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Nurse Tatase's Essay: Some serious thoughts about breasts and the people who own them.


All guide entries are listed in alphabetical order by official English title of the anime, or by Japanese title if there isn't an official English one. All external links from the guide are designed to open in a new browser window. Entries about anime featuring explicit sexuality and intended only for adult viewers are indicated with 18+ after the title in the heading; none of the pictures in the entries feature explicit nudity. Sorry, but that's my policy and I'm sticking to it.

Page 1 (.-Al): .hack://Legend of the Twilight (Bracelet); 801 TTS Airbats; Adventures of Kotetsu; (Agent) Aika; Air Master; Ai Yori Aoshi; All Purpose Cultural Catgirl Nuku Nuku Dash.

Page 2 (Am-Az): Amazing Nurse Nanako; Angel Blade 18+; Angel Blade Punish! 18+; Angel Links; Arcade Gamer Fubuki; Azumanga Daioh.

Page 3 (B-C): Battle Arena Toshinden; Bleach; Burn Up W/Burn Up Excess; Cool Devices 18+; Cosplay Complex; Cyber Team in Akihabara/Akihabara Dennou Gumi.

Page 4 (D): Dangaizer 3; DearS; Demon Fighter Kocho; Dirty Pair Flash; Divergence EVE/Misaki Chronicle ~Divergence EVE~; Dokkoida!?; Dominion Tank Police. Dream Hazard 18+.

Page 5 (E-G): Early Reins; Eiken; The Elven Bride 18+; Fatal Fury; Fighting Spirit (Hajime no Ippo); Galaxy Angel; Geobreeders; Get-Backers; Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex; Godannar; Golden Boy; Gravion; Grenadier; GS Mikami; Gunbuster.

Page 6 (H-K): Hand Maid May; Hand Maid Mai; Idol Boeitai Hummingbird; Idol Project; Iketeru Futari; Ikki Tousen; I'm Gonna Be an Angel!; Interlude; Jungle de Ikou!; Kanokon; Key the Metal Idol; Knights of Ramune.

Page 7 (L-Ma): La Blue Girl 18+; Labyrinth of Flames; Love Hina; Lupin III; Maburaho; Magical Meow Meow Taruto; Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi; Magical Twilight; Magic User's Club; Mahoromatic; Marine a Go-Go 18+; Martian Successor Nadesico; Master of Mosquiton; Master of Mosquiton '99.

Page 8 (Me-P): The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; Midnight Panther 18+; Miyuki-chan in Wonderland; Mouse; Naruto; New Cutey Honey; Nurse Witch Komugi; Ogenki Clinic 18+; Otaku no Video; Outlaw Star; Papillon Rose 18+ (technically); Photon; Pianist 18+; Plastic Little; Popotan; Private Psycho Lesson 18+; Psychic Academy; Puni Puni Poemy.

Page 9 (R-S): R.O.D (Read or Die); R.O.D the TV; RahXephon; Ranma ˝ (4th OVA); Record of Lodoss War; Rei Rei 18+; Rune Soldier; Saber Marionette J; Saiyuki; Sekirei; Sekirei: Pure Engagement; (The) Slayers; Slight Fever Syndrome 18+; Sorceror Hunters; Strange Love.

Page 10 (T-Z): Tattoon Master; Trigun; UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie; Usagi-chan de Cue!!; Vandread; Variable Geo; Virus (Buster Serge); Virtual Stars; Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer; Voogie's Angel; VS Knight Ramune & 40 Fire; Weather Report Girl 18+; Witchblade; Zatch Bell!.


Page 1 (A-J): Air Master; All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku; Angel Links; Armitage: Dual Matrix; Chobits; Cowboy Bebop; Devil Hunter Yohko; Eiken; End of Summer 18+; 18+; Flame of Recca; Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex; Ghost Talker's Daydream; Jewel BEM Hunter Lime; Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch; Kanokon.

Page 2 (M-V): Magic Knight Rayearth; Mamotte Shugogetten!; The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; Mezzo Forte (OVAs)18+; Mouse; Neon Genesis Evangelion; Please Teacher! (Onegai Teacher)); Pokémon; R.O.D/Read or Die; Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie; Sekirei: Pure Engagement; Slight Fever Syndrome 18+; Tenchi-Muyo!; Vandread; Variable Geo.

Thanks: Credits to the many contributors who have made BU what it is, and links to all known websites which link to this one.

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Compiled by Dave Watson. Don't hold it against him.

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