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Just a Line.
Mikuru Asahina (small) (two pictures); Mikuru Asahina (big)
Asahina (small) in bunny girl outfit from Haruhi SuzumiyaAsahina (small) in maid outfit from Haruhi SuzumiyaAsahina (big) from Haruhi Suzumiya
This 2006 title, based on a popular series of light novels, made itself quite prominent in part for its presentation quirks, most notably what is probably the first occurrence of episodes appearing on home video in a radically different order than originally broadcast. Oh, and for the infamous, controversial "Endless Eight" episodes in the second season, but anyway, the second episode is where the story proper starts. A cynical and sardonic young man nicknamed Kyon (his real name is never revealed) is starting his first year in high school. The attractive young woman who is sitting behind him in homeroom introduces herself as Haruhi Suzumiya, and brashly states that she is not interested in ordinary humans and wishes to meet aliens, espers and time travellers. Yep, we got a live one here. This understandably freaks out most of their classmates, but Kyon starts talking with her, and she eventually opens up to him, to the surprise of their classmates who dealt with her in middle school. At one point she reveals that she has tried and dropped several high school clubs because they were too "normal" for her. This inspires her to start her own club, which she names the SOS Brigade, with the goal of finding aliens, espers and time travellers and hanging out with them. Kyon is literally dragged into becoming a member, and she commandeers the Literary Club's club room, drafting its sole member, the quiet and unruffled Yuki Nagato, in the process. Shortly afterward, she strongarms an extremely beautiful but very shy girl from the second-year students to become the Brigade's "mascot," mainly because her petite height, looks and manner convey a moe element that could attract interest in and new members to the Brigade. And that's not all; Haruhi notes that Mikuru also has big breasts, and proves it by groping her through her uniform, much to her shock and embarrassment. After standing dumbstruck at this spectacle, Kyon separates the two of them, and shortly afterward, for some mysterious reason, Mikuru actually joins the SOS Brigade. Unfortunately for her, membership includes Haruhi dressing her (and sometimes herself, and Yuki Nagato the odd time) in various outfits--as in, physically changing her clothes for her, despite her protests that she can do it herself. This includes a bunny-girl outfit, which she and Haruhi wear near the front gate at the end of the school day to hand out SOS Brigade flyers for a short time before school staff breaks it up, and which she winds up wearing a lot in an SOS Brigade-produced amateur movie (the first picture above is a scene from it). Most of the time she ends up dressed as a maid and serving tea to all the other members, which Kyon quite enjoys. Not long after she enters the scene, she takes Kyon aside and tells him the truth: She is actually a time traveller from the future, who has been sent to observe Haruhi, but can't give many more answers than that--classified information. Yes, this series is more than a high-school comedy. Of course, this makes him scratch his head and wonder, but, since he's quite attracted to (and protective of) her, he goes along with it. This is later confirmed when Mikuru Asahina (big)--the older version of her--shows up in front of him, and proves her identity by pointing out the star-shaped mole on one of her breasts. It turns out that he had told her about this...but not yet in present time. Ah, paradox. This version of her is obviously more voluptuous and confident; also, since she's in the OP sequence, it's not that much of a spoiler. It kind of makes up for the times when Haruhi is basically abusing her, but then again, as the band Therapy? puts it, happy people have no stories. If nothing else, the first season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is worth checking out for something that subtly parodies some overused anime tropes, while giving the viewer interesting characters and stories. Season 1 recommended; Season 2 is largely considered to be audience trolling.

In print on
Bandai Entertainment, Inc. (bilingual DVD; note that the Special Editions of the first season include extra sub-only DVDs of the episodes in broadcast order). They have also released the super-deformed gag series, The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya (bilingual DVD) and the movie The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (bilingual DVD, bilingual Blu-Ray).
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Just a Line.
; Kei; Sonya (left to right)
Lou from Midnight PantherKei from Midnight PantherSonya from Midnight Panther
Central Park Media had a pretty good measure of success with their release of the original manga by Ms. Yu Asagiri, and figured that releasing the OVAs here would be the next logical step. In both, in a bizarre neo-medieval setting, we meet a trio of girls who operate as an idol group called the Pussycats by day...and as assassins by night (as if the terrible music of that one song of theirs we hear wouldn't be enough to do the job, but I digress). Lou is a tomboy who is given all the monster-killing jobs so the creepy/irritating old lady who acts as their manager can have spare parts to make magical potions with. The other girls give her a lot of teasing over not being feminine enough, and while she obviously doesn't make it into BU for sizable tracts of land, she is given a couple of great jiggle takes, including one where she stomps up to Kei (in the fine tradition of Noriko from Gunbuster) to get mad at her for putting her body down again. Kei is the cute and perky one (who just happens to have an overactive animalistic side), and Sonya is the deep-voiced seductress who makes sure to have a good time before carrying out her duty (mainly so the readers/viewers can see, of course), and these two are responsible for going after men. Their failure rate is very low, needless to say. For their performance at King Bad's (don't ask) castle, they don't even sing; Lou just looks cute and Kei and Sonya wobble their way into the rather depraved audience's libido. I've read some of the manga, and, compared to that, this destroys any trace of charm that the story had. It's a nice little change of pace from Anime18's typical overcooked tentacle fare and Sex For Complete Bastards 101 titles, but you'd be much better off with Lunatic Night or Visionary instead.

