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Just a Line.
Nancy Makuhari (Code Name: Miss Deep)

Miss Deep from R.O.D on R2 DVD cover (detail)Miss Deep and the Paper from R.O.D on the run
In this three-OVA series, The Royal British Library's Division of Special Operations agent and world's cutest bookworm Yomiko Readman (Code Name: The Paper; on the right in the above right picture) retrieves rare books for fun and for profit (and for the sheer love of the printed word, natch). In a mission she is given to find out who is responsible for re-animating "ijin" (great people, of historical note) with the goal of taking over the world, she encounters an odd librarian-type (pictured right) who is seeking the rare book she is also after, but Yomiko's tenacity wins. Later on it turns out that the same woman is actually her new partner, the secretive "Miss Deep," who is called this because of her ability to pass through solid matter like walls and ceilings. Gee, Sarge, you don't think it might also be because of something else, do you? That nice exotic outfit not only allows for greater suntanning capability, but, as the (brightened and contrasted pretty wickedly to show detail) capture above shows, much movement. The manga creators may have been trying to encourage more people to read proper books with this, and that's great. I hope they succeed; I like to read (and write, obviously), but, unfortunately, I get sleepy after not very much of it (to add insult to injury, I prefer subtitled anime). However, given the choice between picking up a book or picking up Miss Deep, I think we all know what I'd choose. Yes--the option that I can definitely stay up for.

Available on Aniplex USA (bilingual Blu-Ray, boxed with R.O.D the TV; previously on Manga Entertainment on bilingual DVD). I hope they cleaned up the bad job Manga did on the translation of the OVAs (the notes at the beginning are from someone named "Nenene"; they don't say to do something "up, up, up!"). No one has said anything about that that I've seen, probably because they're still stunned by the stupid price Aniplex charged for it.
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Nancy Makuhari's first appearance in R.O.D
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Nenene Sumiregawa; Michelle Chan; Yomiko Readman and Nancy (right to left in picture); Alice Alice Arquette
Nenene from R.O.D the TVMichelle from R.O.D the TVNancy and Yomiko from R.O.D the TVAlice from R.O.D the TV ep. 9
Famous Japanese novelist Nenene Sumiregawa is visiting Hong Kong to tie in with her last book being made into a movie. Her agent assigns guides to her (who become bodyguards after a threat is made on her life), bringing in the Paper Sisters, a trio of detectives who are also paper users and work out of an apartment literally bursting with books. They consist of Michelle Chan, the flighty (and bouncy) eldest; the tall and gangly Maggie Mui, and Anita King, a young and smart but kind of bratty type who, unlike the other two, hates books with a passion. Nenene has been suffering writer's block ever since her close friend Yomiko Readman disappeared five years ago, and is desperately searching for her. The Paper Sisters come to move into Nenene's apartment to continue guarding her, which leads to a lot of friction, but they eventually settle in together--especially when people crop up from the past attempting to change the future. I don't think I'll spoil very much by revealing that Nenene and the Sisters eventually find Yomiko in hiding with a young woman named Nancy (remember the end of the OVAs?) halfway through the 26-episode series, and when Yomiko runs away at first, Nenene chases after her, confirming both of their placements on this site. Also earning a spot on here is a character who only appears in episode 9. Since Nenene really isn't fond of being guarded and occasionally leaves on her own, the Sisters also take assignments on the side for extra money. During one of them, they have to follow a former British Museum archaologist named Alice Alice Arquette (AKA Triple A) at a recently-excavated ruin site in Gifu-ken which also includes a hot spring--something which Alice more than obviously enjoys when she and her familiar guard finds it. Sorry for the substandard pose, but the only still I've found which flatters both face and bust breaks one of my site rules, if you know what I mean. While the fan service is well worth commenting on here, I have to emphasize that the story, characters and action (not to mention the animation quality) are just as strong as the original OVA series, only more engaging, since there are more of all of them to work with. However, I do have to join the viewers who notice and are confused by a weakness which paper users have in this series--but not always. Still, if you enjoyed the OVA, then you most definitely have to get this series.

