BEING UPFRONT: A Pictorial Guide to Bodacious Women in Anime

These characters are not primarily known for outstanding size or perpetual motion, but they do have their moments. Here's where their attributes receive a tribute. Print/licence statuses at the end of the entries refer to North America (that's where I live, so...).
Just a Line.
; Alcyone (foreground in picture; left to right)
Caldina from RayearthAlcyone (and the other villains) from Rayearth
When three high school junior girls get transported from the Tokyo Tower to help defend a magical world called Cephiro, they have many new and strange things and people to deal with. Caldina is a dancer and the third of the villains sent to try to destroy our heroines before they become full-fledged Magic Knights. Her grand introduction is peppered liberally with bounce (as is episode 13). Alcyone is much more stern, serious and dangerous in her efforts, but this doesn't prevent her from outfits like this (plus the one she gives a quick wobble in during the battle in episode 25) or being described as having the biggest chest in Cephiro by Caldina in episode 31. A creation of CLAMP, the four-woman manga-ka team behind such series as Tokyo Babylon, X/1999 and Card Captor Sakura/"Cardcaptors." And Chobits, I might add.

In print on Anime Works, a division of
Media Blasters (bilingual DVD). Take note that the DVDs they originally released garnered a lot of criticism for their quality. To commemorate its 15th anniversary, they have since released new collections of both seasons, digitally remastered from the original film elements, and all the screwing around they did with the new DVD technology (which was sound in theory but stank in practice) is now gone. A prime example of good things coming to those who wait.
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Rayearth on dmoz
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Ruuan Keikounitten
(left in picture)
Tasuke Shichiri is a high-school student whose dad is an archeologist, so he's away from home on digs most of the time. His dad mails him a ring from China called a shitenrin (which frames the girls in the picture) that, according to legend, grants a person with a pure heart who looks into it a guardian from heaven. You can see where this is going, right? Tasuke winds up summoning Shaolin Shugogetten (moon goddess) (right in picture) who is very sweet and tries her best, but being trapped in the shitenrin for 4000 years hasn't prepared her for the modern world at all, so much hijinks ensue. The next day, another package arrives from dear old dad, this time containing a wand called a kokutentou that was found in the same area as the shitenrin. Detect a pattern yet? Ruuan Keikounitten (sun goddess, and an old rival of Shaolin's) pops up, and her duty is to make Tasuke happy. Of course, she tries to do this by hanging all over him something aggressive, which makes him uncomfortable more than anything else. Like Jiyuu in Jubei-chan, her chest isn't really that large (well, not by my standards! dB) ), but it's presented well enough and given some attention by others, so here's her slot in this section. Yes, this show exploits the Ah! My Goddess formula something fierce, but does so with huge doses of screwball humour in the mix. While it's not as endearing as A!MG (and stupider, which sadly somehow infected the A!MG TV series), it's still pretty nice and definitely funny.

Not licensed.
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Ruuan and Shalin from Shugogetten
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Haruhi Suzumiya (two pictures); Tsuruya-san
Haruhi Suzumiya (center) from The Melancholy of...Haruhi Suzumiya cheerleading from the OP of The Melancholy of...Tsuruya-san from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Suzumiya...definitely one of the most complex characters in anime. Eccentric, crazy, (b)rash, highly energetic, stubborn, attractive, intelligent, optimistic, melancholic, athletic (when she wants to be, which isn't very often), enthusiastic, almost dangerously proactive, unscrupulous, usually lacking in propriety, strongly competitive, jealous, charming, infuriating, easily bored, omnipotent...and blissfully unaware of the last one. Compared to the much put-upon (by Haruhi) Mikuru Asahina, she has a fairly modest build, but the producers couldn't resist giving her a bit of up-and-down whilst cheerleading in the OP (quickly followed by distressed-looking Mikuru trying to do the same and thrashing around instead). That's the only time this happens in the series I can see; the producers are too busy keeping on top of her facial expressions to mess around a lot with that sort of thing. Speaking of Mikuru, one of her friends places here, thanks to a recent skimming of my DVDs. Tsuruya-san is as lively as Haruhi, with the advantage of being a lot less dangerous. She doesn't show up often in the anime, but you can be guaranteed she's going to break out laughing at some point when you see her. In the scene her picture above is taken from, she hops out of the café she's helping run at North High's cultural festival to talk with Kyon and his friends about it quite frankly (including admitting that their fried noodles aren't that good) in a quite animated fashion--and not just her voice. They still come in and have some, though. You have to look for her qualifications in this scene, since they're a lot more subtle than usual, but you can't deny them once you can see them. No, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya isn't the eye-gouging service fest that the likes of Queen's Blade and High School of the Dead are (those entries are forthcoming, I can assure you), but it doesn't have to be, does it?

