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Dead or Alive Xtreme 2: The Official Video Game. We all know well about the original (look, helium implants!) and DOA2 (which I played on a friend's Japanese PS2; there were some times I'd deliberately lose because of how much the enemy's victory pose made me go "oh, yeah!") and then DOA3. I played that on a friend's X-Box, and, while the fighting action is utterly devastating, it doesn't give you enough time to bloody breathe, let alone drool. Tecmo either noticed this themselves, got some complaints or just decided to cash in further (or any combination of the above), so they released the spinoff Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball, which took out the lads (except for one), set the game on a tropical island owned and named after Zack (who only appears in a couple of the game's videos), swapped the exotic outfits for exotic swimwear and made the battles about volleyball and trying to gather teams by giving them gifts (which includes even more exotic swimwear). Xtreme 2 decided that it needed some diversity and added various summer-based minigames, jet-ski races, casino gambling and even opportunities to chill with one of the girls and take photos. Uh, yeah. Caused a bit of controversy, that did, especially among some video game critics, but what can you do? The most recent version of the game is a port of Xtreme 2 for the PSP called Dead or Alive Paradise, which apparently adds to the photography aspect a bit more. This has earned the game some quite negative reviews, plus an originally quite charged ESRB rating post. Stuff 'em; they can have their fun, those who dig this sort of thing can have theirs, so what's the problem?

Lisa Honeychan and Tristen Citrine (AKA Hankie Spankies): The Official Cosplayers. I met these two at Anime North 2002, and they were not only beautiful and talented, but gracious enough to not tell me what to do to myself the three separate times I asked if I could take pictures of them. Tristen Citrine (Cosplay.com; Cosplay Lab; American Cosplay Paradise) creates and wears elaborate costumes well, and her friend Lisa Honeychan (Cosplay.com; Cosplay Lab; American Cosplay Paradise) does several of Miss Citrine's creations justice, most notably Cutey Honey. Extra props for dressing up as Honey not just because she has a great body for it, but because she also genuinely really likes the character. Talent, pure flaunt-it-if-you-got-it moxy and slightly-twisted senses of humour; you gotta love these two. P.S.: If anybody has saved Lisa's photo sets from their original Goldenquartz website, please get in touch; you bet I want them.

Boob Scotch: The Official Drink. Brought to our attention by way-gone one-man band Bob Log III (late of the lo-fi blues duo Doo Rag), in a song on his album Log Bomb. The recipe is simple (although the ingredient in B is not always handy)--A: Pour Scotch over ice in a glass; B: Have a woman dip her boob in it; C: Enjoy. Bob's official website includes a NSFW video for this song, plus one for the applaudable "Clap Your Tits."

Kir Royal (KING OF BANDIT JING) and Ta Fei (ANGEL LINKS): The Official Mascot (tie).
Jing and Kir from King of Bandit JingMeifon and Ta Fei from Angel Links
Both of these characters share this title for different, but similar reasons. Kir Royal is the albatross familiar to the titular character of Jing. He's a wisecracking old bird with an eye for good-looking women who provides comic relief to this darkly quirky but excellent series. Ta Fei is Meifon Li's cute pet in Angel Links (BU main entry), who, as you can see, is quite at home nestling close to her owner's heart. Both of these creatures also turn into effective weapons when things get heavy. What other recommendations do you need, really?

Miki Sawaguchi--Big Boobs/Watashi no Mune de Onemurinasai: The Official Album. One of Japan's most famous adult video actresses let us know that she is not only very blessed, but can also carry a decent tune. A wide variety of pop and rock styles, plus a bit of noise (more points from me). Alchemy Records in Japan (who I wish would reissue the first two Hanatarashi albums) has released this album and its noise-and-spoken-word spinoff Uterus and Human, and you can mail-order the latter from Aquarius Records (sadly, Big Boobs is now out of print).

Bakunyu Sangokushi--"Bakunyu Ondo"/"Bakunyu Maneater": The Official Single. Gravure idols Yu Tejima, Marie Sukegawa and MAO make up Bakunyu Sangokushi (Big Boobs Records of the Three Kingdoms), who dress in a variant of flashy (fleshy?) Chinese clothing and sing a dance beat-driven cod-traditional-style song called "Bakunyu Ondo" (roughly, "Big Boobs March Song"), which is all about, well, how great bakunyu are. I swear to you that this is real; I can't make stuff like this up. Pure bloody novelty, but that kinda makes it perfect for BU, doesn't it? Here's the official PV of the song, a live performance, and a fan video with English subtitles using MMD models. If you find yourself having to have this CD/DVD, here's its page at CD Japan. A bit more research dredged up the full-length CD/DVD Sexy Koshien, which features not only the subject of this paragraph, but the outfits Bakunyu Sentai Pairanger (a five-woman sentai team) and Bakunyu Koshien (a ten-woman baseball team). This could possibly overtake Ms. Sawaguchi for Official BU Album. They're coming to take me away, ho ho, hee hee, ha ha, pai pai!
Miki Sawaguchi's Big Boobs CD
Bakunyu Sangokushi's ''Bakunyu Ondo'' cover

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