What Are You Looking At?: Anime Links

Trixie Turnpike-Anime Web Turnpike (European mirror): The one stop for anime resources all over the net. Perfect if you just want to dig around.

Ah! My Goddess! Links (Anime Web Turnpike) (European mirror): One of the funniest and most poignant love stories in anime. Not to mention very popular, so I didn't try to narrow it down to one or two sites.

KatKo's CLAMP Celebration: The four-woman team behind such works as Rg Veda, Tokyo Babylon, Magic Knights Rayearth, X/1999 and Card Captor Sakura, among many more. Everything about them and their work you'll need, and then some. Or you can go to the source at their official site, but it would help if you could read Japanese.

-The Magnificent World of El Hazard: A great series about a group of strangers in a strange land...with some definitely stranger than others. Brought to you by AIC, the good people behind Tenchi-Muyo!.

-Excel Saga: Possibly the most insane anime ever made. If it isn't, well, it's close enough.

-Yoko Kanno: I love music, and I love anime, but, in my honest opinion, most music in anime is pure unadultarated unimaginitive formulaic crap. Kanno-san is the most notable exception to this rule. You can find tons of information and sound samples (remember, if you like what you hear, get out there and buy legit so she can get paid) at The Yoko Kanno Project.

-The Unofficial Shrine to Kodomo no Omocha (Child's Toy): A guide to one of the most unique animes out there. It can turn from manically silly to touching on a dime.

-Nauisicaa.Net: A page dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of such anime classics as My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind, Kiki's Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, and the Japanese box office smash Mononoke Hime (known to most North Americans by the mangled name Princess Mononoke). Trying to keep on top of when his stuff will be released on video in North America? Go here. Now.

-Maison Ikkoku Central: A Moment of Togetherness: Rumiko Takahashi's (Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2) funny, dramatic and bittersweet portrait of life in a Tokyo rooming house. A comprehensive list of links, a web ring and a MIDI file jukebox to boot.

-Neon Genesis Evangelion Links (Anime Web Turnpike) (European mirror): The compelling TV series and movies that have provoked more thought and debate than probably any other.

SD Ranma-chan-Ranma 1/2 Links (Anime Web Turnpike) (European mirror): Everything you need and more about the famous show/manga that makes people look at kettles and buckets (and occasionally gender roles) in a different way.

-Revolutionary Girl Utena: Just what fandom needed: An anime/manga series targeted at girls that's so tweaked that even lads can appreciate it. All the information you could ever want (including spoilers, so tread carefully) is available at the lovingly-maintained Utena Encyclopedia.

-serial experiments lain: One for people who like their entertainment to challenge them now and again. Surreal, stark, arty, and makes you think a lot about life (and the device you're reading this webpage on). Explore the irony of reading about an anime about the internet on the internet at Cyberia Anime. For lots of tasty downloadables, including rare MP3s (PSX game, promo DVD) and program skins, peel through the Layers. For those of you who can't get that killer opening theme "Duvet" out of your head, learn more about the English band Bôa at their official website, BôaWeb.

-Tenchi-Muyo! Links (Anime Web Turnpike) (European mirror): Another one-stop resource from the fine folks at the Anipike, this time about a young spud and the alien women who love him.

-Urusei Yatsura Links (Anime Web Turnpike) (European mirror): The series that first truly made Rumiko Takahashi known. The female lead character Lum has set standards of anime-cute-girlness that many artists have yet to surpass.

Video Girl Ai-Video Girl Ai Manga and Anime Resources: This show has to be Masakazu Katsura's finest hour (three hours, to be exact) and my most favourite anime. Slapstick humour, romance, angst, high drama, a touch of surrealism--it's all that and a bag of chips. This is an excellent site with links to many others that I suggest investigating. Now contains the manga fan translations that were previously housed at Warren Fernandez's late VGAi site. For fan translations of most of Katsura's other manga, including the recent I''s, go to The Masakazu Katsura Shrine.

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