After six years in cryogenic sleep, we reintroduce the revived...
BEING UPFRONT:  A Pictorial Guide to Bodacious Women in AnimeTakeo and Mizuha (Magic User's Club)
Left: Naga the Serpent (Slayers OVAs/movies), cute superdeformed version;
Right: Takeo Takakura and Mizuha Miyama (Magic User's Club!)

"Everybody needs a bosom for a pillow."--Cornershop, "Brimful of Asha"

"Fan service? It's cheaper to replace them..."--Louis Patterson, post on rec.arts.anime.misc

Update--2012 07 03: Added: Girls Bravo; Ikki Tousen license statuses updated. Urd, the weekly update plans are getting shot, aren't they?
Update--2012 05 15: Added: Kanokon. The next update will most likely be in early June, since I have stuff to do for Anime North 2012, including my Japanese Underground Music panel on Sunday afternoon. See you there.
Update--2012 04 21: Fuggeddabout the fine details for this one; that's just even more delay. Many shows added, entry end format cleaned up (i.e. VHS releases are now only acknowledged in special circumstances), almost all fan site links dropped, Anime News Network Encyclopedia links added, release statuses updated (mostly out of print, sadly), E-mail links updated. Now laid out for 1024x760 display.

Update Postscript: I ain't dead yet, melonfarmers.

I can't say I blame you for thinking I was, though. SIX BLOODY YEARS since my last posted update!! ADV Films, Central Park Media and Synch-Point were still in business, and Bandai was releasing new titles. In Internet years, that is mummification. I will admit that it's nobody's fault but mine, mostly getting tied up with other Internet crap which definitely made the consumer part of me overtake the producer (life-induced ennui and feeling overwhelmed didn't help much, either). My sincere apologies if you were put off by this. However, I wish to thank my friend Chandra for giving my butt the occasional badly-needed boot (even if the tremor did take ages to reach my brain sometimes), plus proposing the dead obvious solution: Put up what you've done so far (which still needed some finishing), restrict updates to one title at a time and get on that one title ASAP. I will strive to add one new title a week, whether it's a new one or one y'all told me about ages ago I've been sitting on all this time. Also, if a show with lots of qualifying characters is holding me up, put up one with just one or two for a tide-over, then get back to it. If you think I'm lagging, put a boot in via E-mail; I might just need it. Of course, nominations are always welcome.

Oh, yeah, about Google Ads, which I talked about possibly introducing in the update I posted last eon: The feedback I got on the idea of doing that was positive, but, in the end, I decided against it, so Being Upfront remains ad-free for the foreseeable future. Face it, in the end, they're more of a pain then they're worth. Less effort toward that kind of crap means more of it towards adding a show you proposed seven years or so ago and I haven't gotten around to yet.

If somebody wants to pitch in a picture similar to the one above from Magic User's Club! to put in its place (an anime guy reacting comically to an anime girl/woman's charms), please get in touch with me. I'd look for one, but that's wasting more time, innit?

Thanks for coming by to check this out, whether you're a long-time fan or here for the first time. I hope the wait was worth it; if not, I'm trying to make the wait for the next update a lot shorter.

On the watch-and-cap pile: Girls Bravo
On deck: Queen's Blade Season 1; Highschool of the Dead; many 18+ titles (which I can at least watch quickly, being only two eps on average)...many more, but one at a time.

To those of you who want to ask me for nude (and sometimes non-nude) pictures of certain anime characters: I'm flattered that my tastes are held in high regard, but I don't run that kind of service, so I'd really rather nobody asked me for that. There are binary newsgroups and tons of websites with that sort of thing on them, so take it from there.

SEEKING: I am always on the lookout for new info, new shows and appropriate pictures for this page. By appropriate, I mean that the women in the pictures have to be dressed, but still in a way that makes their charms apparent, preferably in their standard outfit if they usually wear one (lingerie is fine as well, just as long as it covers up the naughty bits), and that shows off their faces well to boot (ultimately facing the viewer, with eyes open). Even if I had this page on an ISP that allowed porn, this standard would stay the same, since I want as many people to be able to enjoy this as possible.
-Divergence EVE: The names of the bridge bunnies, and the names of the blonde and brunette who hang out with Misaki at the academy in Misaki Chronicle. Plus the (knob)head of Mike Bailiff of ADV/Sentai Filmworks for releasing the series (among many others) in Thinpak sets with all the on-disc extras stripped out and deleting the single volumes (among many other series; more on that later). Throw in Steven Foster's ego melon and I'll have one wicked executive desk toy.
-Giant Robo: A good website with info about the Ginrei Specials. Someone gave me a pretty good picture and some info; I just need a little more.
-Bouncy anime footage: The official anime fan music video of Being Upfront is still no further ahead than it was. I haven't done much with the website in six years, so what did you expect? It's still in the planning stages (well, I've at least prepped the audio, and gotten some footage so far). Yes, I am aware of Harsh Mistress Television's "Bouncy Mix" set to Lords of Acid's "I Must Increase My Bust," and they will be acknowledged in the video credits (actually, I've been in touch with them; they'd seen this page and told me they'd wished it was around when they made their vid!), plus several others. I'm planning to put together a new one with a different (but very fitting) song, scenes that aren't in those ones (to the best of my knowledge), and a few quirks, including remixing the song with appropriate soundbites and beatmatched snippits of other songs. For maximum effectiveness, of course I would like to have footage of other characters' reactions to seeing this as well. Since I don't own the equipment to do this (I have connections), I can't put together a R-rated equivalent for the hell of it (otherwise, I'd really have a lot to work with), but I don't, and besides, I wouldn't be able to show it in too many places if I did, so the webpage standard applies here, too: No nudity, please! Also, it must either be raw Japanese footage or English dub; subtitles get in the way, y'see. If you can help me out here, please get in touch.

-And, of course, any nominations for any character you feel should be here, with some info about the character and a source for good pictures (I don't have access to binaries newsgroups, so I'm afraid that's not an option for me).

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