Out of print (previously on Anime18 on bilingual DVD).
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Door; Hatter (center of picture); Cheshire Cat (top row, left to right);
Queen; Gargoyle (bottom row, left to right)
Door, doorknobs and MiyukiMarch Bunny, Hatter and dormouseCheshire Cat
This OVA is based on the excellent four-woman manga team CLAMP's adaptation of two classic Lewis Carroll stories. And something tells me the lesbo-erotic tone of this version (all male and animal characters are now women in costumes) was based on the part of CLAMP writer Ageha (formarley Nanase) Ohkawa's brain that likes to collect ecchi computer games (Note: According to
Sumire's Anime Birthday Calendar, she was born on the exact same date as me; coincidence?). In part one, Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, when Miyuki has to pass a door with a girl on it, she's in for a shock when she finds out where the doorknobs are. The tea party with the Hatter, a Bunny and a Dormouse puts her even further on edge, and the Cheshire Cat does more than rub against her leg. What, you want more? The Queen turns out to be a whip-wielding dominatrix (voiced against type by Kikuko Inoue, who is best known for her roles as Kasumi Tendo in Ranma 1/2 and Belldandy in Ah! My Goddess), who takes a shine to our dear Miyuki and wants her to take a shine to her boots with her tongue. The second part, Miyuki-chan in Mirrorland, starts with Miyuki being flown to Mirrorland in the arms of a quite nubile gargoyle (who gets a peek under her skirt before starting the flight). The adaptation is wild, the art is beautiful (and not really typical of CLAMP's style, but that's character designer Tetsuro Aoki's doing), and the story is pretty funny. Check it out at least once.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on sub-only DVD).
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For more information on Lewis Carroll, whose works Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass Miyuki-chan is based on, you can visit the Lewis Carroll Society of North America home page.
Just a Line.
Mei Momozono
; Yayoi Kuribayashi (second and third from left, left picture); Rinya
Servants and Mouse from MouseRinya from Mouse
By day, Muon Sorata is a cute but hapless college student and assistant instructor of Fine Arts at the Yamanoue Complex, where a group of three students have a crush on him and two teachers and the school nurse regularly give him a hard time. By night, he is Mouse (right in left picture), the latest in a long line of thieves using that name who keeps Japan in thrall with his daring robberies, which have included entire buildings. He is assisted in his dramatic deeds by three ever-(and-over-)loving servants, including Mei, the math teacher who can infiltrate places and influence people, and Yayoi, the aforementioned nurse, whose night job has her throttling computers and brewing up gas and other chemicals. I might add that all three of the servents also look good in almost everything they wear (or don't), so if one doesn't get a facefull of their looks already, well, maybe the maid costumes will do the job. No? How about the catsuits? Late in the series, we meet Mouse's old adversary, One, and his own two assistants. Rinya is the one who uses clubs whilst fighting, as Mei unfortunately finds out. Good choice of weapon; if she misses with them, she can always clobber her enemy with her emphasis. Screenwritten by (and based on the manga scripted by) Satoru Akahori (yep, him again), this was possibly the most controversial anime TV series of the Spring 2003 season. A lot of western anime fans hated it for its over-the-top fan service (bounce was not spared here), lack of writing quality (it's an action/gag/ecchi series, not Evangelion, y'see) and theme songs (admittedly, Under 17's lead singer's nasal vocals drive me nuts, too). I've also heard about Japanese fans finding it inferior to the manga; never mind that that's almost always the case in these situations. Now, these things may be so, but one thing is forgotten in all that--the series is still a lot of lightweight fun (a couple of scenes involving bondage notwithstanding, but they're not that glamourized), and, at only 12 13-minute episodes, quick fun at that, if it's your idea of it. Suffice it to say that it's mine, but your own milage may very.