Available on
Aniplex USA (stupidly expensive bilingual Blu-Ray, boxed with R.O.D (Read or Die); previously on Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. on bilingual DVD).
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Cathy McMahon

Cathy from RahXephon (standard)Cathy from RahXephon (beach)
Buxom Blonde American in a Cowboy Hat #3. In 2012, Ayato Kamina is a quiet and artistic high school student leading a pleasant life in Tokyo Jupiter, drawing and painting. All this is changed when the city is attacked while he's on a subway train. While trying to seek help for his friends, Ayato is swept away by a strange woman who leads him to a secret underground base. Housed in it is an egg which hatches a giant winged robot called RahXephon, which, it turns out, he has to the ability to pilot to help defend the city against a race of aliens known as the Mu, who are not only attacking the city, but infiltrating and controlling it. After finding out that his life (and some of the people he knows, like his mother) is not what it seems, he settles into his new role as the newest pilot of the the organization TERRA, who are battling the Mu. TERRA is joined early in the series by one of ace pilot Elvy Hadhiyat's old wingmates, 23-year-old 2nd Lieutenant Cathy McMahon. Going under the callname "Ja Ja Uma" ("crazy horse"), she's definitely cut to fit the American stereotype, from arrogant attitude (as fellow team member Jean-Patrick Shapplin finds out while he's innocently trying to listen to some classical music) to aggressive build. You see Ayato finding out about that in the above right picture, when she finds out about his drawing ability during a beach party and excitedly offers to model for him. She's so minor a character that there's really no info about her online that I can find, but she's about the only fan service in RahXephon. If you feel like a lot of elements in this were lifted wholesale from Neon Genesis Evangelion--from the basic setup to the Rei-Ayanami-like Quon Kisaragi to the first movie that largely refries TV series footage--well, I think you're dead-on right. However, this doesn't carry the weight of Hideaki Anno's neuroses and pretensions, the characters are largely likeable, and the plot is cranked to brain-melt by tons of events, characters and their relationships, not by religious imagery, so this is highly recommended if you like Evangelion--or might have liked it, if only it wasn't so heavy and confusing.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). The Thinpak collections are easy to find and, unlike most of ADV's, not only leave the extras on the discs, but include the RahXephon movie. The 15-minute OVA bundled with the Special Edition of the Japanese PS2 game is not licensed.
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RANMA ½ (4th OVA)
Hinako Ninomiya
Miss Hinako is a teacher brought into Furinkan High to teach English--and keep the students in line. She looks (and acts) like a young girl in kind of baggy clothes a good lot of the time, but get a little too hard to handle around her and she will drain your energy from you (usually with a ¥5 coin) and blast it right back at you in the form of a fireball. This process also causes her body to turn into her full-size (and quite voluptuous) adult form. Sorry, Shampoo and Nabiki fans, but judging by what I've seen, she is the best candidate for this guide.

NOTE: As nice as they are, I didn't include Atsuko "Knockerjima" Nakajima's wigged-out female character designs in the Nihao My Concubine movie (especially of Ranma-chan herself) in the main guide because I feel that they're an exception to the standard Ranma ½ character design, in which size differences are noticeable and things just aren't blown up as much. I might just get it together and give 'em a spot in Honourable Mentions, though.

Out of print (previously on Viz Media, LLC on bilingual DVD).
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Miss Hinako from Ranma 1/2
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Pirotess from ROLW Pirotess from ROLW
Lodoss War is a popular series influenced by role-playing games, complete with fantastic medieval setting. Like all RPGs, you have to have good guys and bad guys at different levels. Pirotess is a dark elf, a front-line fighter who totally contrasts with female lead/good elf Deedlit in many ways, including build and presentation, but has much in common with her as well, including being in love with Ashram (the bad guys' equivalent of male lead Parn), who is also not quick on returning affections. The left picture was compiled (roughly) from her upward-pan first scene. Yep, one for the RPG players, all right. The person who nominated Pirotess was a bit concerned that I might not include her, since the series in general, and her role in particular, could be considered too serious for this page. Now, serious is good and everybody should own one, but I did find it a bit funny that, during her battle scene in her debut episode (right picture), her chest seemed to fill out a little more. Huh? Do anime women release estrogen at the same time as adrenalin? This could be something for the Anime Laws of Physics.

