Na-Gu-Sa-Me-Te-A-Ge-Ru - Present from Ai Amano

Victor (Japan)--CDES-66--3" CD single (Promo; not for sale)
Originally released in 1992. Out of print.
If you have a copy of this that you'd like to sell, please get in touch.

1. CD Drama--"Na-Gu-Sa-Me-Te-A-Ge-Ru" [Cheer Up]
(Featuring Megumi Hayashibara as Ai Amano. I don't know whether this is the same track as on the 2nd--Image Soundtrack--~Memories~ album or not.)
2. Ano Hi Ni... [To That Day...] (Instrumental)
3. Ashita wa Ashita [Tomorrow Will Be Tomorrow] (Instrumental)
4. Youta vs. Rolek (Instrumental)
5. Kimi no Niji [Your Rainbow] (Instrumental)

Judging by what I was able to gather by feeding the info from Megumi Island (at the very bottom of the page) into Gist-in-Time, this was a single that was given to people who bought all of the OVA videos. If anyone could set me straight about this and/or supply any other details, please E-mail me at the link above.

Na-Gu-Sa cover

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