In print on Anime Works, a division of
Media Blasters (bilingual DVD). Both discs are now in one Litebox for a great price.
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The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's galleries for Mei, Yayoi, group shots and animations.
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(BWH: 106/??/?? cm)
(Source: statement from Jiraiya, manga chapter 406)
Big favourite long-running shounen manga and anime (although the anime's stretches of terminal filleritis have been diminishing that as of late), a lot of young North American fans' gateway into anime, lots of ninja, lots of action, annoying title character who put me off the series in the first few episodes (yeah, he gets easier to take later, but I can't be bothered)...if you're at all into anime nowadays, you know about this series. Let's try to make this quick so I can link-check and post this at last. Tsunade, a member of the Senju clan, is a descendent and student of previous Hokage (leaders of the village of Konohagakure), who came to find this a burden after both her father and boyfriend died in their own pursuits to become Hokage. This made her disillusioned with both this title, and in the pursuit of dreams. Meeting series lead Naruto Uzumaki restored her belief in these, and she takes up the position of Fifth Hokage, with the intent of protecting Konohakagure on behalf of her lated loved ones. While she hates the bog-standard everyday duties the title encompasses and passes them off to her assistants, she does fully participate in important matters, using both her talents in destroying buildings with her massive strength and in healing serious injuries. She is also well-known for her weakness for and in gambling, and for her appearance. Yes, she had to be added here. Dig this: It turns out that she is actually over 50 years old, and maintains this appearance using her ability to control chakra. I wonder how well she and musician Jonathan Goldman (known for recordings designed for chakra toning exercises) would get along. Again, Naruto ain't my cuppa, but I would be wrong to not represent Tsunade.

