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Miko Mido; Yaku (left to right)
Miko Mido from La Blue GirlYaku from La Blue Girl
After the enormous flap that the infamous horror hentai OVA series Urotsukid÷ji caused upon its release, it was just a matter of time before creator Toshio Maeda decided to work on a variation of the successful theme: Up the humour factor a little more and make the lead character a cute and buxom young woman who is able to wield some power (right after stretches where she doesn't--to allow for certain scenes, of course). This show was released here under the name La Blue Girl, and the young woman in question was Miko Mido, future head of the clan of Miroku, a long line of female ninja who fight using sex as well as weaponry. In the second of the six OVAs, Miko and her perverted pint-sized sidekick Nin-Nin visit a small village where the Miroku train, and meet Yaku, a fellow ninja whose figure you can't ignore (especially when Nin-Nin imagines her naked dB) ). Between the two of them, we see what are probably the two hottest consensual scenes in the whole series. In the second OVA, all involved help Yaku try to regain control over a side of herself she does not like to reveal. In the third OVA, one of the two young men Miko and Yaku encountered (and whose wallets Miko ate empty) at a restaurant earlier turns up at their hotel room, and Yaku takes more than a shine to him (the picture above is from that scene, before she digs in). If you don't like horror hentai, this is not too likely to change your mind (and I won't blame you, because it's not really my cuppa, either), but this one does have more redeeming qualities than almost all of the other ones out there. I haven't watched its sequels yet, but have heard that they keep the good parts good, so, one of these days...

In print on
Critical Mass Video (18 and over only, please) (bilingual DVD; previously on Anime18). Be warned that, while the R1 DVDs might be promoted as "uncensored," all the scenes in which Nin-nin gets a little too naughty are cut out of them. This includes Critical Mass's current edition. I do have to at least give credit to the man at Right Stuf I spoke with on the phone for being honest with me about this, and explaining that their terms with Central Park Media's liquidators meant releasing the DVDs as is, and that original production company Daiei Co. Ltd. is long gone, so they can't sort that out. Snarl profanity here and hold on tight to your original VHS tapes.
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Carrie White
Galan is a massive samurai otaku and a horrible klutz, which is a bad (for Galan) and very funny (for me) combination. After bending up his sword, his lady friend Natsu gives him a nice fancy katana and invites him back to her home to see more of the swords in her collection. Of course, he goes for it. What he wasn't told is that said lady friend is originally from a village in Russia, and they have to parachute to get to her home...and why is everybody calling her "princess"? Shortly after they land, we meet Natsu's arranged fiance Datenoshin, who is helping out an American documentary filmmaker named Carrie White (Buxom American Blonde in a Cowboy Hat #1), who's in town to do a feature on a Japanese lord who fled to Russia with his subjects near the end of the feudal era to escape the war. And then things start to get interesting for our bumbling hero--and us. Studio Fantasia (Aika, Najica Blitz Tactics) made this as a flat-out silly comedy OVA series, and did well, in my opinion, although the character Kasumi is a little bit too over the top as Natsu's devout (and anemic) servant. Yes, panty shots also factor heavily in here, but the comedy doesn't hinge mostly on them this time around. Worth checking out at least once if you rock it lowbrow now and again.