In print on
Bandai Entertainment, Inc. (bilingual DVD; note that the Special Editions of the first season include extra sub-only DVDs of the episodes in broadcast order). They have also released the super-deformed gag series, The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya (bilingual DVD) and the movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (bilingual DVD, bilingual Blu-Ray).
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Momomi from Mezzo Forte
Given that Yasuomi Umetsu's works, Kite and Cool Devices: Yellow Star were brutal pieces of work which saved a lot of its brutality for the intimate scenes featuring its young female leads, I wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to see Mezzo Forte--even with a nomination I had been E-mailed. Given the flap that Kite stirred up here, Umetsu made a conscious decision to make Mezzo Forte in a way that the sex scenes could be removed easily for an alternate release for general audiences. That's the version that I finally watched. The young, cute, spunky and deadly Mikura, author and former detective Kurokawa and explosives/mechanics man Harada make up a mercenary group who are hired to kidnap Momokichi, the wealthy owner of the local baseball team Peach Twisters (yes, that sounds kind of like slang for masturbation to me, too). The two things they hadn't counted on were bungling the job, and Momokichi's daughter Momomi. Papa is a big man who isn't above proving his points with a little death, and Daddy's little girl is a big chip off the old block. She's young, sexy, cold as ice and has even less hesitation about plugging people who bother her than dear old dad. Her opening scene has her lounging by the pool in this bikini, which even affords a cute little wobble--but that's all that's cute about that scene. Since that's really the only time her chest looks that big, she only earns an Honourable Mention. I should probably give the award to the bikini, since her nude shower scene doesn't make her look that big; she's still far from flat, though. Like Kite and Yellow Star, the violence is not spared here--but it's also presented in an absurd, over-the-top manner which makes it more comical than anything else. If it wasn't for the fact that the first sex scene is apparently consensual, I'd go for the general release version myself. While anyone who knows me knows that I'm not big on censorship, at least the original choice is as widely available as the watered-down one (which is more than can be said about the Nasty Versions of 2 Live Crew's albums in Canada), which is cool with me. Also, the story set up some big elements which wound up being abandoned among all the flesh and carnage. However, the Mezzo--Danger Service Agency TV series, made in early 2004, may have gotten to the bottom of those mysterious flashbacks both girls experience here (I haven't watched any of it yet, so I don't know). Or maybe not, given the ending of the OVAs, which were made in 2001. For now, these OVAs are black-humoured pieces of work which doesn't require too much intellectual effort to watch--not to say that the main characters don't display sharp wits now and again--but that (the general versions, at least) are still fun in their own twisted right; eye beef jerky rather than eye candy.

The 18+ version is in print on
Kitty Media (18 and over only, please) (bilingual DVD).
The general audience version is in print on Anime Works, a division of Media Blasters (bilingual DVD).
The Mezzo TV series (Momomi's not in it, according to this) is out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). The Thinpak collections have the on-disc extras stripped off.
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Hazuki Kakio; Machiko Tsukioka; Mirei Hanamura (right in picture) (upper row, left to right); Samantha Morajima (lower right)
Hazuki from MouseMuon and Machiko from MouseUta and Mirei from Mouse
Once more, we steal away for some extra added service. Hazuki is Mouse's third servant by night and Yamanoue Complex's phys.ed. teacher by day. As you saw from the picture in the main entry, she's shorter and of slighter build than Mei and Yayoi, but she's given a couple of nice turns, including the scene this still is from. I mentioned three female students who are fond of Muon (left in upper right picture). They include the fiery redhead Machiko, who is the most aggressive of the group, including wheedling dates out of "Chuu-chan" (which makes the servants madly jealous, despite that he's obviously not trying anything with her). A scene involving Mouse's enemy One was what landed her here; apart from that, all I can say is it's not one of the kinder moments of the series. The other two are quieter and distinguish themselves only by their height difference--until the scene where the three of them wind up wearing Mouse's servants' outfits. We can see that Mirei doesn't do badly with Yayoi's kit; she even merrily pirouettes around once she notices that herself. In the last episode, we meet Samantha Morajima (played by voice actor/singer Momoi Halko; she says so herself), who is the caretaker of the Sorata family home on Ansebu Island. After being called by our fatigued heroic villains to come around and help out with the main residence, she declares that she's going to do her best and puts her best bounce forward--just one time, so here she is. Spice on top of spice may be too much for some people, but in this case, I like it--especially since this type makes me laugh instead of burning my mouth out.