The TV series Naruto and Naruto Shippuden and several movies related to them are in print on Viz Media, LLC (bilingual DVD; the second Shippuden movie, Bonds, is also on bilingul Blu-Ray).
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Tsunade from Naruto
Just a Line.
Honey Kisaragi
plus various villainesses
I couldn't complete this thing without including Go Nagai's wonderfully corrupted update of his popular (yet atypical) 1970's magical girl show for a 1994 OVA series. Nagai started out doing giant robot shows like Mazinger Z, and then made a positive artistic change (in my opinion, anyway!) when he turned to doing more character-driven shows, especially with characters designed to cause nosebleeds, be it by fist/face contact or eye/figure interaction. For these OVAs, he upped both of these factors in the same person. Any female character who looks beautiful, is fundamentally kind and compassionate and can kick much booty when she needs to (which is pretty often, against the evil forces in Cosplay City) is good in my books. Part of this lovely android's talent is to change her appearance and costume at will; the pic you see here is how she normally looks/dresses. Of course, Nagai had to make her transformation sequences a fair bit saucier than how they originally were. Mind you, it wasn't that much of a stretch in attitude; the lyrics of the original 1973 TV series theme (which was re-recorded for this) commented on how nice her behind and breasts were! I guess it was just a matter of time before somebody offered more explicit proof dB). Also, it appears that all the bad guys Honey has to go up against are actually bad girls. And we all know how well Nagai does bad girls, right? However, seeing as they're all basically monsters of the week, I'm not going to spoil the remaining bits of story by listing them here. You really have to see them for yourself.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). If you're looking for it, get the Anime Essentials two-DVD set, not the singles, as it fixed problems the singles had.
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Honey from New Cutey Honey
Just a Line.
Megumi Akibal Magical Maid Koyori-chan (Koyori Kokobunji); Kim Nicholas Fidel Muammar Tikriti Adolf de Komachi (left to right)
Magical Maid Koyori-chan was awarded Miss Stuck Up, Newtype Japan Heroine of the Year reader's poll, 2002.
Megumi from Komugi-chanMagical Maid Koyori-chan from Komugi-chanKomachi-sensei from Komugi-chan
The Soul Taker was a TV series that combined action with abstraction and psychology in the shadow of Evangelion. It's definitely one of the heavier bits of watching I've enjoyed. So somebody had to take it and fling it inside out. Komugi Nakahara, the cute and lively bunny-eared mutant nurse at the Factory, is now the female lead. She's a high school student who is working on becoming a cosplay idol singer, under the direction of Yui Kirihara's KiriPro Agency and Shiro Mibu's management. She is also the part-time titular magical girl, whose mission is to fight Angrar, who escaped from the Vaccine World and is trying to infect Earth with transdimensional virii. KiriPro also represents the model Megumi Akiba, and Yui frequently has to put up with the squabbling that ensues when Megumi baits the underdeveloped Komugi (who's 17, by the way) by pointing out how much bigger her own chest is. However, Megumi's an Honourable Mention when you put her up against Koyori Kokobunji. She's a classmate and friend of Koyori's, another idol-in-training at KiriPro who is especially in demand for centerfold photos (for obvious reasons), a very nice person...and Nurse Witch Komugi-chan's enemy. It turns out that she was infected by the virus, and now battles with the Nurse Witch as Magical Maid Koyori-chan. In the sixth and last OVA of the original series, Karte 5 (2 1/2 followed 2, y'see), the producers decided that Koyori's body wasn't enough Upfrontness for the series, and cranked it up a couple of notches. To me, that's like people seeking out crack because regular cocaine isn't enough for them, but anyhoo...a large number of Japan's population has been mysteriously disappearing, including all of Komugi's co-workers at KiriPro. It turns out that they've all been kidnapped by a very girlish woman (in personality, not in figure) named "Komachi-sensei." She has hypnotized everybody into thinking that they're enjoying a nice, happy, carefree high-school life--which should be a tip-off right there, since high school is a prison. While Komachi has all those dictators' names in her name for a reason, she makes Koyori look like she's made of cement in comparison. Parodies abound in this wonderfully silly OVA series (Karte 4's skewering of anime studios is notable, with my man Satoru Akahori especially getting it in the neck), and as such, is much more big fun than just the bags under Koyori and Komachi's chins.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD), but the Complete Collection is easy to find--and leaves the extras on. The sequel two-OVA series, Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte Z, is not licensed.
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Just a Line.
Nurse Ruko Tatase
(BWH: 90/60/90cm); Diane Melon (72!!"/24"/36") (left to right)
...and every other female cast member, for that matter!
(Source: Ogenki Clinic manga)
Nurse Ruko of Ogenki ClinicDiane Melon of Ogenki Clinic
This is an erotic farce (three 45-minute multi-story OVAs), and as such, the proportions of all of the female characters are as insane as the comedy. The female lead of the series is Nurse Ruko Tatase, the assistant of the clinic's Dr. Sawaru Ogekuri. When she isn't whipping the clinic's patients into shape in one way or another, she's busy keeping the lecherous doctor in line, or fighting off entire subway cars of men after they try to feel her up. While you can hardly consider her a feminist icon, you can at least give the series' creator a bit of credit for not giving her the personality of a doormat. One of the most extraordinary features of the anime portrayal of Nurse Tatase is that she is voiced by
Kikuko Inoue (I guess she just wants a break from those housewifish roles now and again). And she isn't even the biggest woman in the series. Professional escort Diane Melon also gets caught up in the goings-on here (so to speak), whether it's recommending that her more dysfunctional clients go to the clinic or occasionally tumbling the seemingly insatiable doctor himself. She's the first anime woman I've seen who falls under the bigger-than-your-head category (more have followed since; banzai!), and so I award her the title of Anime Queen of Backache. The thing is, the eps featuring her are in the Kitty Media release Welcome to Ogenki Clinic (which actually contains four of the tamer episodes), except for her face for one moment on a computer screen, and I haven't checked out Anime18's releases because they're dub only and their dubs give me gastric distress.
Many, many thanks to Abhoth for his re-interpretation of the crappy quality (and inappropriate for this page) picture of Diane Melon I sent him into the stunning piece of work above. To get the full-size version in a new browser window, click here.

The first North American release, Welcome to Ogenki Clinic, consisted of the third OVA on subbed or dubbed VHS only, and is (as you can guess) now out of print (previously on Kitty Media (18 and over only, please)). The first and second OVAs, packaged as Ogenki Clinic Adventures, are in print on Critical Mass Video (18 and over only, please) (dub-only DVD!; previously on Anime18). By CPM's account, their OC releases were dub only because certain parties were blocking their original performances from being distributed around the world (and I've got a damn good idea who one of those parties is). If anyone knows how to contact the original producers so that I and anybody else who wants to can let them know just what we think of this crap, please contact me.
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Just a Line.
Misty May

Otaku no Video is a parody of the fanboy/girl culture in Japan, brought to you by the good folks at Gainax. Anno and company take no prisoners in this two-part/two-subject mockumentary, and spare a few of their sharpest barbs for themselves. This includes Misty May, a hybrid of Cutey Honey, Magical Angel Creamy Mami and the Daicon IV bunny girl (a character created by the people who went on to form Gainax). She not only has the ears, but does the hop quite well, as this still illustrates. An obvious dig at that one trait of Gunbuster! Aim For the Top!, cranked up to an absurd level.

