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(NOTE: This was originally written as an official statement after the Video Girl Ai Hate Censorship Page was chased out of its original home on GeoCities after one week of controversy. While the GeoCities part is now largely irrelevant, since I've left them behind, I still stand by the statement, and present it here as it originally appeared (except for the corrected Jello Biafra quote). Read it, think about it and learn from it.)

"'We don't want these records to warp our kids' minds. That's our job!'"--Jello Biafra
I have removed the Video Girl Ai Hate Censorship Page from GeoCities, but it will not just crawl away and die. At least one friend of mine with a server run by people with open minds has expressed interest in hosting it, and when things get sorted out, I'll pass it on to him. And when that happens, there won't be a thing that you "concerned parents" and other assorted speedbumps on the road to further evolution can do to shut it down, because even if it gets taken off of there, it'll just pop up somewhere else. Information wants to be free, and I and many others are fighting to keep it that way. Yes, I did make a mistake by not consulting the GeoCities Guidelines before putting the VGAiHCP up, but was how it got cracked down on so viciously really any better? I don't think so.

To those of you who posted in the anime and manga newsgroups or sent me E-mail supporting me, you have my utmost appreciation. When I was about ready to punch a hole in the wall over how vile some people can be, you restored some of my faith. I hope that people who have stopped thinking and taken up believing instead will learn from your examples.

To the so-called "concerned parents" and other "watchdogs of morality," thank you very much for absolutely nothing. You have served to prove to me further that the phrase "common sense" is an oxymoron (as if Ontario Premier Mike Harris hasn't done enough damage to the words already). If any of you were to put the time and effort into actually doing your job as a parent that you did into getting your Traditional Cotton Underwear in a bunch over cartoon breasts and buttocks (and that was the most you could see in the VGAiHCP images), then you wouldn't have to worry about your kids. If you're concerned about your kid running across naughty internet sites, get one of the netwatching programs and learn how to use it, and, even better, sit down with them while they surf and talk to them about these sites and why you feel they're wrong, and listen yourself to what they have to say about it. In short, I am not your kids' father or even babysitter, so don't you dare foist those jobs, which are solely YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, on me.

If you really give a damn about your kids' future, fight the real enemies: NAFTA (being a Canadian, I can tell you that free trade was one of the worst things to ever happen to our economy), GATT, MAI, pollution, human rights abuses, companies who support sweatshop labour (I have never worn a pair of Nike shoes in my life, and now never will), politicians who slash funding to already-suffering educational systems, and won't do the right thing by making sure the rich and corporations pay their taxes (instead of putting the burden on the working class and the screws to the poor), and, of course, any and all restrictions to access to information. It is these things that will destroy life for your kids if they're not stopped, not VGAi creator Masakazu Katsura, Marilyn Manson, Jello Biafra or any other person who creates any kind of art (whether you like it or not).

To the snivelling little weasels who ratted on me to GeoCities (especially the evil harridan, who shall remain nameless, who has now soured my appreciation of another anime show somewhat by hosting a page of her own on it), I pass on the words of the late, great Frank Zappa: "If your children ever find out how lame you really are, they'll murder you in your sleep."

Down, but far from out,
Dave Watson.

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