Out of print (previously on U.S. Manga Corps on bilingual DVD). Media Blasters has apparently license-rescued both the OVA series and the sequel TV series Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, as reported back in February 2010 (check out the complete In the News list in the link below). No release announcement has been made yet as of April 2012.
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Just a Line.
Rei Rei is an OVA series based on the manga by Toshimitsu Shimizu (801 TTS Airbats/Aozora Shoujotai), about Missionary of Love Kaguya's efforts to keep the Moon close to the Earth by helping out romantically-troubled young people on Earth. However, I don't think the original Japanese mythological tale of the bamboo cutter that Kaguya's name was taken from was anywhere near as wild as this. She is a kind and caring person, but also has a sharp sense of daring, as her interactions with the people she takes under her care shows. While her chest size and movement is notable, it's their functions that make them stand out. For one thing, she can see the thoughts and memories of both young men and women by cradling their head in her bosom. They also play a large part in the Second Night OVA (part two of the Soft Cel release), where Freud 101 comes into play. All in all, this is one of the few hentai titles that gives you a nice dose of WAFF with your jollies, which I wish more did. I might add that the original box cover made it look like tentacle porn; don't believe it. The aforementioned Second Night has a brief tentacle scene in it, but it's tame compared to the likes of Urotsukidöji, is used to illustrate a part of Satoshi's (the lad with the nosebleed in the still) psyche, and is literally cut short by her manservant Pipi.

In print on Kitty Media (18 and over only, please) (bilingual DVD; previously on Soft Cel Pictures and then on Critical Mass Video (18 and over only, please) with an improved translation). Thanks very much, Kitty, for using that damned tentacle cover (which doesn't really reflect the content of the series), which is gonna make mail-ordering it to Canada extremely difficult.
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Kaguya (with Satoshi) from Rei Rei
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Melissa (left); Genie
Melissa from Rune SoldierGenie from Rune Soldier
In this fantasy/action/comedy TV series, a trio of young women (cleric Melissa, warrior Jeannie and thief Merill) seek a sorceror to help them in their quests, and they hear about Louie. When they meet with him, what they find is a wine- and woman-loving cementhead who is just scraping by in his magical studies (he's still in the academy by the grace of his father being the headmaster), and depends more on his fists than his magic to get things done. Melissa, who is very devout in her faith, is placing a lot on finding her "hero," who she dreams of being a tall and handsome man; too bad that that the signs are pointing towards him being Louie! Genie (ADV Films' spelling; I prefer "Jeannie," but if this is correct, then so be it) is arguably the toughest one of the group--I wouldn't want to be on the business end of her sword or a fist powered by those impressive biceps--but no one told the character designer that muscular women's breasts usually flatten out as they minimize their body fat. Good thing dH). Plenty of action drives this series, but the relationships between the characters (and the ensuing comedy) is its saving grace.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on DVD). This is one of the rare examples of one of their Complete Collections for which they didn't strip the extras off the discs, because well, they really weren't many to strip to begin with. I wish they'd kept that mentality for Nuku Nuku Dash! and other titles with similar number of extras which they reamed anyway.
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Saberdolls Luchs, Tiger and Panther (left picture, left to right); Bloodberry (BWH: 95/60/88cm (37"/24"/35"))
(Source: The late website Josh's Page o' Redheaded Anime Females!)
Saberdolls from Saber Marionette JBloodberry from Saber Marionette J
Saber Marionette J is a great comedy with occasional very touching moments, screenwritten by Satoru Akahori. The story is based in a future world called Terra 2, where women don't exist, and feminine robots called Marionettes are built to fulfill women's roles in society. A young man from Japones named Otaru Mamiya awakens three Marionettes that each contain an "otome-kairo" (virgin/maiden circuit), which enables them to have the complex emotions that human beings have, takes them in and takes care of them as if they were real people. After the energetic, childlike Lime and the demure, intelligent Cherry, we meet Bloodberry, who is the most mature and aggressive of the three. She's almost constantly coming on to Otaru, which doesn't make the more innocent but equally-smitten Lime and Cherry very happy, or Otaru very comfortable. The villain of the series is Faust, the ruler of Germania, who wants to take over the rest of Terra 2 and sends his own otome-kairo-equipped Panzer-tank-named Saberdolls Tiger, Luchs (German for "lynx") and Panther (all named after German Panzer tanks) to do his dirty work for him. We find out that they only obey Faust because they are in love with him, but he doesn't care about anything but conquering, much to their dismay. Their equivalents in the original Saber Marionette R OVAs were called Sexdolls (although you don't see them doing anything resembling sex in it!), and the Saberdolls' costumes reflect those origins. An extra added bonus is a Marionette contest, which all involved enter and Tiger particularly makes herself known (although I also have to give them props for the choice of Panther's outfit; not showy, but a nice nod to fans of older anime). The TV show was 25 episodes long, while episode 26 was technically taken up by the six-episode OVA series SMJ Again (original title: Mata Mata Saber Marionette J). The third episode of this has Bloodberry, Tiger and a now-butch Panther flexing themselves something fierce around Otaru to prove to themselves that they're desirable, which happens just right when Otaru's got other, more important matters on his mind, so there is much comical discomfort. Get both of them and watch them in the correct order, because they're really nice, plain and simple (and not just because of the obvious).