In print on AnimEigo (sub-only DVD). Considering how their anime catalogue is slowly but radically disappearing, no one but themselves know how much longer it'll be available.
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AnimEigo's liner notes
Misty May from Otaku no Video
Just a line.
"Hot Ice" Hilda; Aisha Clanclan (left to right, upper row); Urt; Urt's aides; Hamushi (lower row)
Hilda & Gene from Outlaw StarAisha from Outlaw Star
This series follows the freewheeling Gene Starwind (right in upper left picture, being upfront in his own right) and his young, much more responsible partner Jim Hawking as they acquire the spaceship of the title and set out across space to find adventure, meet interesting people, and try to "hit it big" so they can pay off their mounting debts. They take a job from a woman named Rachell Sweet (more new-wave singer name plundering, General?), who turns out to be a pirate named "Hot Ice" Hilda, a tough cookie who takes no guff from Gene (and looks delectable in aerobics-style cotton underwear dB); I might add that, if you wanna fry your eyes nicely, there's a scene with her and Gene in the original manga that you definitely don't want to miss). As a result of a complication, Gene winds up acquiring an advanced Grappler Ship and an bio-android named Melfina, who is born out of a cold-sleep crate. One of the interesting "people" our heroes encounter is Aisha, the Ambassador Plenipotentiary of the Ctarl-Ctarl Empire. The Ctarl-Ctarl are a fierce race, best described as a cross between a tiger and a human. Ms. Clanclan is introduced in the second episode with a slow upward pan that doesn't start at her face, and ya know what I mean. She's vicious at the worst of times (and highly irritable at the best), and throws her weight around a lot; just see the fifth episode. She's the comic relief of the series, and one of my favourite characters in a series where there really aren't any I don't like (villains aside, of course).
Urt from Outlaw StarUrt's aides from Outlaw StarHamushi from Outlaw Star
For the most part, this show is pretty tasteful about fan service (Ms. Clanclan notwithstanding, of course). And then you get to episode 23, which takes place on Tenrei, a planet that is essentially one big hot springs resort. Yeah. In this episode we are introduced to Urt, a woman who Gene seeks for help with his mission (and gets in hilarious trouble more than once trying to get to her hideout). When he does finally reach her, she is surrounded by women who sing and gently stir the water of her private pool-sized bath with planks. And apparently make extra money on the side stress-testing for the Ace Bandage Co. Episode 24 introduces one of the villains, Anten assassin Hamushi, in a scene that draws a bit of a giggle. Several of this particular group come together in one place to meet with the main villain, and line up swiftly for the menacing group pan. Wobble. Perhaps it's the last bit of a yuk before things get really serious for the show (or the animators wanting to throw in a little something for the hell of it), but hey, it's all good.

Out of print (previously on
Bandai Entertainment, Inc. on bilingual DVD). The Complete Collection isn't hard to find.
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Just a Line.
Tsubomi/Papillon Rose; Anne (top row, left to right);
Regina Apis; Sister Beene (and the Bees in the background) (bottom row, left to right)
Tsubomi/PR from Papillon RoseAnne from Papillon Rose
Regina from Papillon RoseSister Beene and Bees from Papillon Rose
This is one for the Sailor Moon fans in the house; don't hurt me, because this isn't Venus 5. This particular (and particularly ecchi) clingwrap-veiled parody started life as an "Original Net Animation," with a website featuring pictures, MP3s of the planned voice actresses and songs, synopses for 25 "TV episodes," and a couple of short trailers/teasers. In 2003, it finally became a proper OVA, and this is what this entry is about. Tsubomi is a student who works part-time in the hostess bar Lingirie Pub Papillon, where the women do indeed wear quite fetching scanties as they sit with and serve overpriced drinks to the male patrons. She's popular, but also has a bit of a, shall we say, rabbit-like attitude towards life and work, which gets her in trouble with the master of the place. She is also prone to jumping around quite a bit while standing still, but not while running; go figure. Her friend and co-worker Anne is a sexier, friendlier, softer-voiced young woman whose own attitude towards life (and sex) utterly defines "casual;" if this place were real, I'd definitely ask for her. Great plans are in store for her; just not in this episode. Evil is afoot, in the form of Regina Apis and the oppressive organization Dynasty. Regina has sealed away the spirit of Queen Flora, who is described as the "benevolent and loving ruler over the world's relationships," and she and Dynasty have taken over Flora's throne in order to rule with neither benevolence or love. Not only does she have cold down cold and many minions to serv(ic)e her, but what has to be the heartiest evil villainess laugh to ever exist in anime. After chance encounters with a handsome man named Hikaru Shishio, who she falls happily in a hotel bed with, and a very forward talking Siamese cat named Rama, Tsubomi sees Regina's arrogant minion Sister Beene, and the Bees, Dynasty's legion of monsters, attacking the master of Papillon (and you have to see the Bees fight to disbelieve it). Rama tells Tsubomi about the power that she now has and, after much difficulty, she transforms into Papillon Rose, and the battle commences. While Sailor Moon occasionally flirts a little with adult concepts, Papillon Rose sticks its tongue right down their throats, complete with appropriate attack names and weapons. While this OVA does slip through the cracks--not explicit or active enough for a lot of anime fans to consider 18+, but a bit too edgy for just plain fan service--the character and costume designs are great and the story is generally a good laugh. Worth checking out if your mind is open (and dirty) enough.