Out of print (previously on U.S. Manga Corps on DVD).
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Carrie from Labyrinth of Flames
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Naru Narusegawa
; Mitsune "Kitsune" Konno; Mutsumi Otohime (left to right)
Naru from Love HinaKitsune from Love HinaMutsumi from Love Hina
When he was a little boy, Keitaro Urashima (the guy in the R2 DVD cover scans above) promised a cute little girl in the sandbox that, when they grew up, they would attend Tokyo University together. According to legend, a couple in love who attends Toudai will stay together forever. 15 years later, Keitaro is trying for the third time to pass the entrance exam, and, while the promise is still pretty vivid in his mind, he can't remember who the girl was, since her family moved out of the city shortly after they promised. When he makes it to his grandmother's hot spring resort hotel, Hinata-sou, which is supervised by his aunt Haruka, he discovers the hard way that it's been turned into an all-girls dormitory since he was last there. After accidentally kicking up a ruckus among its tenants, his grandmother faxes Haruka to let them all know that she has just bequeathed Hinata-sou to Keitaro, thus making him the manager of the place. Several colourful (and nice-looking; this is a shounen series, after all) female characters call Hinata-sou home. They include fellow Tokyo U. ronin Naru Narusegawa, who Keitaro finds himself gravitating towards, despite her chronically short fuse, and the sexy (if state-variable, depending on how close another character is to her chest) Mitsune Konno, whose antics have earned her the nickname "Kitsune," after the mythological mischievous Japanese fox spirit. Her eyes are rarely ever seen fully open; the R2 DVD cover above is one of those few times. During their travels, Keitaro and Naru meet the mysterious Mutsumi Otohime, a beautiful (and well-built) and kind but spacy Okinawa native who is prone to accidents and fainting (due to anemia). Despite her good intentions, she winds up agitating the relationship between Keitaro and Naru almost as much as Kitsune does, without even trying. This series has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, especially about often Naru clobbers Keitaro over mistakes he makes or bad things she thinks he does (of course, in slapstick tradition, he always comes back without a scratch). Others feel that the manga is much better than the anime; I like the anime myself, but do have to agree with them. I recommend both of them, especially since the manga covers more story than the anime.

The TV series is in print on
FUNimation Productions, Ltd. (bilingual DVD with painful dub; previously on Bandai Entertainment, Inc.). Bandai had also released bilingual DVDs of the sequel OVAs, but those are now out of print. FUNimation had announced that they had licensed these at Anime Expo 2007 (as well as the TV series), but there's been no release planned for those yet as of the time of writing.
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Fujiko Mine
(BWH: 99/55/88cm; Source: Sketch on the late Fujiko Mine Homepage)
Fujiko is a fellow thief and Lupin's rival (and sometimes lover), and such a prominent example of feminine pulchritude in anime that any Lupin III video featuring her was automatically given a "Courtesy Breasts" icon in the late Animerica magazine's review column (they used to say so in the icon/criteria guide). I haven't seen very much of the TV show, but do remember how she left it to cleavage quite a bit in the Die, Nostradamus! movie, and even disrobes and climbs into bed with our hero to help keep him from freezing to death (does nothing more than hold him and gets out and dresses again immediately after he revives, though--the creators knew enough to take a cheap shot only so far). She also is the subject of one of the illest fanservice setups I've ever seen in the Legend of Twilight Gemini TV special. Thankfully, Fujiko's character is as well-developed as her youknowwhats, and she strings along and frequently outsmarts Lupin. This is a show that is definitely more than the sum of someone's parts.