Out of print (previously on
Bandai Entertainment, Inc. on trilingual/bilingual DVD). The J collection isn't hard to find, but Again and TV-sequel-with-changed-character-designs J to X will pose some problems.
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Hitoshi Doi's Saber Marionette Encyclopedia
Saber Marionette on dmoz
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Supporting characters: Gyukumen Koushu; Yaone; Lirin (left to right)
Gyukumen Koushu from SaiyukiYaone from SaiyukiLirin from Saiyuki
Saiyuki is based on the Chinese legendary story Xiyouji, which is best known over here as Journey to the West (see also: Dragonball), in which the priest Sanzo Genjo and his three companions have to make a perilous journey from China to India in search of sacred scriptures. This version adds quite a few of its own twists. This Sanzo is revered, but also not very devout, and has a sharp tongue, a few earthly vices and some powerful weapons at his disposal. The three companions are the childlike but powerful monkey king Son Goku, the rough-edged ladies' kappa (water sprite) Sha Gojyo, and the gentle and caring demon Cho Hakkai. I might add that all four of them are different flavours of bishounen/biseinen, which has given this show a large female following. While members of the group are occasionally at each other's throats, they actually do care about each other and the task at hand. At one time, humans and youkai (demons) lived together harmoniously, but rogue forces in demonkind are stirring things up, and this four frequently work hard together battling and sealing (read: destroying) the stirred youkai. Because of this, their reputation precedes them and there are lots of enemies lurking in every corner. The most prominent is Gyukumen Koushu, who is the concubine of the legendary demon Gyumaoh. She has sealed his wife Rasetsunyo with a binding spell and is seeking to revive Gyumaoh and become his wife. To that end, she sends out Gyumaoh and Rasetsunyo's son Kougaiji and three of his companions to assassinate the Sanzo party. They include Yaone, a kind of bashful young woman he diverted from becoming another demon's concubine and put to work for him as an apothecary, and Kougaiji's comically bouncy half-sister (and Gyukumen's daughter) Lirin, who is very much like a certain Goku we all know (the third, by the way, is Gojyo's older half-brother Dokugakuji). Since Kougaiji really just wants to unseal his mother and sees no real reason to kill our heroes after all, the two teams wind up changing from enemies to friends of a grudging sort before too long.
One-Off/Minor Characters: unnamed youkai; Houmei; Spider Woman (top row)
Dr. Huang (Honourable Mention); Xiahua; Scorpion Queen Renli (bottom row)
unnamed youkai from SaiyukiHoumei from SaiyukiSpider Woman from Saiyuki
Dr. Huang from SaiyukiXiahua from SaiyukiRenli from Saiyuki
Including one-off characters is a bit of a dilemma for BU, but I felt that it would be a good idea here, especially since I thought listing the above wouldn't really spoil anything about the story. The youkai our quartet have to battle are usually in large packs of different ages, sizes and sexes, as the youkai pictured here from the first ep testifies. Congratulations, Ms. what's-yr-name--you are officially the ugliest character on this webpage. Ep. 2 is about a young woman named Houmei, who is a kind, sweet and hardworking cook of note at a local inn, which quickly brings her to Goku the Walking Stomach's attention--even after he finds out what's troubling her. The villainess in this ep is just called "Spider Woman," who is seen here dealing with Sanzo. Will she give him the legendary Kiss? Watch and see. Gyukumen has hired the twisted Dr. Nii (head slightly visible in left of picture) to help her revive Gyumaoh, and he is assisted by Dr. Huang. Normally, she is known for being very high-strung about Dr. Nii's behaviour and actions (and also looking good with glasses), but this scene in ep. 17 let me (and us) know that she has something she can't always hide. In ep. 19, the party meet and help out four attractive sisters, three of whom become mutually attracted to the corresponding guys (only the cynical and wary Sanzo doesn't bite). Xiahua and Gojyo, both being redheads of notable pheromone production, are drawn to each other, and the viewers' eyes are drawn to probably the most notable bouncing in the whole series. This could well have been a conscientious decision to add a little levity to the heaviest of all the episodes I've seen so far (the first five R1 DVDs). Scorpion Queen Renli is ep. 20's youkai baddie. She lives in a castle in the desert, and is keeping the scripture that a priest she encountered in the past had briefly--since legend said that eating priests entrusted with scriptures by Heaven would give a youkai eternal life. Four guesses about which of our heroes she is personally tending to--and the first three don't count. All in all, Saiyuki is a series with something for most anime fans out there, whether it's drooling on the characters, cheering them on as they scrap it out some more, or seeing where their travels take them. Or any combination of these. Disregard the more rabid fangirl raving about it (unless you're also a raving rabid fangirl, of course), and just enjoy it for what it really is: Good crossover.

