It's Called Gratitude: BEING UPFRONT Thanks

Just a line.
First, I want to thank the people who have contributed to Being Upfront. Some have nominated new characters, some have supplied me with new information, and some have even sent me graphics (or put them up on webspace for me to download; sometimes, very kindly, at my request) to use here. It's all very much appreciated; the quality of BU would suffer without these people and their contributions. In no particular order:

Ian Mousaw (whose kind permission to use his computer allowed me to get some quality captures for this page); Bo Kurland (for tons of pictures); Galen Musbach (for tons more, and above and beyond); Chandra Bridges (for friendship, contributions, the 2004 design update and badly-needed webmaster discipline); Bryan; AkioKid; Patrick Drazen; L. Gerholz; garde; Mike Corbitt; Curtis Tyrell; Amii; Halcyon Scarlet; Luca Beltrame; Labsenpai; David Park; Marie-Neige Boutin-Villeneuve; Abhoth the Unclean; Mondo; Blazej "B" Szpakowicz; Daryle Walker; Paul A. Pietromonaco; Sanschel of the Burning Hells; John C. "Google is my slave" Watson (no relation that I know of, but he's a good lad); Louis Patterson; Dave Oldridge; Gaijin Dan Mastriani; Bradster; Victor Khimenko; Dann Overvelde; Ian Barclay; Nick Bourgeois; Glenn Shaw; Anthony D. Baranyi; Sister Kourin; Kurt Hanniman; Jordan Edwards; Ryan Clark; Aje Ravenstar; Jeff Greenwood; Tilman Hausherr, the creator of Xenu's Link Sleuth, for saving me tons of time; anybody who I may have forgotten (nothing personal; I hope you understand); those who posted info in newsgroups that I used for this; people who E-mailed me information that didn't make the cut for whatever reason (it's still very much appreciated); and everybody who wrote to tell me what they thought about the site. Feedback is important; just ask the Jesus and Mary Chain and Sonic Youth dB).

Many people have linked here as well, which has been very flattering, so I think it's only fair that I should link back to them (except for one). Several have disappeared. Some may have pulled the link to me. So it goes:

Anime Web Turnpike: Okay, I had to submit that one myself. Not to mention that, ever since they changed hands and the new owners have turned it into "an extremely powerful data mining and marketing research platform," I've pulled all the links to it on BU and the rest of my site will eventually follow.
Washuu-chan and Kodachi's Harem of Anime Men: These kind ladies not only gave me the green light to link to them, but linked back here as well. Check it out, since their criteria are nowhere near as narrow as my own dB).
Animanga Anime and Manga Services: They don't link to BU, but they run an online cel shop and cel gallery, which I have occasionally used scans from in the page. Many thanks.
The Rossman Chronicles: He removed the link to BU, but his site rocks like a truckload of bricks, so I'm linking there anyway.
Addison Godel's Shrine to the Great Anime Babes
DK's Anime Page
Rob Kelk's Anime Page: A friend of mine, and a man of taste. Check out his BU-influenced page about anime girls with glasses, Ah! Megane-sama. Some of the crossovers between the two pages are mine; some of them are his.
The Yuka Takeuchi fan's Severe Waste of Time: Run by Bo Kurland, a good lad, an enormous fan of BU and a contributor of many pictures, a lot of which will show up here in further updates. And the one who hipped me to the quite Upfront video game Pachinko Sexy Reaction.

If you want to link to BU yourself (or you have, but you're out of the search engines' radar), please let me know so I can check out your site and link back to it here. If you came her from one of the links and got redirected, could you please let the webmaster of the site know about the move? Thank you.

And thank you for visiting my page. I hope you enjoyed it.

Compiled by Dave Watson (remove spamtrap word before sending). Don't hold it against him.

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