Considering that this has been animated since 1971, including three TV series and movies and TV specials still being released regularly in Japan, keeping on top of the North American DVD releases is a pain, but here's a short attempt: Part of the second TV series, The Secret of Mamo movie--Out of print (previously on Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc..); The Castle of Cagliostro movie (directed by the one, the only Hayao Miyazaki)--In print on Manga Entertainment (get the special edition); various specials and movies--Out of print (previously on FUNimation Productions, Ltd.), fugeddaboudit, go to the Lupin III Encyclopedia to try and sort it all out.
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Fujiko from the Lupin III TV series
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Kuriko Kazetsubaki
(center, of course)
Kazuki Chikimori (right in picture) is a quite-below-average student at the Aoi Academy Senior High School, where people with prodigious magical skills go to study. Most of the students can boast both powerful magic and the ability to use it thousands and thousands of times, but Kazuki is only able to use it eight times in his life. Basically, he's a poor schlub who gets picked on a lot by the guys and ignored by the girls (pretty much all of whom are at least cute). Things change radically for him when it's revealed that his ancestors include many well-known and powerful magicians, and that his own magical power is actually lying dormant in his genes. In other words, it's highly possible that his offspring will be the ones who will fully inherit all that power. This results in all the girls in the class wanting to jump him, which, in return, makes all the boys want to thump him. Three particular girls concentrate their efforts on him. Yuna Miyama (left in picture), a sweet girl who is actually an old childhood friend of Kazuki's, genuinely loves him and even transfers to Aoi Academy and situates herself in his room in the Saiun boys' dorm--as his wife. Kuriko Kazetsubaki, the star of our entry, is the daughter of a powerful and wealthy industry family and already right in its footsteps; she wants Kazuki's genes to make her family even more powerful, and doesn't give a toss about the lad himself...or does she? Well, one thing is positive: There's no mistaking that nice close-up bounce she contributes to the OP sequence, not to mention the show itself. Rin Kamashiro is a new transfer student who is ordered to marry Kazuki for the good of her family, is not happy about it and just wants to kill him with her ever-ready sword so she doesn't have to assume the, erm, duty--at first. Motoko Aoyama from Love Hina, please pick up your little sister. As you've probably gathered by now, there's no need to engage your brain much to watch this series. Approach with discretion--especially if you're getting jaded about anime.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). The Thinpak collections have the on-disc extras stripped off.
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Yuna, Kuriko and Kazuki from Maburaho
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Chiffon; Candy (left to right)
Chiffon from TarutoCandy from Taruto
Hi, nekomimi fans; have we got something for you. In the beginning of this series, we find out about the Kinka, a race of cats from a legendary land in another dimension called Ganache. Upon suffering a devastating rebellion by another cat race called the Byoh, the King bequeathed the restoration of the Kinka empire to his infant princess daughter (who was believed to have magical powers) and had a retainer send her off into another dimension to get her away from the bloodshed. Taruto is a young and beautiful female kitten, who appears to the rest of us as a cute cat-eared little girl in a frilly dress. She insists that she's the princess of the Kinka, and she actually is able to use a bit of magic, albeit mostly not very well. She has been adopted by the kind and gentle (and kind of dough-headed) dessert-making bishounen Iori Monaka, who she loves very much, and they have just moved into a new house in Okashina with Iori's younger sister. Given the dessert angle, I suspect that Taruto's name was supposed to be anglicized to Tart; makes sense, but it wouldn't play well in England, would it? Taruto's friends Chitose and Charlotte--two other cute nekomimi--don't believe Taruto's claim. In the second episode, when they see her trying to make spring-like weather appear, they decide to take her to see someone with a bit of knowledge. This turns out to be Chiffon, who is not only a more mature catwoman, but also wears both half-glasses and a cheongsam very well, both at the same time (multiple fetishes handled at once; nice job). Taruto frequently returns to her with questions (and, of course, for us to see what colour of dress she's sporting this time). In episode nine, we are introduced to Nougat, an elderly, ailing male Iriomote mountain cat who has turned up in Okashina. He tells us about when he was young on the remote semi-tropical island he grew up in, and was picked up by an American cat named Candy, who takes him back to her master, a kind American man who she calls "Jelly Beans-san." He's a scholar who is there for a research project, and Nougat stays with them until the day they leave, hence the sad look on Candy's face in the picture above. Nougat's passing through because he hopes to go to "Ameringo" and be with the two of them again. Can't say I really blame him; can you? Despite the obvious welcomes to the page (and the obsession that Chitose has with Taruto's long tail), this remains a sweet and light--but not too light--dramatic fantasy series. The similarities between Taruto and the 1984 shoujo anime movie Wata no Kuni Hoshi (AKA Star of Cottonland) are unlikely to be coincidental, but creators Kaishaku (Steel Angel Kurumi; UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie) should be given at least a little credit for choosing a not-so-obvious title to cop from.