In print on MAIDEN JAPAN, a division of Switchblade Pictures, distributed by
Section23 (sub-only DVD). This is a collection of the original OVA and the less-rude six-episode TV series. Sadly, they reportedly use the censored TV broadcast episodes for this release, so I haven't bought it yet.
ANN Encyclopedia Entry
Wikipedia entry (the stories behind its origin are worth it)
Novy's official Papillon Rose web site (Japanese only, and has been down for a long time)
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Keyne Aqua
; Lashara Moon; Ma Maime
Keyne and Photon from PhotonLashara from PhotonMa Maime from Photon
This OVA series is produced by AIC (Tenchi-Muyo!; El Hazard), and is one of the most wonderfully silly pieces of work I've ever seen. From the remote, Tattooine-like Sandy Planet, Photon Earth is the young put-upon-looking lad on the right in the left picture above. He's kind of slow (mentally) and naive, but loyal, unbelievably strong and tougher than a truckload of nails to boot. Keyne Aqua is a woman who is escaping Count Papacharino Nanadan, when her damaged ship lands on the Sandy Planet. Photon winds up in her capsule because of his bratty, starstruck friend Aun Freya, and thanks to a couple of incidents with the village treasure (a felt-tip permanent marker which fell from Keyne's ship some time ago), he winds up with Keyne as his wife! This does not sit well with Papacharino, who is still after Keyne and the Aho (literally "idiot") power technology her fugitive grandfather developed. He's a player and an incompetent, abusive buffoon (which is admittedly a pretty bizarre combination, but it's anime, so work with me here) who is engaged to Lashara Moon. She's the First Imperial Princess of the Galaxy, and a blithe, naive young woman...okay, she's kind of an airhead. She has to be, to be head over heels in love with Papacharino like she is. However, he doesn't let that bit of triviality get in the way of his libido, so he's frequently found in the same bed as his exotic mistress, Ma Maime. Being an AIC OVA production, they can't get away without an onsen episode, and #4 is it. When Aun finds out that Photon and Keyne are now an item, it drives her buggy for some reason, even though she keeps insisting that she doesn't like Photon like that. Still, from that time onwards, they are at each other's throats, with Keyne winning on points for her snipes against Aun's underdeveloped body. However, when Lashara and then Ma Maime turn up in the bath, they are both stunned into silence by their endowments. And they shut my trapper for a bit, too, actually. Photon is a manic adventure comedy with ridiculous amounts of nudity (not all of it female!), massive destruction, and no main character escaping looking stupid at some point or another. In other words, this is fun stuff.

Out of print (previously on U.S. Manga Corps on bilingual DVD).
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Just a Line.
Another one-off OVA from Secret Anima. The setting is a future where pollution has caused a massive decrease in the human population of the earth. Robots resembling men and woman have been mass-produced to fill societal roles, and now make up 2/3 of the Earth's population. Seiji Kurosaki is a famous concert pianist who is recovering from a hand injury he sustained in a car accident three years ago. He remembers the kind care he was given in the hospital by a DX-V999 model android, and has bought one of his own to become his maid, naming her Yuna. Yuna not only helps with his recovery and domestic chores, but supplies him with some well-needed immoral support, if you know what I mean. Unlike many stories of this type, Seiji genuinely loves and cares for Yuna, which she knows and appreciates, and we get to see how this contrasts with many other people's attitudes towards robots. Yuna's build isn't as pronounced as it is on the video cover (especially when she's dressed), and the state variation she gets is pretty distracting, but you can't help but love her as a character, since, while she may be a servant, she never comes off as a doormat. Hot sex, warm love and some social commentary as well? Why not? Some people may find this title kind of bland, but, considering that too many "spicy" H anime titles nowadays are the frankly misogynistic variety, I appreciate seeing some romance for a change.

