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A Special Introduction to Being Upfront
by Nurse Tatase of Ogenki Clinic

Nurse Ruko TataseHi, and welcome to Being Upfront: A Pictorial Guide to Bodacious Women in Anime. The webmaster is pleased to welcome back everybody who has been here before (and apologizes for being either too busy or too lazy to update it more often) and those of you who are checking it out for the first time. For this installment, he asked me to say a few words about the serious side of breasts. At first, I wasn't sure whether I should or not, but when he assured me that he was serious and wasn't trying to pick me up (and besides, as he pointed out, that would be impossible anyway, unless I'm on a videotape or DVD), I accepted, so here I am.

First of all, just a minor annoyance: Whenever people see the "three sizes" (bust/waist/hips), people assume that the bust measurement is actually an indication of breast size. Technically, it isn't. It's a common misconception; even the webmaster thought that was the case, but now knows better. PlusSizeBras.org's measurement page tells you all you need to know about it.

Next, it seems that almost none of the well-endowed female anime characters have problems or complaints about backache or even worse (the artists and cel painters have a rough time of it, though : )3 ). Those of you who watch Springer and other daytime "talk" shows featuring real-life women who are top-heavy and proud of it may not hear much about this there, either (and I might add that you have my pity). However, there are many women who nature has blessed too much who have problems with pain, back strain and even upset posture. The webmaster knows one girl who is now having this problem, and reports that it is not fun, nor is the unwanted attention and occasionally sick and cruel comments she gets from some boys. Life isn't a strip club; don't treat the people in it like it is. I encourage women who are having this problem to look into exercises that strengthen the shoulder and back muscles; swimming, just to give one example, is good for this. I myself keep in shape by keeping Dr. Ogekuri and some of the Clinic's more problematic patients in line. There are still cases where, no matter how fit a woman may be, she still has problems because her body structure is still not strong enough to comfortably support very large breasts. The only solution in this case is breast reduction surgery. Some of you more ignorant guys may have read that last sentence and went, "aw, what a waste." Well, imagine having to constantly (and painfully) shoulder a large amount of weight that not even lying down will give you much relief from all day, every day. Imagine having a difficult time breathing because of weights pressing down on your lungs. I admit that it's a radical solution which should be used only if exercise or other options doesn't work, but it's had positive effects on many women's lives, so, if you're a woman who's considering having it done, talk with your doctor about it. Don't talk with Dr, Ogekuri, or I may have to kill him for it.

Then there's the exact opposite: Women with small breasts who feel that surgical implants are the way to go. There has been a long history of women whose lives have actually been ruined because of poorly-performed surgery or defective and unsafe implants. Ladies, if you are considering having it done, you should think hard and discuss this issue with the right people, and not just rush into it. Most of the time, the only thing that really needs to be changed is your attitude towards your body the way it is now, or that of the man you're with (how many women have gotten boob jobs to impress their lesbian lovers?). One thing I can tell you now is that, if you're going to get it done, make it so that the results will be realistically sized; get them made too big, and you could wind up with more problems than just the odd rude comment. Some people have gotten it done in an attempt to solve more deeply-rooted body image problems, and, of course, it doesn't work; read about the late French burlesque star/European-television personality (and one-time adult film actress) Lolo Ferrari, who tried to improve her life through cosmetic surgery. Be prepared to be saddened by it, and to learn from it.

Last, but far from least, is the most unpleasant thing about breasts that anybody hears about or ever has to deal with: breast cancer. Someone close to the webmaster had a double mastectomy because of it (Note: She passed away after a long struggle with liver cancer in December 2002. May peace be with you, Mom.--DW). This is a very serious issue that goes past sexuality and right into life and death. Breast self-examination was once recommended to detect possible signs of this, but it's since been proven to not actually help decrease mortality rates. Learn more about it on breastcancer,org.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and think about these issues, and enjoy Being Upfront.

Love and fan service,
Nurse Ruko Tatase
Ogenki Clinic

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