Out of print (previously on
Bandai Entertainment, Inc. on bilingual DVD). There are two different full collections which are easy to find, but note that they both use the same discs as the original single volumes, so it doesn't matter which one you get.
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Slime Mune-Mune from AMS
The wild and wonderful
Gainax (Japanese w/ some English) teamed up with Satoru Akahori for this recent series, and it's like they both got manically drunk and Gainax tossed Akahori the keys and said, "you drive." For those of you who don't know, he is an insanely prolific scriptwriter/director/novelist, many of whose works are represented on Being Upfront (some that aren't include KO Beast, Combustible Campus Guardress, Armored Dragon Legend Villgust, Maze and Raimu-iro Senkitan). A prominent part of his style is large amounts of hyperactive physical comedy, including this title, and the character designs of a lot of these titles reflects this approach. 11-year-old Satoshi "Sasshi" Imamiya and his female friend Arumi Asahina are hanging out in their decaying neighbourhood in Osaka, bemoaning the fact that a lot of the places from their past that they like are closing/being torn down, and wondering about the animal statues on top of some of the local shops. Arumi's grandfather accidentally knocks down the pelican statue on top of her family's restaurant, and, before long, the kids ain't in Kansas anymore--they've entered an alternate-universe equivalent of their neighbourhood, the Mahou Shoutengai (a street like an outdoor shopping mall, sometimes with canopied sidewalks; Mandarake in Osaka was in Higashidori Shoutengai when I visited there). Almost every episode from the second onwards flings them into a new type of setting, and parodies of the cliches of that setting (and some great globs of vulgarity) come flying at you at blur speed. One of the few constants of these settings is Mune-Mune ("mune" is the rough Japanese equivalent of "boobs"), who is never seen in the same outfit for any longer than one episode, but is always emphasized one way or another because of it. She is kind of like the villain of the show, albeit a highly comical one, and frequently teases Sasshi with her highly mobile attributes (of course, he goes for it, and usually gets thwacked by Arumi as a result). If you watched FLCL and felt like that was some good cocaine, Magical Shopping Street Abenobashi is crack--and only marginally less addictive. The most surprising things about this series are that it was originally broadcast on the CS Broadcast Kids Station in Japan (they got away with a lot; I don't think I'll ever see gyoza the same way again) and that a very poignant overall plot works its way through all the zaniness--and works. Utterly (udderly?) wild and Utterly Recommended.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). Note that all the collections except the 10th Anniversary tin box set have the on-disc extras stripped off--including the ADV Vid-Notes which explained pretty much all the cultural references.
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; Ayako (left to right)
Irene from Magical TwilightAyako from Magical Twilight
In this softcore hentai romantic comedy series, two white witches-in-training from the magic world are sent to Earth for their practical exam--winning the favour of a lad named Tsukasa Tachibana (in the background of the right picture). Chipple is a hard-working, innocent soul who is trying to touch his heart, while the pushy, vampish Irene just tries to jump his bones. In the second OVA, Chipple and Tsukasa go off for a holiday to a hot spring resort, and when Irene finds out they've split without her, boy, is she mad. After they settle in, Irene not only demonstrates what happens when you take off a brassiere quickly, but the effects of running down a hallway with your robe not fully tied up. We also meet the owner of the hotel, Ayako, who, for some reason, starts to moon a bit over Tsukasa when she hears his voice, and later on, reveals how she got onto the guide. Despite one scene in the first OVA that has understandably made some people itch, Magical Twilight is a nice introductory series for anyone wanting to check out adult anime without much of a shock about content.