The original series and Requiem movie are out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). The Thinpak collections have the on-disc extras stripped off, and the horrible dub is written and directed by egotistical scumbag Steven Foster. The second and third series, Saiyuki Reload and Saiyuki Gunlock, are also out of print (previously on Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. on bilingual DVD).
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; Uzume; Matsu; Tsukiumi (left to right)
Musubi from SekireiUzume from SekireiMatsu from SekireiTsukiumi from Sekirei
What do you get when you cross Pokémon with Ikki Tousen? A shounen fighting anime in which mostly hot-looking buxom women engage in frequently garment-rending battles, and hope to meet someone who will be a master figure to them, because that it turn helps with their powers. In 2020 in Tokyo, Minato Sahashi has failed his university entry exam for the second time thanks to his inability to handle that kind of stress well, and is bemoaning his life, as well as wondering what's up with the MBI Corporation buying controlling shares of the city, when a cute young woman in an outfit similar to what miko wear literally flies out of the sky at him, ending in a messy, serviceable landing. She is in the middle of fighting with a pair of other women, who generate electrical bolts like a Tesla coil. After they manage to escape, she introduces herself as Musubi, faints from hunger shortly thereafter, and is exceptionally grateful when he buys her a big bag of hamburgers. She says that she wishes that he could become her Ashikabi. Sorry, what's that? We find out in short order when Minato stands up for Musubi when the electrical duo strike again, and, in the middle of the battle, Musubi kisses him and wings of light burst from her back. She (and the duo) are Sekirei (Japanese for "wagtail"), which are extraterrestrial superpowered beings with a genetic code similar to humans who were discovered in a crashed spaceship in 1999 by Hiroto Minaka, the eccentric--nay, insane--chairman and founder of the mysterious and powerful MBI Corporation. He "adjusted" these beings and started a game called the Sekirei Plan, a brutal elimination battle amongst the Sekirei. Musubi chose Minato to become her Ashikabi (humans with unique genes that enable them to empower the Sekirei destined to serve them), and when she initiated "mucous contact" with Minato (in other words, kissed him), he "winged" her, which allowed her powers to be enhanced and focused, which is especially needed for the Plan. Musubi (#88 of 108) is a "fist-type" Sekirei whose power is hand-to-hand contact, who is known for being very powerful and competitive, but also naive, kind of childish, and with a fierce appetite for food. After Minato gets kicked out of his apartment by his landlord for bringing a girl home, they discover the Izumo Inn, a guest house run by Miya Asama, a kind but very firm landlady who gladly allow Minato and Musubi to move in (and later helps Musubi with fight training), but who also displays a deeply frightening demonic vibe if anybody breaks the rules of the Inn--no fighting or "obscenity" on the grounds. Of course, she misconstrues Sekirei slipping into Minato's futon to cuddle with him as he sleeps as obscenity. As you can guess, this is played for laughs in the series, and keeps everyone in line. One of the other tenants in the Inn is Uzume, who may seem to be happy and casual--the first time we see her, she turns up at the dining room wearing only her lingirie--but who actually has quite a lot on her mind, which I won't spoil here. I will reveal that she winds up revealing to Musubi that she's a Sekirei in the bath (where several scenes in this series happen), thus spurring Musubi into trying to battle her, until Miya breaks it up. The next Sekirei to meet Minato is Kusano (#108), a young girl (read "token l0li") who is quite traumatized after another Ashikabi forcefully tried to wing her. After she finds that he is a very kind soul, she kisses him and becomes his second Sekirei, and moves into the Inn. Her power is control over plants, causing them to grow wildly, which allows her to stop fights without injuring her opponent. Obviously she doesn't place here, but she is the most prominent example of the cute-girl type of Sekirei, and frequently adds to the comedy of the series. Back