dpi but still looks good, I'll have it. For DVD captures, I use PowerDVD; for digisubs, I use Virtual Dub; for both, I capture and paste to my photo editor for better quality control. Picky? Yes, but I've set pretty high standards here and want to stick to them.

LEGAL NOTES: All text written and copyrighted by Dave Watson (with the exception of attributed quotes). All characters and their images remain the copyright of their original creators, production companies, publishers and licensees. Yeah, they're used without permission, but hey, I'm not making any money with this (or even trying to), they're getting free advertising, and I'm so damned poor that it wouldn't be worth the lawyer's fees to try to sue me.

Compiled by Dave Watson. Don't hold it against him.

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