Out of print (previously on Soft Cel Pictures on sub-only DVD and then
Critical Mass Video (18 and over only, please) on bilingual DVD). Being a Pink Pineapple title, don't expect to ever see it get re-released here. Anybody got a copy they want to sell me?
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Mizuha Miyama
Another killer comedy OVA series (and sequel TV series) that frequently crosses over from nice to naughty. A good part of the naughty is Mizuha Miyama, the shrewish, intimidating president of the school's Manga Club and the nemesis of the Magic-Users' Club president, Takeo Takakura. The best way to describe her appearance is Teutonic--her hairstyle is severely tied back, her school uniform looks like mow-'em-down business-style shirts and skirts, her glasses make her eyes even more hawk-like, and like her attitude, all her bras seem to be bullet-style (but definitely not sports-type). Put it this way--her first scene isn't her face. Many of the show's funniest moments come from her almost pinning Takeo to the wall without using her hands while she browbeats him mercilessly, as the still on the index page shows. Suffice it to say that he can't look her in the eyes. The TV series picks up where the OVAs left off, and still has a goodly amount of the naughtier side in it. Yow. Grab this series on sight.

Out of print (previously on Anime Works, a division of Media Blasters on bilingual DVD). Technically. However, after being off the shelves for a few years, a collection recently magically reappeared, and that's how I finally got it. If you also want this and haven't bought it yet, I recommend that you act now. It's still not listed on MB's website, though.
ANN Encyclopedia Entry (OVA; links to TV page)
Hitoshi Doi's Mahou Tsukai Tai! page
Mizuha from Mahou Tsukai Tai! TV
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Saori Shikijou
(BWH: 93cm/??/??)
(Source: Newtype November 2002 issue)
Shikijou-sensei from Mahoromatic
HelLO, Gainax! Suguru Misato is a young lad who has been living on his own since his parents passed away (his mother from illness, and his father whilst in battle). His life gets turned upside down when a beautiful but strong retired battle android (who fought against alien invasion in the 80's, for the secret organization Vesper) named Mahoro enters, first by saving him from a bus highjacking, and then turning up at his house offering to work for him as a maid. Given her skills, kindness, warmth, and drive--and the fact that his place had become a disaster area--he hires her on. Not long afterwards, she turns up at Suguru's school to give him the dessert she'd forgotten to pack in his lunch, and everybody in his class gets to marvel over the domestic cutie--except for his Grade 8 teacher, Saori Shikijou (the family name is Japanese for "lust"). She's a free--not to mention quite pushy and alcohol-saturated--spirit who gets a bit of a kick out of how many of her male students appreciate (ahem) her body, but gets wildly jealous when she sees how many of them are fawning over Mahoro, and notes how close she is to Suguru. From that point, it becomes her mission to try to seduce Suguru to assert her alpha femininity, much to his embarrassment, and the chagrin of the prudish Mahoro. The rivalry between these two provides some of the show's most comical moments. Between her very graphic fantasies (thank you, Gainax) and winding up Mahoro over her more modest (78cm) endowments, including walking up behind her in the public bath and milk-bagging her, Shikijou-sensei typifies Upfrontness at its most over-the-top--and funniest. While this series obviously doesn't shy away from fan service, it also has many good good dramatic and even poignant scenes, so you can be assured that there's more than what knocks out the eyes. Based on the manga written by Bunjuro Nakayama and drawn by Bow Ditama (who is primarily known for adult manga). Ditama must have gotten a laugh out of Mahoro's slogan "I think ecchi is bad."