In print on Anime Works, a division of Media Blasters (bilingual DVD). Both discs are now in one Litebox for a great price.
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The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Hazuki Kakio gallery
Samantha from Mouse
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Misato Katsuragi

Shinji and Misato from EvangelionMisato from Evangelion (casual mode)
A recent rewatch of the most influential anime series in recent times (and one the most controversial ones) has turned up an Honourable Mention. The setting is Tokyo-3, which has rebuilt itself after the apocalyptic Second Impact in 2000. The timid 14-year-old Shinji Ikari (left in left picture) is sought out by his estranged father Gendo, who he hasn't seen since his mother Yui mysteriously disappeared during an accident at NERV, the organization based in Tokyo-3 that they both worked for. Shinji is picked up during a state of evacuation by Captain Misato Katsuragi of NERV, after which, he has to deal with a mysterious explosion, being whisked off to NERV, meeting his cold-piranha father again (which opens up Shinji's psychological wounds), and then finding out he was only called upon to pilot a giant robot called an Evangelion Unit against unknown enemies called Angels. Eventful day. To top it off, Captain Katsuragi decides to take custody of Shinji and move him into her apartment, which she shares with a penguin named Pen-Pen and a surprising amount of empty alcohol bottles and cans. As an officer, she handles difficult situations with great skill; at home, she's a lazy slob. Shortly after he sees this snakepit he now calls home, Misato throws a dinner party to celebrate his arrival (all instant food, all of which she cooks terribly), during which she wears baggy clothes, slams down cans of beer and chides Shinji for his reticent nature, offering one notable Gainax bounce during the last part. On one hand, I feel kind of weird including this series because of its heaviness, especially concerning the characters' frailties and how they affect their relationships. On the other hand, Gainax couldn't resist having Misato promise in most of the next-episode previews that there would be more "service, service", and occasionally delivering on them for comic relief. And to help sell merchandise, especially the stuff featuring the enigmatic (and much-fetishized) fellow pilot Rei Ayanami.

• TV series: Out of print (previously on ADV Films on quadrilingual DVD (original release) and bilingual DVD (Platinum Edition)). The
Thinpak version of the Platinum Complete Collection (6 discs, not 7) has the on-disc extras stripped off. The Perfect Collection tin box doesn't, but I had to pass on that. Neither does the Perfect Collection Holiday Edition (7 discs, not 8), which I was able to swing. I wish I could find scans of the booklets in the original singles.
• The Death and Rebirth and The End of Evangelion movies (both links require Flash): Out of print (previously on Manga Entertainment on bilingual DVD).
• The Rebuild movies (Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone. and Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance.) are available from FUNimation Productions, Ltd. (bilingual DVD, bilingual Blu-Ray). Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo. is scheduled for theatrical release in Japan in Fall 2012.
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Evangelion on dmoz
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Mizuho Kazami; Koishi Herikawa; Hatsuho Kazami (right in picture; left to right)
Mizuho (and Kei) from Onegai TeacherKoishi (and Mizuho) from Onegai TeacherMizuho and Hatsuho from Onegai Teacher
Kei Kusanagi (on the right in the first picture) is a young lad who suffers from an unknown illness which causes him to black out when he feels deeply distressed or depressed; in fact, this caused him to go into a coma for three years, and, while he still attends high school, he's actually 18 years old. One night, as he's laying on the grass in front of a lake, a spaceship descends, and he sees its pilot, an attractive young woman, surface on the water. The whole experience leaves him understandably freaked out, and, to top everything off, their new national language teacher, Mizuho Kazami, turns out to be the alien woman (actually half-human) he encountered. Due to circumstances, they wind up getting closer to each other, and a couple of events arouse suspicion in his aunt and uncle (his guardians) and principal. This results in them getting married to keep both of them from getting drummed out of school, which adds another secret that Kei has to keep from everybody else, on top of having to deal with a relationship that has jarringly shifted gears on him. In the fifth episode, they go to Okinawa for their honeymoon, since they figure that they'll be away from his classmates/her students. Someone watches the couple on the beach through binoculars, and the first sight of her shows her merrily bouncing away up to hubby in the outfit above. Later on, it turns out that Kei's circle of friends is actually there after all, including Koishi. She's been his friend for a some time, but hopes that he'll see her as more as that, dropping hints like getting up in his face and asking if he likes how it looks (meaning the swimsuit, but still...) in the frame above. She also gives a damn good bobble of frustration later in the episode when he runs away from her that night. In the sixth episode, they're back home (conveniently right next door to his uncle, who's a doctor) and they find that Mizuho's mother Hatsuho ("MILF! MILF!") and younger sister Maho (remind you of a certain sister of Ah! My Goddess' Belldandy?) have stopped by to see who she snared. Hatsuho steps right up to Kei to talk to him about how he should treat her daughter, which gives him (and us) a faceful of impressive cleavage. While I've gone on about the fanservice quotient in Onegai Teacher, it's in this section because (A) the scenes above are pretty much all there is to that, and (B) the rest of the time, this is a surprisingly tasteful, mature and dramatic series about the nature of friendship and love, with some of the best character development I've ever seen. Heartily recommended.