in our territory, the third one to partner up with Minato is Matsu (#02), a bespectacled woman in a traditional-style dress who stays in a hidden room in the Inn, rarely goes outside and uses her genius-level skill with computers as the "Wisdom Sekirei" to help Minato and his Sekirei with fighting strategies--that is, when she isn't shamelessly hoping to "experiment" with Minato. Next up--BU readers, are you getting tired of tsundere types in anime being kinda irritating underdeveloped young girls, usually voiced by Rie Kugemiya? Meet Tsukiumi (#09), a western-looking Sekirei (blonde and upfront, in other words) who is trying to win the Sekirei Plan without an Ashikabi, since she is under the impression that "mucous contact" means having to have sex with them. After appearing in Minato's dreams threatening to kill him, she genuinely tries to when they finally meet (especially after finding out he winged Kuu-chan; why, you degenerate creep!), until he clears up her misunderstanding, after which she chooses him as her Ashikabi. After this point, she becomes aggressively possessive of Minato and considers herself to be his "legitimate wife." Of course, Musubi gleefully declares herself to also be his wife upon hearing this. Tsukiumi is short-tempered, rarely smiles and speaks in old-style Japanese (or Shakesperean English in the dub and subs), but also has a strong sense of honour, stricly following the fundamental rule that Sekirei combat should be one on one, and tries her best to keep innocent civilians and bystanders from getting caught up in the fights.
Hikari; Kazehana; Mitsuha; Akitsu (left to right); Veiled Sekirei (lower right)
Hikari from SekireiKazehana from SekireiMitsuha from SekireiAkitsu from Sekirei
We've met three of the four Sekirei who partner with Minato, was introduced to another and met another who lives in the Izumo Inn. As you can guess, with 108 of these beings who are mostly buxom women (plus some cute girls and even a few bishounen guys), there will always be more. Remember the two Thunder and Lightning Sekirei who were fighting it out with Musubi at the beginning? Hikari and Hibiki (#11 and #12) are twin sisters who specifically target unwinged Sekirei in the early stages of the Plan. Hikari is the more upfront and temperamental of the pair. They were winged by "Loser Sekirei" Kaoru Seo, who frequently imposes on Miya for food and gets a little too grabby with his Sekirei, which earns him their scorn and the odd bolt. However, Seo is not all bad, so they still defend him. Kazehana (#03) is a tall, emphatic and so laid back she's laid out Sekirei who also lives at the Inn, but prefers to stay out all night drinking sake by the big eff-off bottleful. She spends a lot of the series in various degrees of plastered and talking giddily about love, but get on the wrong side of her and her ability to control and manipulate wind will literally sweep you away. In episode 5 we encounter two of the Sekirei of Hayato Mikogami, the strongest Ashikabi in the South of the capital. Mitsuha (#28) is a prickly pear who wields a whip which is strong enough to break concrete, while the unnumbered Akitsu (note that her Sekirei mark is on her forehead instead of her back) creates and manipulates ice. Her manner is melancholic and cold, in part because she is actually unable to be winged, hence will never actually know the bond with an Ashikabi. He has assigned them to capture unwinged Sekirei for him to add to his collection, and we see them try valiently but fail to capture Homura, one of the rare male Sekirei, whose duty is to protect Sekirei who haven't been winged. Matsu finds out from MBI's database that some Sekirei are being terminated by an unknown opponent who does not stay around waiting for MBI to retrieve the body of the conquered Sekirei, as the rules of the game dictate. This is soon found to be the work of the Veiled Sekirei, who wears and wields a silk veil which also helps to conceal her identity. It's eventually revealed in the anime, but I won't do it here. Hey, I have to leave y'all some reason to watch this. The plot of Sekirei may occasionally groan under the weight of so many events and moods happening in steady succession, but at least the story has enough meat on its bones to make it worth a watch if the notable fan service quotient doesn't put you off. If you like that sort of thing, well, all the better.