In print on AnimErotica, a division of Adult Source Media (18 and over only, please) (bilingual DVD; previously on Anime 18 bundled with Dream Hazard, and then NuTech Digital).
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Yuna from Pianist
Just a Line.
Elisse Altmodich
; Titamyva Koshiyaga (AKA Tita); Mei Lin Jones (left to right)
This infamous little OVA (which has earned the title and the lead character very obvious nicknames) was based on the manga by Satoshi Urushihara, who also directed it and did the character design, so you get his very distinctive style; you gotta love those eyes. Tita, captain of the pet shop hunter ship Cha Cha Maru, rescues Elisse from a very brutal bunch of military thugs who are trying to wrangle information from her about her father's research. The action that ensues will have you on the edge of your seat. The fan service that happens in the well-known scene where Tita drags Elisse off to the cavernous bathing room after bringing her on board will have your eyebrows on the edge of your hairline. Tita gets quite jealous when she finds that Elisse has larger breasts than her although she's one year younger, and you can't help but look long enough to compare (and appreciate the same attention to detail that went into their faces). You do also notice that Tita still has enough to move, so she's here. I can tell you that while the bath scene is pretty gratuitous, there's really not very much nudity throughout the rest of the one-hour span of the OVA. Also, the ship's doctor, the kind and gentle Mei, has the sort of figure that makes you wonder when her scene will happen...and it doesn't, which is a pretty good twist against the obvious. The most you see of her is this picture in the production portfolio section of ADV's tape; however, in the original manga there is a bath scene where Mei comforts a worried Tita by holding her close (awwww)--and Tita destroys the spell by commenting on what she's being held against. Trust me--ignore the hype. There is more to this than eye candy.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD with the debut of the Jiggle Counter™ feature; really, you have to see it to believe it). It's still easy to find, though, and often sold together with the DVD of the original Burn Up OVA.
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Elisse, Tita and Mei from Plastic Little
Just a Line.
(BWH: 90/63/88cm); Mai (82/56/87) (left to right)
(Source: Opening sequence from the original PC game)
Ai from PopotanMai from Popotan
Popotan is about a trio of sisters (plus a maid and a pet ferret) who run a Christmas store. We had one of those in Ottawa; I wonder if I would have found Ai there? They seek out "popotan" (what they call "tanpopo," or dandelions), which Ai can communicate with, and they appear and disappear from people's lives just like them. Ai is the oldest sister, a gentle, kind soul. What the creators wanted to have the audience like about her was obvious from her first scene in the first episode, in which she just walks out of the bath, finds out a young lad is running through the hallway of their mansion, loses her towel, trips and falls on him and ends up having to extricate his head from between her breasts to set him free. She spends a lot of time in the bath. Sometimes, others join her. I wonder why. She could almost be considered a perfect woman--if only her cooking wasn't deadly to almost everyone except her. Middle sister Mai, while having a much smaller chest than her big sister (which little sister Mii teases her about a lot, usually earning getting her head squeezed between Mai's fists), is given a few quick turns. She's very moody, and we find out one of the reasons why in the second episode, in which she has to deal with constantly transferring between schools. Mii is the very cute, excitable and affectionate--and slightly bratty--little purple-haired sister who goes crazy over "puni puni" (soft and squeezable) things, from the aforementioned boy's cheeks to a frog to Ai's emphasis. She's the most popular character in the series; fair enough, since she does provide contrast to Ai and Mai, but my tastes obviously don't lean towards prepubescent characters--especially ones who give the odd panty shot. This is a generally cute series with some nice bits of drama. Some people feel that the fan service undermines the show. On one hand, I can't really blame them for feeling that way; it probably would work even better without it. On the other hand, it's based on an H computer game--a trend which seems to have especially flourished in recent years--and if you think Mii's occasional panchira are rude, you should see some of her pics in the game...excuse me (puts keyboard down, grabs bottle of tequila and swigs from it to try to blot out the images). I suggest just trying to enjoy the good parts of the show--and they are well worth watching--and keeping in mind that the naughty parts could be even worse before raising your hackles about them.

In print on
Sentai Filmworks (bilingual DVD; previously on Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc.). The original Geneon discs can still be found cheap on mail order, especially since it didn't have that many video extras and Sentai's set has even less. Geneon's cover art is also much better.
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Just a Line.
Sara Iijima
Sara Iijima is a psychotherapist at a college in Japan. Her method of treating students' problems is called psychofeed, which combines deep analysis with ancient Eastern sexuality. One of Sara's psychofeed techniques is to hypnotize her patients into revealing their repressed subconscious memories by twirling her sizeable breasts in opposite directions. Her choices of outfit prove that she is not afraid to flaunt it, but get a little too close and she will make you regret it, as her colleague Tamine never does quite learn. I might add that near the end of the first OVA is probably the most absurd and funniest spontaneous leap of disbelief ever made. Private Psycho Lesson's creator, U-Jin, is best known for his computer-graphic-coloured drawings of extremely cute but mostly realistically-endowed young girls. While PPL is pretty serious, compared to New Angel, you can tell that he had a bit of fun creating a more maternal type of character in Dr. Iijima.