Out of print (previously on
Bandai Entertainment, Inc. on bilingual DVD).
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Kojiro (AKA James) (top picture, right); Kanna (AKA Prima, AKA Lorelei) (captures below)
If anyone had ever told me that Poké-bloody-mon would make it onto this page, I would have asked them for some of their drugs so some badly-needed funkiness could be added to, say, Kaitou Saint Tail. But what do you know? Here it is.
Kasumi, Musashi and Kojiro from PM
In episode 18, "Holiday in Aopulco" (which was originally not shown but appeared as a "lost episode" entitled "Beauty and the Beach"), Musashi/Jesse (above, middle) and Kojiro/James (right) crash a beauty contest during Kasumi/Misty's (left) spot. Yes, I said Kojiro/James. He wears an inflatable female body suit with a bikini and lipstick to pass as a woman. After a bit of fumbling in the cleavage of the suit, he freaks Kasumi/Misty (and the audience) out by inflating the breasts to melonious proportions, and then taunts her by hefting them. Very wrong, and bloody funny. This scene was most definitely not included in the North American "lost episode" version. Congratulations, Kojiro/James; you are the first bodacious GUY in anime to earn a place in Being Upfront!
Kanna and Satoshi from PMKanna and Kanna from PM
Later in the series, our gang are on Mandarin Island, where they hear about an expert Pokémon trainer named Prima (who is really Kanna AKA Lorelei, a member of the Elite Four who specializes in Water/Ice Pocket Monsters), who runs demonstrations and battles. When this episode was shown, several fans wigged out on the newsgroups, and one took some screen captures off it and put them up on his page (I forgot your name, but if you're reading this, thank you). The capture on the right, from the battle in the episode, is of the full screen--no cropping (except for the black around the edges; notice the Warner logo watermarks in the bottom right corners). The producers of the show definitely did that on purpose, and, of course, they have my gratitude for it. dB)

In print on Viz Media, LLC (edited dub-only DVD; did you expect anything more than that from them?).
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Pokémon on dmoz
Just a Line.
Yomiko Readman (Code Name: The Paper)
While Miss Deep may be the most obvious representative of R.O.D for this page, we can't overlook the female lead, book otaku Yomiko Readman, best known as "The Paper" (if you think your paper airplanes are the best, she's got something to show you). In the big battle in the second episode, she gives a few good turns (albeit not as much as her funkily-suited partner), and you can also see quite a bit of the lining of her jacket in this capture. Also, judging by some of the manga scans I've seen, Miss Readman does have the ability to fill out a few fancy gowns. Shame that none of those scenes ever got animated.