In print on FUNimation Productions, Ltd. (bilingual DVD; re-released as a bilingual DVD & bilingual Blu-Ray collection).
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Veiled Sekirei from Sekirei 
Just a Line.
Almost all the named characters above, plus Kochou; Nanami; Ichiya; Toyotama; Taki (top row)
various unnamed Sekirei (with or without Ashikabi) (middle and bottom rows)
Kochou from Sekirei:  Pure EngagementNanami from Sekirei:  Pure EngagementIchiya from Sekirei:  Pure EngagementToyotamafrom Sekirei:  Pure EngagementTaki from Sekirei:  Pure Engagement
unknown Sekirei from Sekirei:  Pure Engagementunknown Sekirei from Sekirei:  Pure Engagementunknown Sekirei from Sekirei:  Pure Engagement
unknown Sekirei from Sekirei:  Pure Engagementunknown Sekirei from Sekirei:  Pure Engagementunknown Sekirei from Sekirei:  Pure Engagementunknown Sekirei from Sekirei:  Pure Engagement
Season One had a nice ending, but left things open for more. And here it is. In the course of this season, Minato Sahashi has established himself as the "Ashikabi of the North," given the number of Sekirei he has winged (including a couple of "single digits") and his bond with them. In the middle of a battle with two members of the Disciplinary Squad, Kazehana finally comes to the conclusion that he's the one for her, and plants one on his mouth, causing her to be winged and then to whomp the opposition (and adding another single digit he's partnered with). The sixth Sekirei he wings is actually the first one he chooses to kiss himself. Ain't gonna spoil who it is; I'll just say that they don't place here, but they're a great character. We also get to find out about Higa Izumi, the manipulative Ashikabi of the East, who is rumoured to not only have many of his own Sekirei, but many Ashikabi and their own Sekirei serving him. One of his personals is Kochou (#22), a very serious type whose power over computers is similar to Matsu's. So far, this has only been revealed in the manga, but may well show up in the anime if a third season is ever produced. Hiroto Minaka of MBI, the madman behind the Sekirei Plan, has been constantly cranking up the heat under everybody involved. First, he closed off the city so that Sekirei and Ashikabi could not escape, and dispatched his Disciplinary Squad to punish those who try. Now that all the Sekirei are winged, he brings the plan up to the Third Stage, and Sekirei and Ashikabi from all over Tokyo find themselves gravitating towards the MBI headquarters. This includes Nanami, a quiet submissive Sekirei whose Ashikabi asks Minato to help them try to escape the city, but Minato is unable to help them at this point. Later, we meet two more of Higa Izumi's Sekirei, Ichiya (#18) and Toyotama (#16), the latter of whom is an aggressive spearfighter. Homura also goes up against Taki (#65), one of Ashikabi of the South Hayato Mikagami's Sekirei whose weapon is smoke screens. During their battle she combines powers with Ice Sekirei Akitsu (see above entry) to create an icy mist. Many other Sekirei are introduced so briefly near the end of this series that their names aren't even given, but hey, here they are. Enjoy. Like this first series, Pure Engagement ends on a good story note. On the other hand, they put "To be continued" at the very end, resulting in tons of utter morons crowding Funimation's live Q&A on YouTube constantly nagging them about when they'll be "making season three" (see also: Rosario + Vampire). Well, given the roughly two year span between the first two seasons, it is about time for Aniplex, Seven Arcs and MOVIC in Japan (NOT FUNIMATION, GOT THAT, DUMMIES??) to bring the story forward. Here's hoping.

