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Here are all of the images that were either changed or deleted for the censored versions of the Video Girl Ai tankouban (pocket-sized manga books) 3 and 5. If you have either the later printings of the tankouban or the hardcover wideban, here is the original list of differences between the two versions for quick reference, and my own guide to the images, which details the contexts of the panels, translates dialogue when it appears, and even provides synopses for the story in the parts in between. Suffice it to say that there are many spoilers in the latter. Due to the number of images, there are no thumbnails, but the guide will give you an idea of their appearance.

Once more, the DISCLAIMER: Many of these images contain artistic drawings of partial to nearly full frontal nudity (but nothing explicit). If this offends you or you are not of legal age to view these, then LEAVE NOW! If neither is the case, well, then...enjoy!

All artwork is 1990-1991 Katsura Masakazu and originally published by Jump Comics. This non-monetary fan page is not intended to infringe on Katsura-san's rights, but to increase interest and awareness in the original artwork. I have the complete tankouban set myself (including the original volumes 3 and 5), and I heartily recommend buying them, as you get much more story than the OVAs had (plus more beautiful artwork, of course). Fan translations of the entire set (which I used in the guide) are available at the Video Girl Manga and Anime Resources site. You can also buy the series adapted into English in the monthly anthology Animerica Extra and/or as graphic novels, both published by Viz Comics, but I'd still get the fan translations to accompany these if I were you, as I feel that their use of exaggerated American slang ruins the flavour of the early part of the series (thankfully, they took care of that not long after they started). I repeat, Jump Comics are responsible for the censorship, not Viz, so don't hold that against them, okay?

This page was originally collated and hosted by Knight Sabre. Redesign and catching boatloads of flak over its original appearance by Dave Watson of the Ai-chan Project (BTW, I have the blessings of the people behind to host this page on it, so don't bother complaining to them about it). Thanks to John Brown, Kelvin Goh of the Video Girl Manga and Anime Resources page, and Takehisa Ikeda for their valuable help. Special thanks to Marco de la Cruz for hosting the mirror site of the VGAiHCP after the firestorm. Information wants to be free, and this man is one of the people keeping it that way.


Knight Sabre's List of Differences
Watson's Guide to the Images


Note that the book and page numbers are based on the tankouban volumes.
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Book 3, Page 9
Book 3, Page 11
Book 3, Page 25
Book 3, Page 28
Book 3, Page 29
Book 3, Page 30
Book 3, Page 33
Book 3, Page 37
Book 3, Page 43
Book 3, Page 44
Book 3, Page 45
Book 3, Page 46
Book 3, Page 47
Book 3, Page 49
Book 3, Page 50-1
Book 3, Page 50-2
Book 3, Page 54
Book 3, Page 56
Book 5, Page 19
Book 5, Page 20
Book 5, Page 33
Book 5, Page 34
Book 5, Page 35
Book 5, Page 36
Book 5, Page 37
Book 5, Page 38
Book 5, Page 47
Book 5, Page 48
Book 5, Page 49
Book 5, Page 88
Book 5, Page 97
Book 5, Page 98
Book 5, Page 99
Book 5, Page 100
Book 5, Page 101
Book 5, Page 180

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