The two TV series, Automatic Maiden and Something More Beautiful, and the Summer Special OVA are in print on
Sentai Filmworks (bilingual DVD; previously on Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc.). Sentai's release doesn't have all the extras that Geneon's original had, so, yeah, it was a mad scramble to collect them (and I'm still trying to find a fully intact Vol. 1, preferably with artbox). Sentai have also recently licensed the 2009 two-part TV special Tadaima Okaeri, which will be released on a single DVD entitled I'm Home and as part of the Mahoromatic Ultimate Collection.
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Marine Nonohara; Dr. Marilyn; South Pole•1 (left to right)
Marine from Soreyuke Marin-chanDr. Marilyn from Soreyuke Marin-chanSouth Pole-1 from Soreyuke Marin-chan
In the future, pollution is causing the sperm count of Japanese men to decline drastically, leading to concerns that the Japanese race will eventually die off. The government consults with Dr. Narumi Narutaki to ask what can be done about this, and he replies that he has a plan. The key is Marine Nonohara, a pretty and well-built but na´ve young woman who attends a nearby all-girls Catholic school. Dr. Narutaki ropes her into the "Japanese Preservation Plan" by devising a "cursed ring," which she finds pretty and puts on. What a shame that, when the doctor blows a flute that goes with it, it changes her outfit into one of several that cater to men's fetishes, and that only men can remove. And the doctor tells her that that ring--and its curse--will stay on her until she services 100 men and collects their high-quality sperm. The critical collection and preservation of the primo baby batter is the responsibility of Pon-chan, a cranky talking mud-turtle robot whose skills also allow Marine to, erm, coax the production while keeping her hymen intact (smile and nod, it's an anime). The voluptuous Dr. Marilyn assists him in his efforts at first, including demonstrating coaxing techniques with him for Marin, but when she realizes just what a jerk Dr. Narutaki is (took her long enough), she goes back to her original plan and uses it to go up against him. The original plan is South Pole•1, a "sexaroid" who looks and operates like a woman who enjoys an intensively good time. She's introduced properly in the second OVA, and her quest is to battle Marine for spoo-gathering supremacy. This series (which lampoons standard anime tropes. especially magical girl) is based on the manga written by Sanae Komiya and drawn by the controversial Hideki "Nonoya" Nonomura (Office Rei and various ero titles), and the anime is produced by Studio G-1 Neo--Masami Obari's company. I believe this explains the extra-large dollops of oomph added to the already-emphatic manga designs in the anime version. While the fact that Marine's predicament is played for laughs (but not as much as the perpetual motion with added tympani sounds) does make Soreyuke Marin-chan a little difficult to appreciate, it's still better than the overtly mean-spirited titles that the H anime industry is excreting too many of nowadays.

In print on
Kitty Media (18 and over only, please) (bilingual DVD).
ANN Encyclopedia Entry
The Yuka Takeuchi Fan's Dr. Marilyn Gallery. I guess he didn't feel enough for the other two.
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Yurika Misumaru; Minato Haruka (left to right)
Yurika from NadesicoMinato from Nadesico
Nadesico is a cute and very funny series about Akito Tenkawa, a young man who becomes a cook, and later a combat pilot (against his wishes) on the spaceship of the title through odd circumstances. In the first episode he runs into Yurika Misumaru and finds a photo of the two of them together as children in a colony on Mars in her scattered luggage when he helps her repack it. As a result of this, he pursues her to try to find out if she might know about what happened to his parents on Mars. Yurika turns out to be the captain of the ship, and she is under the illusion that he followed her to get closer to her, since, at the time the photo was taken, she was infatuated with him, and still is. Despite her giddy demeanor and acting every bit the lovestruck young girl when it comes to Akito, she turns out to be a very capable and responsible captain. Her captain's uniform accentuates her build without having to be utterly skintight or show any skin at all, which is very unique in this field. Even her own father, a high-ranking officer of the United Earth Army, occasionally makes comments about how she looks. Looking throughout several sites for good pics for this, it seems that, between the anime and the drawn artwork, they couldn't settle on her bust size, so I chose the greater of the two evils, namely the front view dB) [Note: She actually belongs in
Honourable Mentions, but, considering how she and her role in this show can't be easily separated from this synopsis, I'm listing her here.]. Not quite so modest is Minato Haruka, who was previously a secretary but is now a manager on the Nadesico. Her other duty seems to be making the male crew members (not to mention audience members!) drool. Looks bimbo-ish, but is actually quite sharp; she reminds me a bit of Loni Anderson's Jennifer character on the old American TV series WKRP in Cincinatti. To be fair, Nadesico doesn't depend as much on fanservice as much as many other anime titles do, and tries to keep it in good taste when it does.