In print on Aniplex USA (bloody expensive bilingual Blu-Ray, boxed with R.O.D the TV; previously on Manga Entertainment on bilingual DVD). Be warned that Mangle did no research on the story's background whatsoever (surely they could have scratched up a few dollars to pick up copies of the manga and novels), and the translation is pretty goosed as a result. Most notably, the notes left around Yomiko's apartment by friend/roommate/author Nenene Sumiregawa reminding her to do several things are translated as "(Do this) up! Up! Up!" Yeesh. I haven't heard if Overcharge USA's Blu-Ray release fixes this.
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The Paper from R.O.D
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Nanami Kiryu (bovine version)
Nanami the cow and Chu-Chu from the Utena movieNanami the girl from Utena
When the Sailor Moon anime was finally allowed to finish, some of the crew who worked on it went on to form the creative team Be-Papas, most notably director Kunihiko Ikuhara. Their best-known work to this day remains the shoujo TV series Shoujo Kakumei Utena, which follows a young woman named Utena Tenjou as she enters the prestigious Ohtori Academy. She encountered a prince when she was very young and both of her parents had died. He comforted her and gave her a ring with a rose insignia on it to remember him by. This left such a powerful impression on her that she wanted to grow up to...become a prince herself, even going so far as to wear a boy's uniform at Ohtori. This attracts a lot of attention to her, especially from the Student Council, who, among other things, holds sword duels in which the winner wins the favour of Anthy Himemiya, the Rose Bride. Utena gets caught up in the duels and the Student Council's many machinations, which range from quirky to surreal to dark. The president of the Council is the young and handsome Touga Kiryu, who has a pretty 13-year-old sister named Nanami. Nanami loves her brother very much; in fact, to a quite obsessive degree. In the TV series, she was frequently played for comic relief, including an episode in which she receives a fashion accessory she promptly wears everywhere and boasts about. This turns out to be a cowbell, and, before too long, she has turned into a cow version of herself. The Utena movie redesigned the characters and retold the story with many spins on it, including the type which couldn't easily be shown on TV. The already high surreality quotient was also ramped up very sharply, with one prime scene being the only appearance of both Anthy's pet monkey Chu-Chu and Nanami--again, as a cow. During this scene, Nanami rears back on her hind legs when faced with Chu-Chu, and her udder shakes, which makes this the only occurrance of mammary bounce in the whole of Utena--and maybe even in the whole of the shoujo anime genre. If a guy in an inflatable woman's-body suit can make it onto Honourable Mentions, there's no reason why a farm animal can't.

In print on
The Right Stuf International (bilingual DVD, as part of the third TV box set, The Apocalypse Saga; previously on Central Park Media on self-contained bilingual DVD).
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Kujika; Kuzuri (left to right in picture)
As if I don't have enough Sekirei on this website already. Nishi Sanada is the Ashikabi of the West, who has winged three Sekirei. Despite being a rough-looking so-n-so like Seo Kaoru (who he has a comical fist fight in the manga, after which they respect each other more and Seo's Sekirei respect him less) and driving a motorcycle, he is almost embarrassingly protective of his Sekirei; well, all three of them are young(ish), cute and generally cheerful. While Kujika and Kuzuri (numbers unknown) are obviously not as buxom as a lot of the characters in this series, the anime staff couldn't resist giving them a bit of a turn at the end of Pure Engagement. Here's hoping that Funimation didn't black out the horizontally-scrolling Kanji ED credits of the last episode like they did with the first series, as we will lose this particular bit if they do. I also hope they corrected that for the first series' re-release/Blu-Ray, since that part of the initial DVD release cheesed me off.

In print on FUNimation Productions, Ltd. (bilingual DVD & bilingual Blu-Ray collection).
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Kujika and Kuzuri from Sekirei:  Pure Engagement
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Mizuki Yuzuriha; Tsuchiya-sensei (right to left in picture)
While Mariko was most definitely a shoo-in (bra-in?), two more characters from this series gave me some trouble about whether they belong on this page or not. A rewatch helped me make up my mind. The trouble is, the production quality of Slight Fever Syndrome is not the greatest, and state variation is the result. Female lead Mizuki benefits from this, as does the first teacher to drop into her office seeking her help. Tsuchiya-sensei is a good-time woman who is concerned about a vanilla form of sexual deviance an old boyfriend turned her onto, and how to broach the subject with any future flames without risking driving them away. With Mizuki's help, she learns to accept it--and ends up finding another deviance to like. And you like it too, guys; admit it.