Out of print (previously on Anime 18 on bilingual DVD). Another one I'm now looking for.
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Sara Iijima from Private Psycho Lesson
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Myuu from Psychic AcademyOrina/Saara from Psychic Academy
Orina (AKA Saara) (left); Myuu-Baura-Ruru-Apara
Honourable Mention: Pretty much every other female student
This is an example of one of those rare beasts known as the ONA, or Original Net Animation (see also: Urda). Its 24 10-minute episodes originally debuted on Lycos Japan. A 16-year-old lad named Ai Shiomu is being packed off to the titular Academy, where people with the ability to use auras and psychic/kinetic ability go to learn to use them well and develop them. He is basically being pushed into the footsteps of his older brother Zerodaimu, who is legendary as the "Man Who Stopped the Evil Lord." Ai insists that he has no psychic ability whatsoever, but he surprises everyone in his class when one of the school's masters, Buu-Beruka-Rasha-Puuda-Arapa (who looks like a big pink rabbit plushie, but is actually quite gruff), decides to attach himself to him and personally train him--something he'd never done before. His childhood friend Orina, who he hasn't seen in years, also attends the Academy. She is a cute, kind and supportive young woman who is developing psychic healing skills using her aura characteristic of water, and uses the aura code/alternate name Sara. She and Ai are happy to see each other again, but she isn't 100% happy. Ai has also run into an attractive but guarded and kind of prickly young woman who, as it turns out, is not only an Academy student, but Orina's roommate in the girls' dorm. Her aura code is Myuu Baura, her characteristic is fire and her psychic skills include the ability to "jump" between different places. After an incident on the way to his first day of school in which Ai helped save a falling baby, she is also convinced that he is not an ordinary student, and challenges him to an aura battle in the gym. Orina also learns from Kyaaru, a student who tells fortunes, that Ai and Myuu have a 100% aura compatibility. Thus begins the classic shounen manga/anime love triangle, with added action and a bit of intrigue among different groups of aura users--and people who are against them. Being based on the manga by Katsu Aki (the Escaflowne shounen manga, Futari Ecchi), almost all of the female students get the same build, but Orina and Myuu, being the female leads, get most of the emphasis, especially with outfits that highlight their cleavage (and give Orina an occasional bounce). This could have been better than it is; having Ai stumble into compromising positions with either Orina or Myuu gets old real fast, and making Orina's habit of hugging Myuu from behind include a tendency to knead Myuu's dough a couple of times is too cheap even for me. However, Psychic Academy is still not a bad bit of entertaining fluff.

This was a very limited edition, so now it's out of print (previously on TOKYOPOP on two LOCKED SUB ONLY! DVDs, each bundled with a volume of the manga).
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Shii Aasu
(BWH: 101cm/??/??)
(Source: The late's Poemy page)
Puni Puni Poemy is an two-OVA spinoff of the infamously whacked-out series Excel Saga, also directed by Shinichiri Watanabe (AKA Nabeshin, owner of the greatest afro in the anime biz). In this series, the hyperactive Poemy Watanabe (yes, Nabeshin's daughter) dreams of being a voice actress one day. Due to circumstances which I won't spoil for you, Poemy ends up living with the family of her close (and I mean close) friend, Futaba Aasu. Her six sisters, ranging in age from 3 to 28 (don't ask) make themselves known after she arrives. Shii Aasu makes her presence literally felt by plonking her selves down on top of Poemy's head to relieve the stress on her back (in the scene to your left). She complains about how heavy her breasts are (albeit in the same kind and airy tone she says everything in, similar to Excel Saga's Hyatt), and juggles them in her hands every now and again to ease the burden on her shoulders...or is that really the reason? Anyhoo, if Excel blows your mind, then PPPoemy will blow your head clean off with much more manic activity, more parodies of popular anime (you know you watch too much anime when you can spot them all)--and more fan service, natch (remember, this is an OVA; they could--and did--have more fun). Recommended--after you finish Excel.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). It's still easy to find shrinkwrapped together with either Dragon Half or Kekko Kamen.
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Shii Earth from Puni Puni Poemy

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