In print on
FUNimation Productions, Ltd. (bilingual DVD & bilingual Blu-Ray collection).
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Just a Line.
Naga from (the) Slayers
(THE) SLAYERS (movies and OVAs)
Naga the Serpent
Naga (or "Nagha," if you prefer) is a fellow sorceress who Lina Inverse first encounters in the first Slayers Special OVA. She's part of a seperate (prequel) continuity where Gourry, Zelgadiss and Amelia aren't involved, and is only seen in most of the movies and OVAs. Naga is the polar opposite of Lina in nearly everything: Tall, has long black hair, wears a scanty black outfit (topped off with one very enviable skull pendant), is downright demented (her hyena-like laugh, combined with the permenant whacked-out look in her eyes, could make Ranma 1/2's Kodachi Kuno run for cover), and--yes--built like a brick shipyard. Oh, yeah, she drinks like Lina eats (which is to say a helluva lot), but all those spells must take a lot out of you, because the Cardinal Sin of Anime Heroines--cellulite--is never broached in either character's case.

The movies and OVAs are out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). After a long (and troublesome) stretch on Software Sculptors, the first three TV series are in print on FUNimation Productions, Ltd. (bilingual DVD, now all together in one dead cheap collection). They have also licensed and released the 2008 fourth and fifth seasons, Slayers Revolution and Evolution-R, on bilingual DVD and bilingual Blu-Ray.
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Slayers Universe
Bondage Queen of Darkness (what bloody bondage?)
Just a Line.
Recent graduate Mizuki Yuzuriha is the new nurse/counsellor at an unidentified "college." She's bright-eyed, full of spirit and ready to help out troubled students. What she didn't forsee was that teachers would occasionally be dropping in, and that most of the problems she's sought to help with have to do with sex. This proves to be a bit problematic for her, since she really has no experience in that field herself, but this is an 18+ title, so I think it's well obvious that things won't stay that way for very long. One of the teachers who pops in is Mariko, who tells Mizuki all about the problems her large breasts pose, from sore shoulders and difficulty finding clothing that fits well (see picture) to unwanted attention and students who leer at rather than listen to her. Yes--one of those rare occurrances where the problems of overendowment get aired in anime, let alone an adult title. Not the greatest production values, the story basically just frames the sex scenes, and the facial designs take a little getting used to, but this is a good title for people seeking H titles where sex and the characters having it are treated kindly. Just AVOID THE DUB; among other things, it changes characters' names and sticks things into the story that weren't there to begin with.

Out of print (previously on Kitty Media (18 and over only, please) on bilingual DVD).
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The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Slight Fever Syndrome gallery page
Mariko from Slight Fever Syndrome
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Tira, Chocolat and Daughter from Bakuretsu Hunters OVA #1
Left: Tira Misu; Chocolat Misu; Daughter (clockwise from top right);
Right top: Eclair Mocha; Right bottom: A better picture of "Dota" (from the TV series)
The post-TV OVA series of this fan favourite strove for more authenticity to the original manga by Satoru Akahori (story) and Ray Omishi (art). This meant that missing characters such as Potae Chip, his mother Salad and Jiji were animated. We also got to see Chocolat in her original alternate costume: black pants, black brimmed captain's hat and nothing between the two but a pair of thin black suspenders (not to mention that about two minutes into the first OVA is a hot spring scene that verifies a couple of things about her). Yowza. Makes you want to slap Carrot Glaces silly for trying to get away from her. Tira's outfit is less skimpy (being the more modest of the two sisters), but a far more imposing little S&M-style black number. Now if only she'd lose the whip... To top it all off, the very bouncy eyecatch featuring the two of them yanks your eyes right out of their sockets, and even the cute, perky and innocent Daughter-chan gets to move a little more than just smiling and waving in mid-air (unfortunately, the character designer didn't do her face any favours...grrr). We are also introduced to muscleman of the group Gateau Mocha's little sister Eclair, who flexes just a little bit more than her brother, so that's why she's here. It's a crying shame that Gateau slaps her down twice for "dishonouring (their) parents" by macho-posing wrong, and that the only decent picture of her I could find was after one of those slaps (if you can find me a kinder one, please do). Thankfully, that's the only real low point of the series. Between the upped fanservice and the insane comedy (Carrot, Jiji and even Potae-chan try to initiate "night visits" to the girls' rooms at the hotel they're at in the aforementioned first OVA), Joe Bob says check it out.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). This Thinpak collection is the one you want--seven DVDs (the TV series and OVAs) with all extras intact.
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Eclair from BH OVA #1
BH TV version of Daughter
Just a Line.
Yoshida Chizura
Ms. Chizura is the sexiest student at her high school, and stars in commercials part-time (against school rules), which is how one of her teachers starts to get obsessed with her. She is also a phenomenal tease, as the first OVA on this tape testifies, and has a kind of cynical attitude about love until the second OVA, in which...naah, I won't spoil it for you. While Yoshida jumps right into Being Upfront with both...feet, the characters' facial design is kind of unnerving, especially those deformed ears. The anime itself, while quite derivative (Nuku Nuku fans will recognize her bicycling style), is still worth at least one viewing (just avoid the typical horrendous CPM dub if you can), if at least for a good yuk at probably the best literal depiction in anime of the word "pendulous." Original mangaka Hiroya Oku would come back later with another work showing much improved character design, which was also adapted into an anime--Gantz.

Out of print (previously on U.S. Manga Corps on bilingual DVD). Note that it's not classified as 18+, but it's bloody close, so, if that bothers you (or you actually dig it), now you're informed.
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Yoshida Chizura from Strange Love

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