The one thing that bothered me about this show (or rather, how it was being promoted) was how 11-year-old bridge tech (16 in the Prince of Darkness movie, but same difference) Ruri Hoshino got turned into a Lolicon icon over time, like what happened with Rei Ayanami in Evangelion; wasn't she supposed to be parodying that sort of thing? Now, she's a pretty interesting and funny character and all that, but every time I see a picture of her that puts her in provocative poses that are most definitely not part of her character traits, it gives me the heaves. You might argue that I'm perverted for making this page and putting a lot of effort into it, but at least this particular perv doesn't have designs on your little sister (unless she's around my age, that is dB) ).

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on bilingual DVD). Note that the Thinpak collection has the on-disc extras fully intact, and doesn't have the overlays and crappy giant-font subtitles that plagued the original DVD release.
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Nergal Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (fansite)
Just a Line.
; Pharaoh Queen; Camilla Inaho Camille (left to right)
Yuki from MoMPharaoh Queen from MoMCamilla from MoM
Satoru Akahori strikes again, with a 1920's story about a spoiled young brat named Inaho Hitomebore who revives a vampire named Alucard Mosquiton to help her in her search for the mysterious "O-parts," which are supposed to grant eternal life and youth. As part of the package deal, she gets his two guardian elementals; a young boy named Hono (Flame), who controls fire, and a little girl, Yuki (Snow), who controls ice. I might add that both transform into adult forms when they use their skills (as you can see), and Yuki's particular sequence is funny as hell. They don't like Inaho very much and complain to him about her constantly, but their boss loves her, so they have no choice but to comically suffer and help out in their shenanigans. An enormous pyramid suddenly springs up in the middle of London, and Inaho and the crew fly there because she's convinced that they'll find an "O-part" in it. They wind up tussling with a mad crazy pharaoh queen who is sunk in the back of a live, killer sphinx (but still moves around in it like it's water instead of stone), and who swings her own enormous pyramids around in the heat of battle. The OVA where our crew are on a riverboat not only gives Yuki a particularly alluring turn, but introduces us to a slice of Mosquiton's past. Camilla Inaho Camille was his wife about 300 years ago, and when she sees him on the boat, she wants him back, badly. Much to his chagrin. Suffice it to say that Hitomebore-san is not happy about this, and when she catches the two of them in a compromising position (which Camilla initiated, natch) there is much hell to pay, and service, service! If you like the mania of Maze and Sorceror Hunters, well, you're gonna love this.

Out of print (previously on ADV Films on VHS, and then on Anime Works, a division of
Media Blasters on bilingual DVD), but the DVD set shouldn't be hard to find.
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Just a Line.
Wolf Lady
For the television sequel to the OVAs, things changed. It is now set in modern times, hence the title. Inaho is the most popular student at a Catholic all-girls school (and still a massive pain in the butt) who, this time, is seeking O-parts for money. Mosquiton, still under her control, is now a history teacher at the school. And ever since he went on a desperate feeding frenzy at said school, all the girls love him, but he knows who wears the skirt. With his help, Inaho now travels time and dimensions in her search. It is during one of these trips that they meet up with a pneumatic lass who they call "Wolf Lady" because of her problem. Y'see, she's a lycanthrope who changes into a werewolf if a man touches her. And, given her looks, a lot of men do (especially since her appearance in the centerfold of a magazine for monsters), which makes for a very uncomfortable (and funny) life. She winds up joining with Inaho and the rest in the hopes that the O-parts will help halt her condition. Until that time, she is the phys.ed. teacher Okami-sensei ("Professor Wolf") at the school. The fanservice isn't as manic as in the OVAs, but the show's still pretty good (at least the first four eps are, anyway, which is all I've seen of it).

Not licensed.
ANN Encyclopedia Entry
Sarcasm-hime's (rather small) Master of Mosquiton Shrine is a good fan site, but you have to wonder: Do vampires actually believe in shrines?
Wolf Lady from MoM '99

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