Out of print (previously on Kitty Media (18 and over only, please) on bilingual DVD).
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The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Slight Fever Syndrome gallery page
Tsuchiya and Mizuki from Slight Fever Syndrome
Just a Line.
In this venerable fan favourite, a curious young man named Tenchi Masaki is told several times by his father to keep away from a cave with a locked entrance close to his house. His curiosity gets the better of him, though, and when he manages to wrangle the key, he goes in and uncovers a mummified body, which turns out to be alive. This form later reveals itself as Ryoko, infamous space pirate and just plain bad girl (if you can consider 5000 years old a "girl"!), who at first appears to be trying to kill or injure Tenchi, but then falls in love with him and even moves into his home. She's very loyal, to the point of insane jealousy when other women (especially Juraian princess Ayeka) enter the scene, and more than a bit forward, which frequently embarrasses Tenchi. I previously attained her buxom appearance to "state variation," given how much smaller her chest looks in the hot spring scenes in the first OVA series. Then again, her entire body looks smaller in these scenes than in pictures like the OVA cover illo of her standing a bit to her left, looking forward and holding up her index finger, in which she looks taller and has very broad shoulders. A bit of a closer look led me to conclude that she is not really unrealistically endowed, but has the talent to both dress and pose in a way that emphasizes her assets, and this picture with Ryo-Ohki-chan uses both methods, so, for these reasons, she is now here.

Most of the releases of the various Tenchi OVAs/TV series/movies are out of print (previously on Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. on bilingual DVD). The third OVA series, from 2003, is in print on FUNimation Productions, Ltd. (bilingual DVD).
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Ryoko (with Ryo-ohki-chan) from Tenchi-Muyo!
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Parfet Balblair
(BWH: 83/59/84cm; Source:
Official Vandread Website)
Duero and Parfet from VandreadParfet from Vandread swings
Parfet is the chief engineer of the Nirvana, and winds up becoming close to ship's doctor (and kidnapped Tarakian) Duero Mcfile (the man on the left in the left picture), since she regards herself as a sort of doctor to the ship's machinery. She is the one of the last characters from Vandread you expected to see here, right? She looks quite mousy--you can't even see her eyes through those glasses of hers--and her outfit, erm, doesn't let as much air circulate as almost all of the other crew members'. However, when she has to seriously throttle a piece of machinery for episode 10 of the first series, we see that she has enough motion (right picture) to get herself on this part of the page. Also, you'd have to be an idiot to not be able to see what a kind and friendly character she is as well; you might not kick Jura or Barnette out of your bed for eating crackers, but Parfet is somebody you definitely want as a friend for life.

In print in North America on FUNimation Productions, Ltd. (bilingual DVD; previously on Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc.). Note that this collection that FUNi has released contains the Vandread Integral and Vandread Turbulence OVAs (sub only), which Geneon never licensed, while their original collection doesn't. However, both collections lost the on-disc extras the Geneon DVDs had. Lance Heiskell from Funimation told me that they didn't release the OVAs on a separate disc because they didn't think that the stores would carry it. Ain't that some...? Since they put them both on a fifth disc in the package anyway, it wouldn't hurt to make it available via mail order. Well, Funi?
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Nirvana's Safe Haven.
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Kaori Yanase
(BWH: 84/58/87cm); Chiho Masuda (BWH: 83/59/85cm) (left to right)
(Source: The Variable Geo Complete Visual Collection artbook)
Last year's champion of the V.G. tournament was 19-year-old Reimi Jyahana, head of the Jyahana Group. As such, she winds up with two fighters looking to challenge her directly: Kaori Yanase of the MoHi Kan in Chiba, who lost to her in the finals and is looking to get back at her for her humiliating loss, and Chiho Masuda of CASO in Tokyo, who is a Ninja who is spying on the Jyahana Group to try to figure out what dark goings-on are happening there. These two characters are not as mobile as the ones listed in the main guide, but I saw enough to conclude that they should be here.

Out of print in North America (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). AVOID THE DUB. If you have a copy of the DVD you'd like to sell, please get in touch with me. Note that a series called Variable Geo Neo has been released in North America (by one of those stupid companies that release one ep per full-price disc), but also note that it's a different production company, has different character designs than this, and is an 18+ title which is chock full of rape (the punishment game got ramped up). They could have had me until that very last bit.
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The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Kaori Yanase gallery
Kaori from Variable GeoChiho from Variable Geo

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